21 Great Gifts for Golfers on any Occasion!

Looking for a great gift for your favorite golfer?  Look no further!  We’ve put together a list of some of the best gifts for golfers on any occasion – so whether you’re searching for birthday, Christmas, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, or retirement presents, you’ll find some unique ideas here!  (And most of the golf gifts that we’ll discuss below are great for both men and women golfers too!)

Gifts for golfers – General tips and advice

Before we get to the list, two important points:

  1. What do golfers really want? To go golfing, of course!  And… to take a few strokes off!  So we’ve included lots of great gift ideas below that will help any golfer improve their golf game – so if you’re looking for a gift that they’ll really appreciate, then focus your attention on these!  (Still, we’ve also included a few gifts that will just look good on their wall – because sometimes that’s just what the occasion calls for!)
  2. Golf clubs are obviously a great gift idea – but be careful! Make sure you know what brand they prefer before buying them a set of clubs.  And make sure you know what’s missing from their favorite set before buying them an individual club!  Many golfers are very particular about what clubs they use… so if you don’t know exactly which ones they would want to receive, then it might be better to gift them something else (see tip #1 above!)

Okay – now on to our list of 21 great gift ideas for golfers!

1) A round of golf!

Gifts for Golfers - A special round of golf!

As we mentioned above, what every golfer most wants… is to go golfing!  There’s no better gift for a golfer than a round of golf at a great course.  Maybe there’s a nice course nearby that they usually don’t splurge on – you can bet that they would love to play a round there as a gift from you!

You can book a round for them at TeeOff.com (a website provided by the PGA Tour, which has the advantage of no booking fees).  After all, the best gift for a golfer… is the gift of golf!

2) PuttOut Putt Trainer

Golf Gifts - Puttout Putt Trainer
Any golfer would be glad to receive a training aid that will help them improve their putting – so the unique PuttOut putt trainer would make an especially useful gift!

This cool device is scientifically designed to improve both aim and pace.  It rejects bad putts and returns good ones, giving immediate feedback on a golfer’s performance.  And it’s both compact (folding up easily into any golf bag) and affordable!

3) Golf & Wine Legends Gift Set

gifts for golfers - golf and wine legends gift set

A special gift set for anyone who loves both golf and wine, this set contains three premium wines – from the wineries of legendary golfers Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, and Ernie Els!

The Arnold Palmer Cabernet Sauvignon, Greg Norman Limestone Coast Shiraz, and Ernie Els Big Easy Red Blend are (naturally) paired with three golf balls.  A very fine gift for a golfer with a discerning palate!

(Check out our big list of 61 great gifts for wine lovers too!)

4) TecTecTec VPRO500 Laser Golf Rangefinder

Gifts for Golfers - TecTecTec VPRO500 Laser Golf Rangefinder
A laser rangefinder is another very practical gift that any serious golfer will surely put to good use!

Rangefinders are not cheap, but the TecTecTec VPRO500 is a relatively inexpensive and bestselling model.  No more need for your favorite golfer to guess distances to flags, trees, or hazards out on the links – this high-tech machine will do all that work for them.  (They’ll still have to actually swing the golf club themselves though!)

5) Official PGA / Ryder Cup Apparel

gifts for golfers - golf apparel

Golfing apparel is obviously something any golfer can put to use – although most golfers do have plenty of golfing clothes already!  If you’re thinking of buying them clothing, we have two suggestions:

1) Find out what they actually need – maybe they’ve already got tons of polos, but could use some long-sleeved shirts for winter golfing?

2) Get them some kind of special apparel that they might not have – like official U.S. Open or Ryder Cup tournament gear!

6) NFL/MLB/NCAA Team Golf Balls and Tees

Golf balls and tees are another great, inexpensive gift for golfers – but regular old golf balls and tees are too boring to give as a gift.  You know what he’d love though?  Golf balls and tees featuring his favorite football, baseball, or college sports team logo!

7) Personalized Engraved Crystal Golf Ball

gifts for golfers - Personalized Crystal Keepsake Golf Ball

For golfers who already have plenty of golf balls for playing… how about a special one to display on their shelf?

This shimmering heavyweight crystal keepsake golf ball comes engraved with the personal message of your choice.  A unique gift for a golfer on a special occasion!

