21 *Hot* Gifts for Firefighters!

Looking for great gifts for firefighters? Well, here’s a list of firefighter gifts so hot that a fire truck is already on its way!

But seriously, everything’s under control – because we’re here to rescue you with a great mix of both traditional firefighter gifts and creatively unique gift ideas for the brave firefighter in your life. So whether you’re in need of a fire academy graduation gift, a retirement gift for a firefighter, or simply great birthday or Christmas presents for that special fireman or firewoman – we’ve got you covered.

Every firefighter is different, so we can’t tell you the best gift for your special firefighter – but we’ve gathered a diverse list of 21 great options, ranging from personalized firefighter gifts to firefighter jewelry & accessories to some very unique and useful items made from recycled firefighter turnout gear! So there’s no emergency – we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift!

1) Personalized Maltese Cross Firefighter Wall Clock

This beautiful clock features a variety of firefighting symbols, particularly that most classic of firefighter emblems, the Maltese Cross – and also comes customized with your own personal message for the special firefighter.  It’s a great personalized gift that any firefighter would be proud to display on their wall!  (And can even be a creative alternative to a watch for a retiring firefighter…)

2) Firefighter Turnout Gear Wallet

Firefighter Gifts - Firefighter Turnout Gear Wallet
A unique wallet – made of actual recycled firefighter turnout gear!

Every firefighter knows how strong and durable this material is – so if you want to get your fireman husband, boyfriend, dad, or son a gift that you know will last, then you can’t go wrong with this wallet!

3) Sterling Silver St. Florian Pendant

Firefighter Gifts - Sterling Silver St. Florian Pendant
St. Florian is the Catholic patron saint of firefighters, believed to protect them in their work – and as they risk their lives on a daily basis, firefighters need all the protection they can get!

There are plenty of unique and creative firefighter gift ideas on this list, but some occasions call for a more traditional gift. For a Catholic firefighter, especially a new fire academy graduate just beginning his or her career, there’s no better gift than the protection of St. Florian – especially in the form of a beautiful sterling silver pendant like this one!

4) Firefighter Grilling Spatula

Firefighter Gifts - Firefighter Grilling Spatula
For firefighters who always keep the fire under control – whether it’s in an apartment building or on the backyard grill!

This heavy-duty stainless steel grilling spatula features a heat-stamped hard maple handle and a laser-cut fire department logo on the blade – a great gift for any firefighter who enjoys grilling!

5) Personalized Firefighter Pillow

Firefighter Gifts - Personalized Firefighter Pillow
A unique pillow made of all-new materials designed to look just like a firefighter’s turnout gear!

It’s a good thing they didn’t use actual turnout gear for this item – best to avoid that smoky smell in the comfy cushion where they’re going to rest their head!  The pillow comes personalized with the firefighter’s name, just below the Maltese Cross – a special piece for finally relaxing after a long, difficult shift!

6) Fireman’s Pocket Watch

This solid brass pocket watch features a Maltese Cross on both the inside and outside – and even comes in a lined gift box with a fire department emblem.  And the best part for you is that it’s much less expensive than it actually looks!

7) Men’s Firefighter Watch with Engraved Maltese Cross

Gifts for Firefighters - Men's Firefighter Watch With Engraved Maltese CrossAn elegant watch made just for firefighters – for a truly special gift to honor the special firefighter in your life. The fire-red watch face features a golden Maltese Cross, while another Maltese Cross is engraved on the reverse, together with the line, “Remember, I’m with you every step of the way, you’re here in my heart each and every day.”

Engraved on the side are the words “Duty & Courage” – and indeed, this watch is the perfect way to show that you appreciate their courage in carrying out their duty.

8) Fire Department Coasters

Firefighter Gift Ideas - Set of Fire Department Coasters
These unique drink coasters feature a hand-painted fire department logo. Perfect for those coffees during their long shifts at the fire station – or for those well-earned cold beers at home!

9) “Fireman Pride” Tapestry Throw Blanket

Firefighter Gifts - "Fireman Pride" Tapestry Throw Blanket

From Pure Country Weavers, this expertly crafted 54×70″ tapestry throw blanket pays tribute to the hard work of the firefighters who protect and serve our communities.  Woven right here in the USA using advanced Jacquard weaving techniques, it features all the famous “tools of the trade” – and provides the warmth and comfort that our heroes deserve!

10) Fire Hose Belt

Gifts for Firefighters - Fire Hose Belt

A belt – made from an actual decommissioned fire hose!

Definitely a cool accessory for any fireman, and a great way to re-use those materials that once were used for saving lives!

11) Fireman / Hydrant Ceramic Salt and Pepper Set

This cute salt and pepper shaker set would make a great addition to any firefighter’s kitchen! Perfect as a Christmas stocking stuffer – or as an inexpensive novelty gift on any occasion!

12) Custom Engraved St. Florian Medallion

A personalized medallion featuring St. Florian, patron saint of firefighters – custom engraved on the reverse with your own personal message to the special firefighter!

13) Personalized Firefighter Beer Mug

Gifts for Firefighters - Personalized Firefighter Beer Mug
Another cool personalized gift for a hard-working firefighter who enjoys kicking back a few cold ones at home. This sturdy beer mug comes customized with the name and year of your choice, inside the Maltese Cross emblem – perfect as a birthday gift, or for a new or retiring firefighter!

14) Decorative Firefighter HERO Plaque

Normally, we don’t suggest plaques as gifts – most people prefer to get something more practical and useful. But we love this one, and we bet your favorite firefighter will love receiving it too! It features iconic firefighting imagery, all linked together to spell out the word HERO – a unique way to let a brave firefighter know that you appreciate his or her dedication!

15) Personalized Turnout-Gear-Style Pillowcase

Gifts for Firefighters - Personalized Turnout-Gear-Style Pillow Case
The same company that makes the small personalized cushion we mentioned above also makes this full-size personalized pillowcase – again, from material made to look like actual turnout gear, just without the smoky smell!

16) Fireman Garden Gnome

While your favorite firefighter is out fighting fires and saving lives around the city, this little fireman garden gnome can take care of protecting their home!

17) Firefighter Beach Towel

Firefighter Gifts - Firefighter Beach Towel
When that special firefighter is relaxing on the beach or by the pool with this extra-soft firefighter towel, everyone will know that their vacation was well-earned!

18) Heavyweight Firefighter Pen Gift Set

In this firefighter pen gift set, the Maltese Cross is featured on both the side and top of the pen – as well as both inside and outside its red gift box. An inexpensive but useful little gift for a firefighter!

19) Sexy Firefighter Cooking Apron

Firefighter Gifts - Sexy Firefighter Cooking Apron
A funny gag gift for a firefighter with a sense of humor! When they’re not putting out fires around the city, this sexy apron will help them put out fires in their own kitchen!

20) Firefighting Patent Wall Art Prints

These art prints feature drawings from six historical patents of essential firefighting equipment – a unique addition to the décor of any firefighter’s home!

21) Sterling Silver Maltese Cross Firefighter Ring

We’ve mentioned pendants and watches above – and this sterling silver Maltese Cross ring is yet another great piece of firefighter jewelry. A badge of honor, to be worn by a courageous hero!

We hope you’ve found the perfect gifts for the firefighter in your life – be sure to check out our other lists of gift ideas for everyone else on your list!