21 Cute and Unique Owl Gifts!

Looking for unique owl gifts for that special owl lover in your life?  We’ve put together a list of great owl-themed gifts – some are super-cute, while others are really a hoot!

So whether you’re in need of wise owl gift ideas for her or his birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion (like Superb-Owl Sunday!), we’re sure you’ll find the perfect presents right here!

1) Owl Eyeglasses Holder

Unique owl gifts - owl eyeglasses holder

Hand-carved by artisans in India from a single piece of sheesham wood, this eyeglasses holder makes a unique and unusual gift for any glasses-wearing owl lover.  This cute little bird will stay perched on their nightstand – while their glasses stay perched on his little beak!

2) Wise Snowy Owl Bookends

Owl Gifts - Wise Snowy Owl Bookends

If owls are so wise, we assume they must read a lot.  So they’re the perfect creatures to prop up the books on your favorite owl lover’s bookshelf – making these heavyweight snowy owl bookends both a beautiful and functional gift!

3) Stained Glass Owl Clock

Owl-Themed Gifts - Stained Glass Owl Clock

Most owls are nocturnal, but this one will stay awake 24 hours a day – majestically displaying the time on the wall of your owl-loving friend or loved one!

4) Gold Owl Ring

Looking for beautiful owl gifts for your mom, sis, girlfriend, or wife?  This lovely 10k gold owl ring with 10k white gold eyes would certainly be a wise choice!

5) Blue Owl Earrings

Owl gifts for her - blue owl earrings

Continuing with the special owl gifts for her – this charming yet funky set of blue owl earrings is handmade from laser-cut stainless steel and hand-colored resin.  Why get her only one owl… when you can gift her these two cute little birdies?!

6) Mother Owl Necklace

Owl Gifts for Mom - Mother Owl Necklace

This pendant necklace is another great owl gift for a mom: It can be customized with baby owl charms that easily slip onto the chain – so whether she’s the mother of a single owl chick or a whole flock of children, this gift will remind her of her little ones each and every time she wears it!

7) Oscar the Owl Bean Bagimal

Owl Gifts for Girls - Oscar the Owl Bean Bagimal

When it comes to cute owl gifts for the youngest owl-loving girls and boys, this owl “bean bagimal” is a fun choice.  It can be used as a cute beanbag-style chair – or can just be a wise little friend to hang out with!

8) Giant Stuffed Owl

Owl Gifts - Lifelike Giant Stuffed Owl
What better gift could there be for an owl-loving kid (or adult) than a lifelike stuffed giant owl?!

This soft, handcrafted plush owl comes with realistic details – and would make a wise companion for any owl-loving kid!

9) Hand-Painted Owl Mugs

Gifts for owl lovers - owl mugs

These cool stoneware owl mugs make a great addition to the kitchen of any owl lover.  Gift him or her just one – or all three!

10) Whimsical Owl Kitchen Set

More cute owl stuff that would look great in any owl lovers’ kitchen, this colorful set features ceramic red, yellow, and green owl canisters on a decorative metal tray.

11) Wise Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

Owl Gifts - Wise Owl Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder Set
This wise brown owl is hand-painted and crafted by professional artists in a lifelike manner, and holds a glass shaker in each of her wings.

12) Spiky Owl Wind Chime

Owl gift ideas - spiky owl wind chime

Who said owls have to hoot?  This owl instead welcomes visitors with the sound of tinkling glass!

A charming owl wind chime that’s perfect for the home of anyone who enjoys woodland decor, this owl item is handcrafted by artisans in Bali from welded hand-cut sheet metal in a beautiful autumnal arrangement of yellows, reds, browns, and greens.

13) Personalized Pink Owl Tote Bag

Owl Gifts - Personalized Pink Owl Tote Bag

Looking for cheap owl gifts for owl lovers of any age?  These inexpensive yet durable tote bags feature an adorable pink owl – and come personalized with the name of your favorite owl lover!

14) Owls of the World: A Photographic Guide

Owl Gifts - Owls of the World A Photographic Guide
Instead of just buying her more gifts with owls on them, why not gift her this spectacular guide to the owls of the world – featuring stunning photos and detailed information on 268 different species of owls from all around the globe!

Written by the world’s foremost owl expert, this book makes a perfect gift for anyone who doesn’t only like looking at owls, but also loves learning about these fascinating and majestic creatures!

15) “Owl Always Love You” Throw Pillow

Owl Presents - "Owl Always Love You" Throw Pillow

Tell her “owl always love you” – with this cute customizable throw pillow!

16) Owl Bird Feeder

Owl items for gifts - owl bird feeder

This charming handcrafted bird feeder features a friendly owl – to keep the local birds company as they chow down on his delicious birdseed!

17) Day/Night Owl Shawl Wrap

Owl Gifts - Day Owl Shawl Wrap
These lovely scarves/shawls make wonderful owl gifts for her.  Both the “day owl” and “night owl” versions feature delicately hand-painted and digitally printed owl art.  Highly detailed, these fashionable items go great with any outfit – or even as a sarong-style wrap!

18) Owl Backpack

Owl Gifts - Owl Backpack

Of Loungefly’s various owl-themed bags, this backpack is our favorite…

… but be sure to check out their others, like this stylish owl crossbody purse!

19) “Hoot Owl Hoot” Board Game

Owl Gifts for Kids - Hoot Owl Hoot Board Game
Another great owl-related gift for kids, this cooperative owl-themed board game is both fun and educational!

20) Rhinestone Owl Bracelet Watch

An inexpensive piece of owl jewelry, this watch features a unique owl design – and looks great on the wrists of owl lovers of any age!

21) Porcelain Owl Vase

Gifts for owl lovers - porcelain owl vase

A great owl present idea, this charming porcelain vase takes the shape of a tree trunk – with a cute little owl perched on its branch!  Just add some fresh blossoms for a flowery treetop!

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