21 Beer-tastic Gifts for Beer Lovers!

Looking for cool and unique gifts for beer lovers? We’ve brewed up a list of 21 great beer-lover gift ideas that are sure to make them drunk with joy!

1) Craft Beer Club Gifts

Gifts for Beer Lovers - Craft Beer Gifts - Craft Beer Club GiftsWhat’s the best gift for a beer lover? Beer! So give him or her the beer gift that keeps on giving – craft beer shipments from the Craft Beer Club!

A wide variety of gift options are available, depending on your budget – ranging from a single shipment of 12 carefully selected craft beers, to monthly shipments of 24 tasty brews. All beers delivered to your gift recipient will come from small, independent craft brewers around the USA.

You can be sure they’ll remember your awesome birthday or Christmas gift with each and every bottle they drink!

2) Mr. Beer Craft Beer Homebrewing Kit

What could a beer lover enjoy more thank drinking a delicious beer?

Drinking a delicious beer that they brewed themselves!

If your favorite beer lover has not yet dabbled in homebrewing, then gift them the joy that comes with sipping a cold one brewed right in their own kitchen – this homebrewing kit from “Mr. Beer” contains everything they’ll need!

3) Fizzics Draft Beer System

Beer Lover Gifts - Fizzics Draft Beer System
All beer enthusiasts know that the best-tasting beer is one that comes straight from the tap – and this unique device can turn any beer into a draft beer!

The Fizzics draft beer system has been scientifically engineered to enhance the flavor of ordinary canned or bottled beers, magically making them taste like they’re freshly pulled from the tap – just the way the brewer intended!

4) Beer Cap Map of the USA

Gifts for Beer Lovers - Beer Cap Map of the USA
A great gift for beer drinkers who always enjoy trying new brews from around the country, this wooden “beer cap map of the USA” will hold 94 bottlecaps from their favorites.

It comes pre-drilled and ready for hanging – a cool way for them to display their passion for beer!

5) Beer Soap

Gifts for Beer Lovers - Beer Soap
Looking for a gift for someone who loves beer so much that they would literally bathe in it if they could? Well, now they can – if you gift them this set of beer soap!

Yes, each of these soaps is actually made with real craft beer – and the set includes six different varieties, ranging from a Hoppy IPA to a Honey Pilsner to an Oatmeal Stout!

If their taste buds enjoy beer, then their skin will love it too!

6) Craft IPA Beer Shampoo

Unique Beer Gifts - Craft IPA Beer Shampoo
Beer isn’t only good for the skin – it’s good for the hair too! According to the manufacturer, the real craft beer used in this shampoo is rich in amino acids that “will coat your hair in a thin layer of protein that shines and protects each strand, while the roasted barley & malt provide a restorative coat of vitamin B & minerals that add incredible body and volume.”

We’ll take their word for the scientific aspects – we just love the idea of washing our hair with beer shampoo!

(Beer shampoo is great for men and women – and beer conditioner is available too!)

7) Custom-Etched Stoneware Growler

Gifts for Homebrewers and Craft Beer Lovers - Custom-Etched Growler

The perfect personalized gift for homebrewers – or any craft beer lover.  Stoneware growlers keep beer better insulated than regular glass ones – and this beautifully designed stoneware growler comes custom-etched with the name of the special beer lover!


8) Beer Jelly

A unique treat for a beer lover’s kitchen, this set contains four different jars of preserves – each made with beer from excellent New England breweries.

Everyone knows that beer is great from a glass – but with a gift of beer jelly, your favorite beer lover can enjoy it with toast, meats, and cheeses too!

9) Chillsner Beer Chiller

Gift for Beer Lover - Chillsner Beer Chiller
There’s nothing worse than a warm beer on a hot day – which is why your favorite beer drinker needs a set of Chillsner beer chillers!

These in-bottle beer chillers fit right into any standard longneck bottle and will keep cold beers cold – a practical gift that any beer drinker is sure to appreciate when summer comes around!

10) Fucking Hell Beer

Craft Beer Gifts - Fucking Hell Beer
No, there’s no profanity in the name of Fucking Hell Beer – “Fucking” is actually the name of the Austrian town where this beer is brewed (seriously!), and “Hell” is a German word that refers to pale beer.