8) Personalized Golf Balls

golf gifts - personalized golf balls
Personalized gifts are always great – so we’re going to include a few of them on this list.  The engraved crystal golf ball mentioned above would be great for their shelf – but if you want to get them a personalized gift that they’ll actually be able to use, the obvious choice is a dozen Callaway golf balls printed with your own special personal message!

9) “Photo Perfect” Golf Ball Set

gifts for golfers - Photo Perfect Golf Ball Set

Or, how about a dozen Callaway golf balls printed with the photo of your choice, all in a deluxe gift box?

10) Collapsible Chipping Net

A great practical gift to help them improve their golf game – more specifically, chipping.  This net features three chipping baskets – and will fold down to just 7 inches when they’re done practicing!

(For the golfer who really needs to work on their short game, get them both the PuttOut mentioned above and this chipping net!  Two quite affordable presents that won’t take up much space in their home – and that will really help them hone and perfect their skills.  Without a doubt, they’ll be grateful to you every time they step out on the course!)

11) NFL/MLB/NCAA Head Covers

Golf Gift Ideas - NFL Team Head Covers
Head covers are another item that every golfer needs – and another way for them to show their allegiance to their favorite football, baseball, or college sports team!

12) Golf Club Coat Rack

gifts for golfers - golf club coat rack

Looking for a gift for a golfer who seems to have everything golf-related?  Well, chances are he or she doesn’t have a handmade coat rack that features actual used golf clubs as hooks!

Custom orders are available too, with different sizes, clubs, or brands – get them one with their brand of choice!

13) Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch

Golf Gifts - Garmin Approach S20 GPS Golf Watch
Technology is making everyone’s lives easier – and it can even improve a golfer’s game!

Garmin is the industry leader in GPS technology, and they make special watches just for golfers – with more than 40,000 golf courses preloaded, a round analyzer, activity tracker, and more!  It’s perfect for any golfer who wants to get accurate data on their golfing performance – and to track their progress.  Garmin calls it “the golfing partner that doubles as your everyday watch!

14) Personalized Silver-Plated Golf Set

gifts for golfers - Personalized Silver-Plated Golf Set

Here’s a gift idea that works as both a keepsake and a practical accessory!  This silver-plated golf gift set includes three tees, a divot repair tool, and a ball marker – and these latter two items can be engraved with up to three initials.  They won’t know whether to take it out on the green – or to display it on their shelf!

15) Personalized Golf Ball Flask

Gifts for Golfers - Personalized Golf Ball Flask

Do you know a golfer who enjoys sipping a bit of liquid courage when out on the links?  Then the gift of a personalized flask that’s textured like a golf ball should really hit the spot!

16) NFL/MLB/NCAA Team Divot Tool and Golf Ball Markers

Golf Gifts - NFL Team Divot Tool Pack With 3 Golf Ball Markers
Another inexpensive sports-team gift idea for golfers (perfect for a Christmas stocking stuffer) is this divot repair tool pack with 3 ball markers – all featuring the logo of their favorite football, baseball, or college sports team, of course.

17) Putt-A-Bout Putting Green

Every serious golfer needs a putting green mat at home for practice – so if you know any golfers (even kids!) who don’t have one, then it would make a perfect gift!

This particular model features three cups to aim at, as well as a built-in sand trap to catch missed putts!

18) BallBrite Golf Ball Cleaner

Gifts for Golfers - BallBrite Golf Ball Cleaner
Clean golf balls mean greater accuracy on the golf course – and the BallBrite is a unique golf ball cleaner that is especially effective.  A very practical Christmas stocking stuffer for a golfer!

19) Golf Ball Clock

gifts for golfers - golf ball clock

It’s always golf o’clock!  If you’re looking for a quirky novelty gift for a golfer… well, this clock will provide them with hours and hours of golf!

20) Golf Pool

Golf Gifts - Golf Pool
A unique and fun gift idea for getting their whole family involved in golfing!  The Golf Pool game includes golf clubs and real golf balls – but the scoring follows the rules of pool!

21) Gentleman Golfer’s Side Table


gifts for golfers - gentleman's golfer side table

This handmade table would make an unusual yet perfect addition to any sophisticated golfer’s den.  Perfect for displaying all of their golf-related keepsakes!