21 Cool Dinosaur Gifts for Kids and Adults!

Looking for cool dinosaur gifts for the dino-loving kid or adult in your life?

Whether you need dinosaur-themed presents for a 4 year old or a 40 year old, check out this list of 21 dino-mite gift ideas!

1) Tricerataco

Dinosaur Gifts - Tricerataco Holder

It’s a taco holder in the shape of a triceratops!  Why?  Who cares – all we know is that it’ll make dinosaur lovers of any age excited for taco night!

2) Dinosaur Table Lamps

Dinosaur Gifts - Dinosaur Table Lamp

Whether it gets used as a fun nightlight for kids or a quirky accent light for adults – the glow from the body of this realistic-looking T-Rex will give any room a prehistoric glow!

(Triceratops and Stegosaurus available too!)

3)“Wine-O-Saur” Dinosaur Wine Bottle Holder

Dinosaur Gifts for Adults - Wine-O-Saur Wine Bottle Holder

Need unique dinosaur gifts for adults?  This triceratops wine bottle holder is perfect way for them to display a very well-aged bottle of wine!

4) Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs Pop-Up Book

Dinosaur Gifts for Kids - Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs Pop-Up Book

Who said dinosaurs are extinct?  They truly come to life in this amazing pop-up book – a raptor flying off the end of a page, a massive T-Rex with sharp teeth springing out at the reader, and so much more.

An exciting book that any dinosaur lover will treasure forever!

5) Dino-Opoly

Dinosaur Gifts - Dino-Opoly

Dino-Opoly is like Monopoly – but with dinosaurs!  Featuring all of their favorite dinos, it’s both a fun and educational gift for any budding paleontologist!

6) Plantosaurus

Dinosaur Gifts for Adults - Plantosaurus

Brachiosaurus, plantosaurus, whatever – this Jurassic herbivore is the perfect vessel for their favorite small plants!

7) “Dinosauria” Dinosaur Chart

Dinosaur Gifts - Dinosauria Dinosaur Chart

The product of more than 500 hours of research and illustration, this big, fascinating chart features detailed drawings of more than 100 dinosaur species, along with an evolutionary timeline – and would look great on any dinosaur lover’s wall!

8) Kids’ Hooded Dinosaur Blanket

Dinosaur Gifts for Kids - Kids' Hooded Dinosaur Blanket

Learning about dinosaurs is great – but what all dino-loving kids would really love is a chance to actually be a dinosaur!

And they’ll be able to transform into a prehistoric creature every night at bedtime – if you gift them this fun hooded dinosaur blanket!

9) LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Set

Dinosaur Gifts - LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs Set

This awesome T-Rex LEGO set boasts more than 170 pieces, posable joints, ferocious teeth, and tons of other cool features.

Even better – it’s a special 3-in-1 set that can also be rebuilt into a triceratops or a pterodactyl!

10) National Geographic Mega Fossil Mine Dig Kit

Dinosaur Gifts - National Geographic Mega Fossil Mine Dig Kit

National Geographic’s Mega Fossil Mine Dig Kit is a great way for kids as young as 5 years old to explore what it’s like to be a real paleontologist!

The bestselling science kit includes 15 genuine fossils (each millions of years old!) – as well as all the tools they’ll need to excavate them.  It even comes with a detailed guide to identify the fossils and learn about how they were formed.

Definitely one of the most fun and educational dinosaur-related gifts for children of any age!

11) Dino Mug

Dinosaur Gifts - Dino Mug

Is there room for a dinosaur in their kitchen cupboard?  Because they’ll love this ceramic dino mug – perfect for any dino-loving coffee drinker or tea-Rex!

12) Dinosaur Origami

Dinosaur Gifts - Dinosaur Origami

Sure, you could just buy them one dinosaur toy – but the Dinosaur Origami book will enable them to make hundreds and hundreds of little origami dinosaurs themselves!

It features fun facts about many different dinosaurs and detailed start-to-finish instructions for making each one – and even includes 32 sheets of origami paper to get them started!

13) Dinosaur Lunch Box

Dinosaur Gifts - Dinosaur Lunch Box

Some dinosaurs were carnivores, others were herbivores – but this friendly dinosaur just wants to gobble up your kid’s snacks!

14) “I Could Eat a T-Rex” Spaghetti Measurer

Dinosaur Gifts - "I Could Eat a T-Rex" Spaghetti Measurer

Sometimes your favorite dinosaur lover wants a single portion of pasta, sometimes a double portion – and sometimes a T-Rex-sized portion!  And with this unique spaghetti measurer, they’ll always be able to cook just the right amount!

15) T-Rex Showerhead

Dinosaur Gifts - T-Rex Showerhead

Shower time will never be the same again – with a T-Rex spewing water at them from his mouth!

16) Dinosaur-Themed Kids’ Bathroom Accessories Set

Dinosaur Gifts - Kids' Dinosaur Bathroom Accessories Set

So, your kids don’t like brushing their teeth or washing their hands?  We bet they will with this cool dinosaur-themed bathroom accessories set!

17) Bag of Dinosaur Farts

Dinosaur Gifts - Bag of Dinosaur Farts

Paleontologists are amazing – not only do they dig up dinosaur bones, they’ve even managed to unearth some gas that was passed by dinosaurs millions of years ago!

A bag of dinosaur farts makes a great little gift for any dinosaur lover – and the best part is that they taste surprisingly like cotton candy!

18) Hatching Dinosaur Egg Candle

Dinosaur Gifts - Hatching Dinosaur Egg Candle

What a great gift – you can give your favorite dinosaur lover the chance to hatch a little baby dinosaur themselves!

This dinosaur egg takes the form of a wax candle – and when the wax melts away, a (porcelain) baby velociraptor keepsake will emerge!

19) Giant Inflatable T-Rex

Dinosaur Gifts - Giant Inflatable T-Rex

Yes, that’s a 5-foot-tall giant inflatable T-Rex!

He’ll be the life of the special dinosaur lover’s birthday party – and an awesome bedroom decoration the rest of the year!

20) Kids’ Bouncy Dino Hopper Ball

Dinosaur Gifts - Kids' Bouncy Dino Ball

What could be more fun for dinosaur-loving toddlers than their very own bouncy triceratops to ride around the house?!

21) Replica Velociraptor Skull

Dinosaur Gifts for Adults - Replica Velociraptor Skull

This last of our dinosaur gift ideas is no kids’ toy!  This life-sized, accurate replica of a velociraptor skull is not cheap – but it’s definitely a cool, unique display piece for any adult dinosaur lover’s home!

Okay, we hope you’ve found the perfect dinosaur gifts for your favorite dinosaur lovers – and be sure to check out all our other lists to find great presents for everyone else on your list!