21 Cool Unicorn Gifts for Magical Kids and Adults!

Looking for cool unicorn gifts for the magical creature in your life?  We’ve conjured up a list of 21 fabulous unicorn gift ideas for both kids and adults!

And every unicorn lover is special and unique – so we’ve brought together a wide variety of awesome presents for unicorn lovers of every age.  Whether you’re searching for fun little unicorn-themed Christmas stocking stuffers or legendary unicorn gifts for her birthday (or his), we’re sure you’ll find the perfect unicorn gift ideas right here!

1) Giant Inflatable Unicorn

unicorn gift - giant inflatable unicorn

Every unicorn lover needs a unicorn of their own, right?  But why get them a silly little toy when you can get them an actual life-sized unicorn?  Yes, this majestic, rainbow-maned beast is a full six feet tall!

You’ll bring a whole lot of magic and splendor into the room of any unicorn lover with this magnificent gift that will really stand out!

2) Light-Up Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn Gifts - Light Up Unicorn Slippers

What’s the only thing she’ll like better than getting a unicorn as a present?  Getting TWO soft, fluffy unicorns that will transport her wherever she goes!

But these are not just any ordinary unicorn slippers, oh no – these unicorns have rainbow LED light-up cheeks, so they can guide her on all sorts of mystical adventures… or even just to the kitchen!

3) Personalized Unicorn Throw Pillow

Unicorn Gifts - Personalized Unicorn Throw PillowThis comfy unicorn throw pillow can be customized with the special unicorn lover’s name – and her favorite color too!  Magical!

4) Sterling Silver Unicorn Necklace with Swarovski Gemstones

A beautiful gift for any girl who loves unicorns and rainbows, this unicorn pendant necklace is made of sterling silver – and its flowing mane and tail are studded with a vibrant rainbow of colorful Swarovski gemstones!

5) 14k Solid White and Yellow Gold Unicorn Necklace

Or, for a truly special unicorn gift on a very special occasion – get her a golden unicorn!

The perfect gift for any unicorn-loving girl on her birthday, anniversary, or even Valentine’s Day, this sleek unicorn pendant necklace is made of 100% solid 14k white and yellow gold!  (Yes, even this golden unicorn’s body is made of white gold – ah, if only rainbow-colored gold existed!)

6) Gold-Dipped Unicorn Stud Earrings

Unicorn Gifts for Her - Gold-Dipped Unicorn Stud Earrings

As we said earlier, the only thing better than getting a unicorn as a gift… is getting two unicorns!  These unicorn stud earrings are made of sterling silver – dipped in magical gold!

7) Knit-Your-Own-Unicorn Kit

Unicorn Gifts - Knit Your Own Unicorn Kit - DIY

A great gift for any unicorn lover who enjoys crafts, this kit from Sincerely Louise contains everything she’ll need to knit a unicorn of her own!

Or here’s another idea: Buy the kit – and knit her a unicorn yourself!

8) DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit

unicorn gifts - DIY Unicorn Terrarium Kit

This kit includes everything your favorite unicorn lover will need to grow her own magical, mossy little world for a cute prancing unicorn.  Maintaining it will require only periodic misting – and regular sprinklings of fairy dust!

9) Raising Unicorns: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful – and Magical! – Unicorn Farm

Just one unicorn is not enough for some people… so give your favorite unicorn lover all of the information she’ll need to start and run her own unicorn farm!

Raising Unicorns: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful – and Magical! – Unicorn Farm provides intricately detailed information on everything from choosing the right breed to hiring the right personnel to handle the day-to-day tasks around the farm.

The author is an experienced unicorn farmer herself – so you can be sure that you’re gifting your loved one a well-researched text that will open up a world of magical possibilities!

10) “Uni the Unicorn” Bedside Lamp

Unicorn Gifts - Uni the Unicorn Bedside Lamp
Why should a unicorn lover have to settle for a boring lamp?  This “Uni the Unicorn” lamp has a remote control which will allow her to switch between sixteen different colors and five different lighting modes – a rainbow of options to suit her mood!

