21 Unique Superman Gifts for Kids and Adults!

Looking for great Superman gifts for the superhero in your life?  Check out this list of unique gift ideas for both kids and adults who are fans of the legendary Man of Steel!

Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your son, boyfriend, husband, dad, or super-friend, you’ll find great Superman gifts for him here – and if it’s for a special Supergirl, then you’ll find some cool Superman stuff for her too!

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a super gift for your favorite Superman fan!

1) Superman Symbol Steel Alloy Men’s Watch

Superman Gifts for Adults - Superman Symbol Steel Alloy Men's Watch

For the “man of steel” in your own life, this steel alloy watch featuring Superman’s symbol would make a truly special birthday or Christmas gift!

2) Superman LEGO Figure Kids’ Watch

Superman Gifts for Kids - Buildable Superman LEGO Figure Kids' Watch

Looking for great Superman gifts for kids?  There’s a cool Superman watch for them too!  This watch features classic LEGO styling – and even includes a LEGO Superman mini-figure built into its wristband!

3) Superman Leg Lamp

Superman Gifts - Superman Leg Lamp
This Superman lamp makes a great addition to the bedroom of any kid who loves the Man of Steel.  Not only does the main lightbulb light up the Superman symbol on the lampshade, but Superman’s leg itself can also be lit up for use as a nightlight!

4) “Job for Superman” Heat-Changing Coffee Mug

Superman Gifts - Job for Superman Heat-Changing Coffee Mug
When this mug is cold, it looks like Metropolis is in grave danger.  It’s clearly a job for our favorite Kryptonian superhero!  Just pour in any hot liquid – and Clark Kent becomes Superman, springing into action to save the city!

5) Steel Superman Ring

Another great gift idea for your own “Man of Steel” – a stainless steel Superman ring!

6) Superman Symbol Cufflinks

Superman Gifts - Superman Cufflinks

He’s not Clark Kent, so why should he hide the fact that he’s a Superman?  Let him wear it proudly on his sleeves – with this snazzy set of Superman symbol cufflinks!

7) Superman Throw Pillow

superman gifts - throw pillowAfter long days fighting villains like Lex Luthor (and romancing Lois Lane!), even the most powerful superheroes need to relax with some comfy cushions every once in a while.  And for Superman, of course, those cushions need to have his iconic symbol!

8) Superman Pendant Necklace

Are you looking for a gift for someone who deserves to wear the big “S” on his or her chest?

Sure you can get them a(nother) t-shirt – but beautiful pendants with the House of El’s iconic shield can cost around the same, and make great presents for any Superman or Supergirl!

Various Superman pendant necklaces are available (for him, for her, and for kids) – we especially love this beautiful one made of 18k gold-plated sterling silver.

9) Superman Comforter Set

Any kid will sleep well at night knowing that Superman’s shield emblem is right there protecting them – this comforter set makes a great gift for any kid who’s a super-fan of the Last Son of Krypton!

10) Superman LEGO Alarm Clock

Superman Gifts for Kids - Superman LEGO Alarm Clock

This Superman is truly an amazing superhero – not only can he save Metropolis from evil villians, but he can even wake up sleepy 4- or 5-year old boys!

Great as a kid’s first alarm clock, this big (9.5 inches!) Superman LEGO figure features movable legs as well as a digital clock in his stomach (including standard alarm and snooze functions.)

11) Superman Emblem Rug

A soft, fluffy area rug with the Superman symbol – to add a super touch to the bedroom of any Superman-loving kid!

12) Superman Apron

Superman Gifts - Superman Apron
This apron is the perfect gift for anyone who becomes a Superman (or Superwoman) as soon as they step into the kitchen!

13) Superman Wallet

This officially licensed Superman wallet makes a great little stocking stuffer for a Superman fan!

14) Superman Griffin the Plush Dog

Superman Gifts - Superman Griffin the Plush Dog

Sometimes you don’t need a superhero to save your life – just one to cuddle with!  Griffin the dog comes dressed in an adorable little Superman costume – an cute gift for Superman fans ages 1 to 100!

15) Superman Cookie Jar

If they’ve got Superman everywhere in their house except the kitchen counter, then it’s time for you to change that – by gifting them this beautiful ceramic Superman cookie jar!

16) Superman Throw Blanket

We all know that Superman protects Metropolis from evil supervillains – but with this comfy throw blanket, he can also protect your loved ones from the cold!

17) Superhero Bookend

Superman Gifts - Superhero Bookend

A fun gift for fans of any superhero, this unique bookend uses magnets to give the illusion of the hero suspended in the air, propping up a shelf full of heavy books!

18) Projectable Superman Logo Nightlight

Knowing Superman is out there fighting crime makes the entire city of Metropolis sleep better at night.  And with this nightlight projecting the famous Superman symbol three feet high in soothing light across your kid’s wall, you can be sure that he or she will feel safer at night too!

19) Superman Symbol Double-Sided Puzzle

Superman Gifts - Superman Symbol Double-Sided Puzzle

Two cool Superman puzzles for the price of one!  This super 600-piece jigsaw puzzle features a unique double-sided design – with the famous Superman symbol one one side and a bunch of old-school comic book art on the other!

20) Superman Slippers

After flying around all day fighting crime, any Superman needs a nice comfy pair of slippers to wear around the house!

21) “Superman through the Years” Coffee Mug

Superman Gifts - Superman Through the Years Coffee Mug
This cool coffee mug features eight iconic depictions of the superhero – from the 1940’s through the present.   The mug comes in a fun gift box, and its unique and colorful design is sure to please even the most passionate fan of the legendary character!

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We’ll be adding even more lists of gift ideas for superhero fans – so be sure to check 21GiftIdeas.com whenever you need unique presents for your favorite superheroes, big or small!