21 Great Gifts for Horse Lovers!

Looking for unique horse gifts for the equine lover in your life?

Check out this list of 21 great gifts for horse lovers – with unique gift ideas for any woman, man, girl, or boy who is fascinated by these majestic animals!  (Many of these items would also make great gifts for equestrians / horse riders, horse owners, and horse racing enthusiasts too!)

We’ve made sure to list presents for horse lovers of all ages, in a wide range of different budgets.  So whether you’re searching for great horse-related gifts for a birthday, wedding, Christmas, or any other occasion – we hope you find the perfect gift ideas right here!

1) Horse Wine Bottle Holder

A wild chestnut stallion horsing around with some equine wine – this horse wine bottle holder is a unique piece of horse-themed décor for any horse lover’s home!

2) Sterling Silver Horse Bracelet

What’s better than a horse?  Two horses!  This lovely sterling silver cuff bracelet features a pair of elegant horses galloping towards each other – a great Christmas or birthday gift for a horse-loving woman!

3) “Bridled Horses” Tapestry Throw Blanket

From Pure Country Weavers, this expertly crafted tapestry-style woven throw blanket features a herd of beautiful horses, corralled by a border of rope and horseshoes – and it feels as soft as a horse’s luxurious coat!

4) “Quiet Strength” Horse Lover’s Keepsake Box

This finely crafted, hand-painted keepsake box is the perfect place for a horse lover to store jewelry, trinkets, or other small items – it celebrates the special bond between horses and humans, and the quiet strength that they share with us!

(Or, for another gorgeous wooden keepsake box that is sure to please any horse lover, check out this handmade box featuring a mustang galloping across the plain!)

5) Horseshoe Heart Trivet

A trivet made from an authentic recycled horseshoe, surrounded by a band of metal forged in the shape of a heart – handcrafted by an actual horseshoe forger, it’s both a practical and decorative gift item for any horse lover’s kitchen!

(Also available custom personalized for the special gift recipient!)

6) Horse-Opoly

Horse-opoly is like regular Monopoly – but with horses!

Buy your favorite horses, collect bales of straw, trade them in for barns… and learn plenty of interesting facts about horses along the way!

7) Diamond Horseshoe Earrings

Looking for a truly special gift for a special horse-loving woman on a special occasion?

It doesn’t get much better than these beautiful 10K gold horseshoe-shaped stud earrings, featuring sparkling, conflict-free, 0.10 ct. white diamonds – available in yellow gold, white gold (pictured above), and rose gold!

8) Horse-Themed Picture Frame

A beautifully hand-painted horse-themed wooden picture frame – perfect for your favorite horse lover to display a picture with their favorite horse!

9) “Paint Your Own Horse” Craft Activity Sets for Kids

This award-winning craft kit from leading model-horse maker Breyer contains everything a kid needs to paint the horse of his or her dreams.  Featuring two model horses (an Arabian and a Thoroughbred), brushes, paint, and a detailed “how to” booklet, it’s a creative gift for horse lovers aged 4 and up!

10) Pinto Pony Body Pillow

Any horse lover would love to curl up with a warm, snuggly pony each night!  This 4-foot-long pinto pony body pillow makes a great gift for horse lovers of any age – it’s got beaded eyes, a white star, a soft muzzle, and a silky mane and tail… just like a real pony!

11) Horse Slippers

Who said you can’t ride a horse around the house?  With these comfy horse slippers (available in both adults and kids sizes), your favorite horse lover will be able to ride a pair of adorable equines whenever he or she wants – even if it’s just from the bedroom to the kitchen!

12) Mother and Child Horse Head Heart-Shaped Pendant Necklace

This beautiful pendant necklace makes a lovely (yet surprisingly inexpensive) horse-themed gift for her on any occasion.

Featuring a mare and her foal forming an elegant heart with their heads, it’s an especially great gift for horse-loving mothers and daughters on Mother’s Day or a special birthday!

13) Horse Spaghetti Measurer

We’ve all heard someone say, “I could eat a horse!”  Presumably they wouldn’t eat an actual horse – maybe just a horse-sized portion of spaghetti (or hay!)

With this unique spaghetti-portion measuring tool, they’ll easily be able to measure out a kid-sized portion, an adult-sized portion… or a humongous horse-sized portion that’s sure to satisfy even a beast of a hunger!

14) Kids’ Hooded Horse Blanket

Wouldn’t it be great to be a horse?  Galloping across open pastures, munching on delicious hay… ah, what a life!

And if you gift the horse-loving kids in your family this hooded horse blanket, they’ll be able to live out all of their wonderful horsey dreams!

15) The Horse Encyclopedia

A definitive guide to all things equine – covering more than 150 horse and pony breeds and types from around the world!

The Horse Encyclopedia is a must-have for any horse lover’s bookshelf, with everything from gorgeous photographs to fascinating information about horses – and even expert advice on horse care for owners!

16) Bag of Pony Farts

Ponies are truly magical creatures – and their farts even look and taste like cotton candy!

Buy a delicious bag of pony farts for each of the horse lovers in your life – 10% of the profits are donated to charity!

17) Lifelike Plush Horse

All kids love horseplay – and even more so when they can horseplay with a realistic-looking plush horse!

From Melissa & Doug, this huge (3 feet tall!) lifelike stuffed horse is the perfect companion for horse-loving children of any age!

18) Draw 50 Horses

Arabians, Pintos, Morgans, and Clydesdales… jumping, bucking, rearing, grazing, and kicking… the special horse lover in your life can learn to draw them all with the step-by-step drawing guides in Draw 50 Horses!

19) “Horse Dreams” Lunch Bag

Insulated, easy-to-clean, food-safe, and full of majestic horses – this lunch bag is perfect for horse-loving kids!

(A matching backpack, pencil case, lunch box, and organizer are available too!)

20) Bouncy Horse Ball

Riding this bouncy horse ball is so fun… it’s almost as fun as riding a real horse!

(Adult- and kid-sized bouncy horse balls are both available – and each comes with a free pump to inflate it with!)

21) Horseshoe Wine Rack

A rustic, vintage-style wine rack featuring a horseshoe-themed design – a great gift for those who enjoy the best things in life… like horses and wine!

We hope you’ve found great horse gifts for the special horse lover in your life – be sure to check out all our other lists to find unique gift ideas for everyone else in your life too!