(For an inexpensive stocking stuffer, a miniature nightlight version is available too!)

11) Personalized Unicorn Table Lamp

Unicorn Gifts - Personalized Unicorn Table Lamp

A colorful addition to any unicorn-loving little girl’s room, this table lamp features a beautiful pink-maned unicorn flying above a rainbow – and can be personalized with the magical girl’s name!

12) Unicorn Onesie Pajamas

Unicorn Gifts - Unicorn Onesie
No need to buy someone a unicorn-themed gift that will just sit on his or her shelf – instead, get them a gift that will actually turn them into a unicorn!

Yes, anyone can become a real unicorn, whether they’re adults or kids – they just need these comfy unicorn onesie pajamas!

13) Magical Unicorn Mystery Box

unicorn gifts - Magical Unicorn Mystery Box

Firebox promises that they have not ensnared an actual wild unicorn and crammed it into this box.  Other than that, though, they’re not telling us what’s inside – just that it contains four sensational unicorn-related products.  It’s a magical unicorn mystery – that’s why they call it the Magic Unicorn Mystery Box!

Be as blithe and carefree as a real unicorn – and bring a bit of magic and excitement to your gift-giving!  The best part is that this box will save you the effort of actually choosing gifts – yet you can still be confident that if they love unicorns, then they’ll love their presents!

14) Unicorn Fleece Blanket

Unicorn Gifts - Unicorn Fleece Blanket

We’re not even going to write up a description – just look at that delicate, snuggly unicorn!  Who wouldn’t love cuddling with it?!

15) Microwavable Huggable Unicorn

Unicorn Gifts - Microwavable Huggable Unicorn

While we’re on the topic of unicorn gifts they can cuddle with… there’s also this microwaveable member of the mythical species!  Yes, this unicorn can actually be popped in the microwave to provide a warm, therapeutic snuggle, with a pleasant herbal lavender and buckwheat scent – is there anything unicorns can’t do?

16) Unicorn Wine Holder

Unicorn Gifts - Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder
In the category of “unicorn gifts for adults”, it doesn’t get much better than this wine-loving unicorn!  Among its magical powers are the ability to delicately hold a wine bottle in the most majestic manner possible – even if it gets a bit tipsy from sneaking sips of the wine!

17) Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

Unicorn Gifts - Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur

A shimmering, sparkly, mythical spirit that harnesses the magical power of real unicorn tears!

Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur is sure to go down well as a gift for any unicorn-loving gin drinker – the unicorns must have been shedding happy tears to produce such a glittery and tasty drink!

18) Robert Vavra’s Unicorns I Have Known

Robert Vavra is the most renowned figure in the field of unicorn photography, and Unicorns I Have Known brings together some of his best and most beautiful photos of these majestic creatures.  The marvelous images of unicorns in all sorts of natural environments are accompanied by plenty of quotes about unicorns, along with detailed notes from the photographer!

19) Unicorn Snot

It’s a little-known fact that squishy unicorn snot is both fun to play with and great for stress relief.  It makes a great little stocking stuffer – both for whimsical kids and for totally stressed-out adults!

20) Bag of Unicorn Farts

Gifts for Unicorn Lovers - Bag of Unicorn Farts

Ah, these delicious unicorn farts, produced by free-range unicorns!  With a taste just like cotton candy, they’re the perfect snack for a unicorn lover!

(Rainbow-colored edible unicorn poop is available too – these magical little turds look and taste just like yummy jelly beans!)

21) Color-Changing Unicorn Mug

Unicorn Gifts - Color-Changing Unicorn Mug
It’s only fitting that we wrap up this list with yet another magical gift.  When your gift recipient fills this unicorn mug with tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, the unicorn’s mane will magically change color – and a magnificent rainbow will materialize!

We hope you’ve found the perfect unicorn gifts for your favorite unicorn lovers… and be sure to check out all our other lists for great gift ideas for everyone on your list!