21 Great Gifts for Doctors and Medical Students!

If you’re struggling to find great gifts for doctors, then we’ve got the cure for you! We’ve put together a list of 21 great gift ideas for the doctors in our lives – the perfect ways to show them just how much they mean to all of us!

We’ve included a wide range of gift ideas in this list – including unique birthday/Christmas gifts for the doctors and medical students we love, thank you gifts for doctors who have cured us, funny novelty gifts for doctors who believe that laughter is the best medicine, and great medical school graduation gifts for new doctors as they begin their careers in the field.

Most of these presents would be appreciated by both male and female doctors from any medical field – while a few would be especially perfect for doctors with particular specialties (cardiologist, surgeon, etc.).

So go ahead – eat an apple a day, exercise regularly, and buy your favorite doctor or medical student one of these great gifts!

1) Leather Doctor Bag

Gifts for Doctors - Doctor Bag
Every physician needs a bag for carrying around their “tools” – so a medical bag makes a highly practical and useful gift for a doctor. It’s an especially ideal gift for new doctors – or for experienced doctors who have been using the same tattered old bag for decades!

Cheaper (and more expensive) models are available – but the high-quality leather bag from pictured above, from Time Resistance, features a classic look that would make it a special present for the special doctor in your life.

2) Monogrammed Medical Marble Bookends

Gift Ideas for Doctors - Monogrammed Medical Bookends

Doctors’ bookshelves are lined with thick medical reference texts and journals – so these sturdy marble bookends would make a very useful gift for a doctor.

That famous medical symbol with two serpents entwined around a staff is called the caduceus – and it’s delicately etched into each of these solid hand-cut ebony marble pieces, together with the special doctor’s initials.  You can be sure that any doctor will be proud to display it on their home or office bookshelf!

3) Doctor’s Clock

Gifts for Doctors - Doctor's Clock
With a design featuring classic medical tools and symbols, this elegant metal desk clock would look great on any doctor’s desk!

4) Caduceus Tie Clip

Gifts for Doctors - Gold-Plated Caduceus Tie Clip
If you’re buying a gift for a male doctor, you can’t go wrong with this stylish tie clip, featuring the classic caduceus symbol. Gold-plated and silver-plated versions are available – each delivered in special presentation boxes.

5) Giant Microbes Plushies

Gifts for Doctors - Giant Microbes Plushies

Looking for a cheap, fun novelty gift for a doctor with a sense of humor?  Give them some organ cells – or maybe a disease!

Relax, we’re not talking about a real disease – just a soft plush one!  Giant Microbes makes dozens of different plushies in the shapes of different cells and microbes, such as the E. coli pictured above, the common cold, and plenty of others!  No matter a doctor’s specialization, there’s a plushie for them!

And special themed gift boxes are available too, such as the “Organ Cells” gift box (featuring plushies in the shapes of heart, brain, skin, liver, and pancreas cells), the “Exotic Vacation” gift box (featuring gangrene, malaria, West Nile, dengue fever, and zombie virus plushies), the “Tainted Love” gift box (featuring herpes, chlamydia, the clap, HPV, and syphillis plushies), and several others!

6) Caduceus Cufflinks

Gifts for Doctors - Caduceus Cufflinks
A set of caduceus-shaped cufflinks is always a great gift for a male doctor or medical student. This set comes in a deluxe gift box – ready for gift giving!

7) Sterling Silver Anatomical Heart Pendant

Gifts for Doctors - Sterling Silver Anatomical Heart Pendant

Anyone who has gone to medical school knows that a real heart doesn’t look like that famous “heart” shape. So if you want to show a doctor that he or she truly has your heart, there’s no better way to do so than with an anatomically correct heart pendant necklace!

This pendant is made of genuine sterling silver – a perfect gift for a male or female doctor or medical student on Valentine’s Day, a special birthday, or any other time you may want to give him or her your true heart!

And for a truly special gift, a rose gold anatomical heart pendant is available too!

8) Personalized 3-D Crystal Sculpture

Personalized Gifts for Doctors - Personalized 3-D Crystal Sculpture

This stunning sculpture features the Caduceus symbol carved with laser technology right into the middle of a shimmering crystal square, where it seems to float magically. You favorite doctor’s name and medical specialty are then engraved on the front of the sculpture to complete a signature piece of art that they’ll be proud to display on their office desk!

