21 Cool Shark Gifts for Shark Lovers of All Ages!

Looking for awesome shark gifts for the shark lovers in your life?

Sink your teeth into these 21 cool shark-themed gift ideas!

1) Shark Stapler

Shark Gifts - Shark Stapler

This unique shark stapler has a fierce appetite… for stacks of paper!

2) Shark Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Shark Gifts - Shark Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Sharks are the most misunderstood creatures of the sea – this one flashes a toothy grin as he helpfully holds salt and pepper shakers for your favorite shark lover!

3) BlankieTails Shark Blanket

Shark Gifts - Shark Blanket – Adults

These funny shark blankets from BlankieTails are available in both kids’ and adults’ sizes – never before has the inside of a shark been so soft and warm!

4) Shark Pouch

Shark Gifts - Shark Bite Pouch

Don’t worry, it’s safe to enter the water – this shark pouch only wants to devour pens and pencils!

5)  Shark Attack Bowl

Shark-Themed Gifts - Shark Attack Bowl

The perfect item for a Shark Week party – they’ll have to reach into the gaping mouth of this unique shark bowl every time they want to grab a snack!

6) Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters

Shark Gifts - Encyclopedia Prehistorica Shark Pop-Up Book

Sharks that literally leap right off the page!  Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Sharks and Other Sea Monsters is an absolutely stunning pop-up book that is sure to astonish and amaze shark-loving kids!

7) Heat-Changing “Shark!” Mug

Shark Gifts - Heat-Changing Shark! Mug

On this unique mug, it may look like a beautiful, relaxing day at the sea – but when your gift recipient pours in a hot liquid, a ferocious shark will suddenly magically appear to terrify the beachgoers!

8) Shark Wine Bottle Holder

Shark Gift Ideas - Shark Wine Bottle Holder

The perfect piece of shark-themed home décor, this shark’s fierce jaws will delicately hold a wine bottle for display!

9) Shark Business Card Holder

Gifts for Shark Lovers - Shark Business Card Holder

Sure, most sharks stick to the sea – but this shark business card holder will be right at home on your favorite shark lover’s desk!

10) Shark

Shark Gifts - Shark

No, we’re not suggesting you buy an actual shark as a gift, of course – Shark is the name of a breathtaking National Geographic book featuring stunning underwater photography of these magnificent creatures!

11) Shark Pendant

Shark Gifts - Shark Pendant

If sharks are close to her heart, then she’ll love this sterling silver necklace pendant featuring a great white shark!

12) Shark Socks

Shark-Themed Gifts - Shark Socks – Men

We wouldn’t advise your favorite shark lover to stick their leg into a real shark’s mouth – but we’re sure they’ll get a kick out of slipping on a pair of these jaws-ome shark socks!  (Men’s and women’s shark socks are both available!)

13) Shark Umbrella

Shark Gifts for Kids - Shark Umbrella

Looking for fun shark gifts for kids?  This cute shark umbrella will have them hoping it rains every day!

14) Shark-Opoly

Shark Gifts - Shark-Opoly

Shark-Opoly is like Monolopy – but with sharks!  (Yeah, we knew the original Monopoly game was missing something!)

15) Super Shark Encyclopedia

Shark Gifts - Super Shark Encyclopedia

The ultimate visual guide to sharks!  The Super Shark Encyclopedia from DK features fascinating information about more than 80 different kinds of sharks and other sea creatures – making it both a fun and educational gift for any kid who loves learning about sharks!

16) Shark Bite Coffee Mug

Shark Gifts - Shark Bite Coffee Mug

“Bite me”?  This 16-oz. coffee mug shark will gladly oblige!

17) Shark Fin Earrings

Shark Gifts for Her - Shark Fin Earrings

(cue Jaws theme…)

Unique sterling silver earrings in the iconic shape of a shark’s dorsal fin!

18) Shark Cookie Cutter

Shark Gifts - Shark Cookie Cutter

Oh, how the tables have turned – with this shark cookie cutter, your favorite shark-loving person will be able to sink his or her own teeth into a plateful of delicious sharks!

19) Shark Slippers

Shark Gifts - Shark Slippers

Most shark lovers will never get to ride a shark across the ocean – but a pair of these cozy shark slippers can certainly carry them around the house in comfort!

20) Shark Cat Bed

Shark Gifts - Shark Cat Bed

With the gift of this shark cat bed, your favorite shark lover can watch their kitty get devoured by a ferocious great white shark – it’s a good thing cats have nine lives!

21) Land Shark

Shark Gifts - Land Shark

They’re gonna need a bigger boat…

An awesome, dramatic lawn decoration for any shark lover, this huge two-part “Land Shark” sculpture makes a powerful statement in any garden or yard!

Bonus Shark Gift Ideas!

We’re not done yet!  Here are just a few more awesome shark gift ideas:

We hope you’ve found the perfect shark gifts for each of your favorite shark lovers – be sure to check out all our other lists to find great gifts for everyone else in your life!