So, the name of this lager simply means “pale beer from the Austrian town of Fucking”. But still, we know that many beer lovers would find this a hilarious gift.  Fucking Hell – what a double entendre!

11) Brew-Opoly

Brew-Opoly is just like Monopoly – but with beer!

Playing tokens include a beer mug, bottlecap, and other beer-themed items. Players buy breweries instead of streets, and build brewpubs and microbreweries instead of houses and hotels. A game that celebrates the small-to-medium brews and brewers of the USA!

12) The Beer Bible

Gifts for Beer Lovers - The Beer Bible
Are they religious about their beer? Then they simply need a copy of the Beer Bible on their bookshelf!

A comprehensive, authoritative, and fun-to-read guide to beer in all its glory – and a great gift for beer enthusiasts who always love learning more about their favorite beverage!

13) Copper-Plated Insulated Beer Mug

Another great solution to the warm beer problem! This copper-plated beer mug magically keeps beers cold to the last drop, thanks to an insulating pocket of air in the middle of its double metal wall. It holds a full pint, of course – with extra room for a head of foam.

Cold beer all day, no matter how hot the weather gets – what more could a beer lover want?!

14) Mighty Mug Pint Glasses

Gifts for Beer Drinkers - Mighty Mug Pint Glasses
The only thing worse than warm beer… is spilled beer. Is your beer-loving gift recipient a bit clumsy? Are they a dad or mom with some very rowdy kids? Then they need Mighty Mug beer glasses!

Thanks to Smartgrip technology in their bases, these amazing pint glasses (pilsner glasses available too) won’t get knocked over when bumped into – yet they can be lifted naturally whenever the person wants to take a sip!

15) The American Craft Beer Cookbook

Gifts for Beer Enthusiasts - The American Craft Beer Cookbook
Just like with wine, there are perfect pairings of beer with food. And The American Craft Beer Cookbook: 155 Recipes from Your Favorite Brewpubs and Breweries is the perfect guide to this art – featuring selected recipes from brewpubs and breweries around the country.

From the back cover: “Pistachio-Crusted Salmon Sandwiches served with a bright hefeweizen, and Curried Pumpkin Chicken Soup paired with – what else? – a pumpkin porter. Craft beer never tasted so good.

16) Personalized Engraved Beer Bottle Opener

Gift for Beer Lover - Personalized Beer Bottle Opener
An inexpensive Christmas stocking stuffer or small anytime present for a beer drinker, this wooden bottle opener comes engraved with the beer lover’s name and a personalized message of your choice (at no extra cost)!

17) Set of Craft Brew Beer Glasses

Gifts for Beer Lovers - Set of Craft Brew Beer Glasses
Every beer connoisseur knows that each different type of beer requires a differently shaped glass to truly bring out its taste.

If the beer lover in your life is still drinking all his beer from a regular old beer mug or pint glass, then he needs a set of specially designed craft brew beer glasses that will let him experience the flavor of each unique beer, like he never has before!  The six-piece set pictured above is available on Amazon, while a similar set from UncommonGoods also includes six coasters and a complete beer-tasting guide!

18) Stainless Steel Beer Bottle Cooler

A portable and easy-to-use stainless steel beer bottle cooler/insulator, designed to look just like a regular water bottle – and to keep beer nice and cold, of course!

19) How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right the First Time

Gifts for Craft Beer Lovers - How to Brew: Everything You Need To Know To Brew Beer Right the First Time
The perfect gift for beginner homebrewers – this authoritative and comprehensive homebrewing guide book will give them all the information they need to brew their first delicious batches of beer!

20) Gourmet Craft Beer Peanut Brittle

Unique Gift Ideas for Beer Lovers - Gourmet Craft Beer Peanut Brittle
Award-winning old-fashioned gourmet peanut brittle candy – with a delectable hint of microbrewed India Pale Ale!

21) Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

Unique Beer Gifts - Beer-Infused Hot Sauce
A great gift for anyone who likes their beers cold – but their sauces hot!

This set includes three hot sauces (Asian Sriracha, Garlic Serrano, and Roasty Chipotle) – each delightfully infused with beer. Three more spicy ways to enjoy the flavor of the amber brew!

After you’ve found gifts for the beer lovers in your life, be sure to check out our lists of gifts for your favorite wine lovers and coffee lovers!