Classy personalized gifts for doctors are always appreciated – and this one makes an especially nice gift for a new doctor upon his or her medical school graduation or passing the boards!

9) Personalized Engraved Alderwood Pen Set

Personalized gifts for Doctors - Personalized Engraved Alderwood Pen Set

We’ll skip the jokes about doctors’ handwriting – both this pen and its case come engraved with the name of your doctor gift recipient, along with the caduceus symbol. (Seven other special symbols from different medical fields are available too – for obstetricians, nurses, etc.)

10) “Dr. Scrubs” Teddy Bear

Gifts for Doctors - Dr. Scrubs Teddy Bear
The perfect little inexpensive thank you gift for a doctor who has taken care of your health – or even to accompany other Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or birthday gifts for doctors in your life. This teddy bear comes wearing teal scrubs and a matching mask and cap – that’s why they call him “Dr. Scrubs”!

11) Human Organ Transplant Lunch Bag

Gifts for Doctors - Human Organ Transplant Lunch Bag
If you’re looking for funny gifts for doctors who can appreciate a good gag, they don’t get much better than this – a lunch bag designed to look like a human organ transplant cooler!

12) Bone-Shaped Novelty Pens

No bones about it – just about any doctor would find this set of bone-shaped pens to be a very humerus novelty gift!  (And a femur, tibia, and spine gift too!)

13) Doctor Wine Bottle Holder

Gifts for Doctors - Doctor Wine Bottle Holder
This doctor’s prescription? Wine!

A highly unique wine bottle holder that makes a great gift for a doctor – handmade by expert metal sculptors, any physician would be proud to display it in their dining room!

14) Personalized Stethoscope Coffee Mug

Another fun little gift that will bring a smile to your favorite doctor’s face, this microwave- and dishwasher-safe coffee mug features that most classic of medical implements – and comes customized with the special doctor’s name!

15) Personalized Tan Leather Medical Notes Portfolio

Personalized Gifts for Doctors - Personalized Tan Leather Medical Notes Portfolio

A stylish personalized gift for a medical professional from any field – a high-quality tan leather portfolio customized with both their name and the caduceus symbol.

16) Anatomy Coasters Gift Set

Gifts for Doctors - Anatomy Coasters Gift Set
A unique novelty gift or Christmas stocking stuffer for a doctor, each of the six drink coasters in this gift set features a different part of the human anatomy!

17) Doctor USB Drives

This set contains three novelty USB drives – including a surgeon and two other doctors!  A small gift for doctors that is both fun and useful!

18) “Prescription Coffee” Mug

Gifts for Doctors - Prescription Coffee Mug
Many doctors work grueling schedules as they care for the health of their patients – and more than a few of them rely on coffee to keep their minds’ alert through 30-hour shifts.

Among the funny doctor mugs out there, this one is especially popular – so go ahead and give that overworked doctor a prescription mug of coffee!

(For doctors who just can’t get enough coffee, check out our list of 21 gifts for coffee lovers!)

19) Monogrammed Gold-Plated Caduceus Pocket Watch

Gifts for Doctors - Monogrammed Gold-Plated Caduceus Pocket Watch

This beautiful gold-plated pocket watch from the British Gold Company comes in a stylish display/presentation case, custom engraved with the caduceus symbol and the initials of the special doctor.  And the best part is that it won’t cost you nearly as much as they’ll think you must have spent on it!

20) Sterling Silver DNA Ring

A sterling silver ring in the shape of a strand of DNA, delivered in a lovely gift box. A great gift for both female and male doctors!

21) “Liquid Therapy” Wine Glass

Sometimes the only cure is a bit of red or white “liquid therapy”! This wine glass makes a great gift for any doctor who enjoys self-administering a bit of that liquid therapy from time to time!

By the way – just because they’re a doctor, that doesn’t mean you need to get them doctor gifts! Whether the special doctor is a golfer or a cyclist, a wine enthusiast or a Batman fan, be sure take a look through our main menu at the top of the page – we’ve got a ton of different lists where you can find great gift ideas for doctors with all sorts of different likes and interests!