21 Great Gifts for Dog Lovers!

If you’re looking for great gifts for dog lovers, you’re in the right place – check out this list of 21 pawsitively pawesome dog lover gift ideas!  (Woof!)

1) The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs

Gifts for Dog Lovers - The Dogist Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs

The best gifts for dog lovers are the friendships of their furry four-legged friends, of course!  But even if you can’t gift your favorite dog lover an actual pet, you can bring 1,000 wonderful dogs into their home – in the form of this delightful book!

“The Dogist” is photographer Elias Weiss Friedman, who spends his days capturing the beauty of the dogs in our lives – and The Dogist: Photographic Encounters with 1,000 Dogs brings together 1,000 of his beautiful photos of our beloved canine companions!

(And brand new in September 2017 is his new follow-up book: The Dogist Puppies!)

2) Playful Pup Wine Bottle Holder

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Playful Pup Wine Bottle Holder

These puppies are almost better than real ones – no barking, no shedding, and no frustrating housetraining necessary!  Just stick a bottle of wine in their paws, and they’ll provide hours of friendly companionship to your favorite dog lover.

Puppy-themed wine bottle holders are available in many different breeds, including yellow lab, black lab, bulldog, German shepherd, beagle, Yorkshire terrier, pitbull, chihuahua, and more.  Perfectly unique dog lover gifts – no matter their favorite dogs!

3) Dog-Opoly

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Dog-Opoly

Dog-Opoly is similar to regular Monopoly – but with dogs!  Collect your favorite dogs, build dog houses, and even learn fun facts about different breeds – just don’t get sent to the kennel and lose three turns!

4) “Texts from Dog” 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar

Dog Lover Gifts - "Texts From Dog" 2018 Day-to-Day Calendar

“Texts from Dog” is the hilarious and highly popular Tumblr that imagines what it would be like if “man’s best friend” could speak – and also had a smartphone and could text us!

Each of this calendar’s 365 pages features an imaginary witty exchange between Dog (a foul-mouthed British bulldog) and his owner – each perfectly capturing a typical dog’s personality.  Gift your favorite dog owners a full year of dog-gone fun!

5) Dog Paw Pendant Necklace

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Dog Paw Pendant Necklace

Are dogs close to her heart?  Then gift her a dog-themed pendant necklace – like this sterling silver dog paw necklace with turquoise gemstones!

(For more examples of beautiful paw print necklaces, click here and here – both make perfect presents for dog lovers on a birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other special occasion!)

6) Dog Paw Earrings

Dog Lover Gifts - Dog Paw Earrings

Dog-themed jewelry always makes a great gift for a girlfriend, wife, sister, mom, daughter, or any other woman who loves dogs – which makes these paw print earrings another great gift idea!

(For more examples of beautiful paw print earrings, click here and here!)

7) Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Grounds & Hounds Coffee

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.’s slogan is “Every pound saves a hound” – and it’s true!  20% of all their proceeds go to dog rescue organizations that provide safe havens for pups who are between homes.  Your dog gift lover gift recipient will enjoy their coffee even more knowing that their gift has benefited dogs in need!

8) Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds

The Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds is exactly that – an encyclopedic collection of the most up-to-date information about more than 175 dog breeds.  A perfect gift for any dog lover who always enjoys learning more about our furry four-legged friends!

9) Happy Feet Dog Slippers

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Happy Feet Dog Slippers

Your favorite dog lover will adore snuggling his or her feet against these furry pups!  Happy Feet dog slippers feature a one-inch thick foam rubber base – it’s just like walking on pillows!

Several different breeds are available – including the bulldog slippers pictured above, as well as poodles, sheepdogs, and more!

10) Walter the Farting Dog

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Walter the Farting Dog book

Walter the Farting Dog is a lovable pet pooch – he just has a gas problem!  This unique children’s book became so popular that it spawned an entire series – and now even a Walter the Farting Dog plush toy that makes actual farting sounds when squeezed!  Both the book and the plushie make fun presents for kids who love dogs – and can even be funny gag gifts for dog-loving adults!

11) “365 Dogs” 2018 Page-A-Day Calendar

Gifts for Dog Lovers - 365 Dogs 2018 Page-A-Day Calendar

Give the dog lover gift that keeps on giving – a dog a day for the entire year!  This bestselling page-a-day calendar features 365 lovable pooches that would look great of the desk of anyone who loves dogs!

12) Unbreakable Paw-Print Wine Glasses Set

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Unbreakable Paw-Print Wine Glasses Set

These unbreakable wine glasses are made by iHeartDogs – who donate a percentage of every sale to help provide food to dog shelters across the USA!

Besides these paw-print glasses, various other wine glasses with dog-oriented designs are available – and all of them are doggie-tail-proof!

13) Dog-Themed Cookie Cutters

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Dog-Themed Cookie Cutters

The four cookie cutters in this set are shaped like a dog, a bone, a paw print, and a doghouse.  Perfect for making both cookies for the humans and biscuits for the dogs!

14) Peanut Butter Dogs

 Gifts for Dog Lovers - Peanut Butter Dogs book

Peanut Butter Dogs features a collection of photos from award-winning photographer and rescue animal advocate Greg Murray – each featuring lovable pups in expressions of peanut butter bliss!  A fun gift that’s sure to bring a peanut-buttery smile to any dog lover’s face!

15) Bag of Dog Farts

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Bag of Dog Farts

Bagging dog farts and selling them – why didn’t we think of that?!  These delicious dog farts make great Christmas stocking stuffers for dog lovers!  They’ll bring joy, because they taste just like cotton candy – and even more so because 10% of the profits from their sale goes to charities that help and protect animals!

16) Porcelain Dachshund Letter Organizer

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Porcelain Dachshund Letter Organizer

This lovable dachshund desk companion will faithfully sit at the workspace of your favorite dog lover, keeping all their letters and notes organized.  And even if they don’t have anything to organize, he’ll still faithfully sit there looking cute!

17) Dog-Themed Drink Coaster Set

Dog Lover Gifts - Dog-Themed Drink Coaster Set

These colorful sets of absorbent stone drink coasters feature four different dog-themed designs each.  With lines like “You had me at ‘Woof’!” and “Bad to the Bone”, any of the sets would make a fun little gift for any dog lover!

18) Woof! Coffee Mug

The side of this adorable coffee mug features a classic dog quote: “Woof!”  And when your dog-loving gift recipient brings the mug to their lips, you’ll see the happy pooch’s face smiling back at you!

19) Kissing Dogs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Thanks to their embedded magnets, the cute dog couple in this salt and pepper shaker set are always giving each other those famous dog kisses!

Among the breeds available are bull terriers (pictured above), shih tzus, St. Bernards, dachshunds, and more!

20) Ceramic Dog Ring Dish

Gifts for Dog Lovers - Ceramic Dog Ring Dish

This dachshund is a woman’s best friend – he’ll obediently guard her rings while she sleeps or washes dishes!  What a good boy!

21) How Dogs Love Us

 Gifts for Dog Lovers - How Dogs Love Us

How Dogs Love Us is a book by neuroscientist Gregory Burns that explores the inner workings of the canine brain.  We all know that dogs love us – but what insights can scientific research give us into the unique relationship between dogs and humans?  A fascinating read for any dog lover!

Be sure to check out all our other lists of gifts for animal lovers after you’ve found the perfect gifts for the dog lovers in your life!