21 Cute and Unique Panda Gifts!

Pandas are so adorable – who doesn’t love them?!  So we’ve put together a great list of unique panda gift ideas for panda lovers – in other words, everyone!

We’ve included a wide range of cute panda gifts for kids and adults, for her and for him – so we hope you discover the perfect present for the panda lover in your life!


And remember what Master Oogway taught us in Kung Fu Panda: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift – that’s why it’s called the present!”

1) GIANT Panda

What better gift could there be for a panda lover than an actual giant panda?!

Give them the gift of unlimited giant hugs… with an ultra-soft and huggable five-foot-tall giant panda bear!

2) Panda Onesie Pajamas

A wise man once said, “Always be yourself… unless you can be a panda, then be a panda!”

With these awesome panda pajamas, your favorite panda-loving girl, boy, woman, or man can live the dream of being a panda!  Lazing around all day, chewing on bamboo… what a life!

3) Panda Mother and Cub Pendant Necklace in Panda-Shaped Gift Box

Panda Gifts - Panda Mother and Cub Pendant Necklace in Panda-Shaped Gift Box
In the category of “cute panda gifts for girls”, we love this charming pendant featuring a mother and baby panda – and one of the best parts is the delightful panda-shaped gift box that it comes inside!

By the way, they even throw in a keepsake bookmark with the saying (you guessed it): “Always be yourself.  Unless you can be a panda, then be a panda”!

4) Panda Nightlight

A charming nighlight featuring a mama and baby panda, cast in bonded marble and hand painted.  A very cute panda gift for kids!

5) Coin-Stealing Panda Money Box

Want to teach your panda-loving children about saving money?  Then this delightful money box will make a fun gift!

A cute panda lives inside the box… and when your children place a coin on top, the panda will pop open the lid, peek out, snatch up the coin, and hide it away inside the box!

6) Panda Messenger Bag

Panda Gifts - Panda Messenger Bag

A durable messenger bag with a cute panda design – and the same shop has a range of other panda-themed bags that any panda lover would love to receive as a gift!

7) Wireless Panda Speaker

Panda Gifts - Wireless Panda Speaker
Pandas aren’t known for their powerful voices… but these mini Bluetooth wireless panda speakers feature sound so impressively rich and clear that it will surprise your panda-loving gift recipient!

8) 3-in-1 Panda Hat, Scarf, & Mitten Combo

Panda Gifts - 3-in-1 Panda Hat, Scarf, & Mitten Combo
Who better than a panda to keep a person warm?  This cute panda hat features paws that function as a scarf and mittens – all in one adorable package!

9) Panda Earrings

The only thing better than getting a panda as a gift… is getting two pandas!

How about getting her one for each ear?  These cute panda bear stud earrings come in a gift box and make a great present for any girl who loves pandas!

10) Panda Wine Bottle Holder

Panda Gifts - Panda Wine Bottle Holder
Most pandas are a bit clumsy – but not this one.  He’ll gently hold a wine bottle for your favorite panda-loving wine drinker – though he might take a few sips of his own!

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11) Personalized Panda Pillow

Panda Gifts - Personalized Panda Pillow

A personalized panda-patterned pillow is a perfect present for people who prefer pandas!

These soft throw pillows feature a pattern with cute panda bear cubs and bamboo shoots – and can be personalized with the name of your favorite panda lover!

12) Personalized Panda Fleece Blanket

Panda Gifts - Personalized Panda Fleece Blanket

Another option for a cuddly personalized panda gift is a comfy fleece blanket with the same panda-full design – also customized with your favorite panda lover’s name.

No need for them to cuddle alone ever again after receiving this gift – they’ll always have a gaggle of adorable panda cubs to snuggle with!

13) Baby’s Panda Bath Towel / Women’s Panda Bathrobe

Like the onesie pajamas mentioned above, these two items can also help your gift recipient “be a panda”!
Panda Gifts for Baby - Bamboo-Fiber Hooded Panda Baby Bath Towel Gift Set
If you’re buying a present for a baby, there’s this cute and cozy bath towel for babies… with a panda-head hood!  Did you know that bamboo fiber is 40% more absorbent than even the finest organic products?  This panda bath towel is made from bamboo fiber – of course!

And for a panda-loving woman or girl, there’s a black-and-white woman’s bathrobe, also with a panda-head hood!

14) Panda Umbrella

Let a panda protect your daughter or granddaughter from the rain – this cute panda umbrella makes a great (and cheap) gift for kids!

15) Panda Coloring Book for Adults

Who said pandas have to be black and white?  This panda-themed adult coloring book features 40 pages of mandala, paisley, and henna pandas for stress relief and relaxation.  A blue and yellow panda?  Sure, why not!

16) 3D Crystal Panda Puzzle

Panda Gifts - 3D Crystal Panda Puzzle
A challenging 3D puzzle in the shape of a panda with a bamboo branch… and when the interlocking pieces are all put together, your favorite panda lover will have a unique crystalline panda to display on his or her shelf!

17) Plush Panda Slippers

Pandas are famous for their laziness… but this pair of cozy panda slippers will carry your wife, girlfriend, sister, or mom wherever she needs to go!  (Well, as long as she doesn’t need to leave the house!)

18) Panda Pencil Set

This pencil set makes a fun and useful panda gift for kids (or even adults!)  It includes 12 bamboo-shaped pencils, a panda eraser, a panda pencil holder, a pencil sharpener, and a panda keychain – all in a cute and handy panda pencil case!

19) “Panda Smoking a Hookah” Art Poster

Panda Gifts - Panda Smoking a Hookah Art Poster
This poster (by artist Marc Allante) features a modern art image of a panda smoking a hookah, blowing watercolor-style smoke – a quirky addition to any panda lover’s home!

20) Panda-Shaped Succulent Vase

A great gift for any panda lover who likes plants and gardening – or even for panda-loving kids.  Each of these cute planters is shaped like a cartoon panda – instead of bamboo, though, this panda will be most happy with a succulent plant in his belly!

21) Panda Bear with Cub

Panda Gifts - Plush Panda Bear with Cub
We started this list with a plush giant panda and we’ll close it with another panda plush toy – after all, the best gifts for panda lovers are cuddly pandas.  And this one comes with a cute little panda bear cub in her arms!  Both mama and baby are silky soft and huggable – just what every panda lover needs!

We hope you’ve found the perfect panda gifts for your favorite panda lover – be sure to check out all our other fun lists of gifts for animal lovers too!