21 Cute and Unique Penguin Gifts for Adults and Kids!

Looking for great penguin gifts for the penguin lovers in your life?  Check out these 21 cute and unique penguin gift ideas!

We’ve included something for everyone: penguin gifts for him and for her, for adults and kids, for everyone who loves our favorite flightless birds – so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect penguin presents for your favorite penguin lovers!

1) Penguin Cufflinks

Penguin Gifts for Him - Penguin Cufflinks

Looking for stylish penguin gifts for him?  These emperor penguin cufflinks come in a special presentation gift box and feature a silver finish and a red bowtie.  Yes, this pair of tux-wearing penguins are dressed just as sharply as your husband or boyfriend will be when he wears this snazzy accessory!

2) Penguin Pendant Necklace

Penguin Gifts for Her - Penguin Pendant Necklace

Who said all penguins are black and white?  This colorful penguin pendant necklace makes a cute and inexpensive penguin gift for her on Christmas, a birthday, or any other occasion!

3) Penguin Bluetooth Speaker

Penguin Gifts - Penguin Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Ice, ice, baby…  This mini penguin Bluetooth speaker from My Audio Pet is not only incredibly adorable – it also delivers surprisingly rich, powerful, room-filling sound.  Big things come in small packages – who knew penguins could be so loud?!

4) Cool Penguin Fragrance Gift Set

Penguin Gifts - Cool Penguin Fragrance Gift Set

Three pleasant fragrances (Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple and Coconut Mint Drop)… in a super-cute penguin-shaped gift bag!

5) Penguin Slippers

Gifts for Penguin Lovers - Penguin Slippers

Brrrr!  Penguins walk around on ice all day – so when your favorite penguin lover’s floor is cold, they’ll be glad to have this pair of Happy Feet penguin slippers beneath their feet!  (Both kids’ and adults’ sizes are available.)

6) 3-in-1 Penguin Beanie Hat

Penguin Gifts - 3-in-1 Penguin Beanie Hat

Penguins have a thick layer of insulating feathers to protect them from polar chills – unfortunately, though, we humans have to rely on heavy winter clothing for warmth.

This 3-in-1 plush penguin beanie hat also includes a built-in scarf and mittens – it’ll keep your favorite penguin lover so warm, they’ll feel like they just traveled from Antarctica to Madagascar!

7) Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Penguin Gifts for Adults - Penguin Cocktail Shaker

This stainless steel penguin cocktail shaker is both an elegant and functional penguin item for the home.

Simply measure ingredients into the footed base, firmly place the shaker top and “head” cap on, then shake to mix and chill the drink – then lift the penguin’s “head” cap back off to strain and pour!

8) Penguin Corkscrew

Gifts for Penguin Lovers - Penguin Corkscrew

The cutest corkscrew you’ll ever see!  Fluttering his wings won’t help him fly – but it does enable to him to easily remove any cork!

9) Penguin Wine Pourer

Penguin Gifts for Adults - Penguin Wine Pourer

Another adorable penguin-themed wine accessory!  This little guy can’t fly – but he sure has fun pouring wine!

10) Penguin Salt & Pepper Shakers

Penguin Gifts - Penguin Salt & Pepper Shakers

Opposites attract – and these penguin salt and pepper shakers are indeed “polar opposites”!

11) Matryoshka Penguins

Penguin Gifts - Matryoshka Penguins

Matryoshka are also known as “Russian nesting dolls” – there are no penguins in Russia, of course, but who cares?  This set of six penguins might just be the cutest nesting dolls you’ll ever see!

12) Penguin Climb-in Blanket

Penguin Gifts - Penguin Climb-in Blanket

There’s no need for a kid to journey to the South Pole in order to experience life as a penguin – they can just just snuggle into this cute blanket and start flapping their flippers right away!

13) Hooded Penguin Blanket

Penguin Gifts for Kids - Hooded Penguin Blanket

This fun hooded blanket is another way for kids to feel like a penguin.  Yes, it’s another cute penguin-themed blanket – those critters sure do know something about staying warm when it’s cold out!

14) Kids’ Penguin Laundry Hamper

Penguin Gifts - Kids' Penguin Laundry Hamper

Tired of your kids tossing their dirty clothes on the floor?  If only they had an adorable penguin to help make sure they put their laundry where it belongs…

This cute, portable pop-up penguin laundry hamper is a parent’s best pal!

15) Penguin-Opoly

Gifts for Penguin Lovers - Penguin-Opoly

Penguin-Opoly is just like Monopoly… but with penguins!  (We knew the original Monopoly was missing something!)

16) Penguin Creamer Dispenser

Gifts for Penguin Lovers - Penguin Creamer Dispenser

A porcelain penguin creamer dispenser – perfect for serving cream, milk, maple syrup, and more.  A great gift for any penguin-loving coffee or tea drinker!

17) Penguin Wine Bottle Holder

Penguin Gifts - Penguin Wine Bottle Holder

After long days in cold weather, there’s nothing a penguin likes more than a nice bottle of wine to warm him up…

Well, maybe not all penguins… but this decorative penguin sure seems to enjoy holding (and sipping) a good bottle of Merlot!

18) Penguin Earrings

Penguin Gifts for Her - Penguin Earrings

This inexpensive pair of penguin earrings makes a delightful Christmas stocking stuffer for penguin-loving girls of any age!

19) Penguin Onesie Pajamas

Penguin Gifts - Penguin Onesie

Waddling around in penguin onesie pajamas is another fun way for penguin fans of any age to experience life as their favorite animal!  (Both kids’ and adults’ sizes are available!)

20) Penguin Popper Toy

Penguin Gifts - Penguin Popper Toy

A silly, funny toy for kids who love penguins – they just squeeze the penguin popper’s belly to launch small foam balls up to 20 feet from his beak!

21) Giant Plush Penguin

Penguin Gifts - Giant Plush Penguin

Don’t just gift them any little old stuffed penguin… this soft emperor penguin plushie is more than two feet tall – perfect for hugging and cuddling!

Bonus Penguin Gift Ideas!

There’s so much cool penguin stuff out there – here are just a few more fun penguin things to check out:

Okay, we hope you’ve found the perfect penguin gifts for your favorite penguin lovers – be sure to check out all our other lists to find great gifts for everyone else in your life!