21 Great Gifts for Cyclists and Bicycle Enthusiasts!

Looking for great gifts for cyclists?  Well, now you’re on the right path! We’ve brought together 21 cool gift ideas for cycling enthusiasts, including a mix of both practical cycling gifts and unique bicycle-themed gifts that are sure to please any bicycle lover!

Gifts for Cyclists – General Tips and Advice

Before we get to the list, we’ll just mention that cycling gear and accessories are often the best gifts for cyclists – but bike gear can be tricky, so it’s a good idea to know what items they actually want or need at the moment before you go ahead and spend your money!  (If you don’t know, just ask – you can bet they have a list!)

If you’re here on this page, though, we’ll presume that you have no idea what gear is on your favorite cyclist’s list – so we’ve focused particularly on bicycle-related presents that any cyclist would truly appreciate receiving, along with a few practical items that are likely to be useful for anyone who rides.

These gifts cover a wide variety of price ranges – so we’re sure you’ll find some great ideas for fun and unique bicycle-related gifts for all of the cycling fanatics in your life!

1) Bicycle Bookends

Bikes and books have a lot in common – they can both take a person on exciting journeys that thrill and inspire!

For cyclists who love both pedals and pages, these bicycle-shaped bookends make a perfect gift!

2) Garmin Edge 520 Bike Computer

Gifts for Cyclists - Garmin Edge 520 Bike GPS Computer
For any cyclist who does not yet have a bike computer (or who doesn’t yet have a good one!), the Garmin Edge 520 would make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift. A GPS bike computer is an essential piece of equipment for any serious cyclist – and this excellent model has tons of features (including Strava integration).

(For a less expensive entry-level GPS cycling computer that would make a great gadget gift for beginner cyclists, check out the Edge 20.)

3) “Enjoy the Ride” Bike Chain Coaster Set

Gifts for Cyclists - Bike Chain Coaster Set

These drink coasters are made of bamboo – and actual “re-cycled” bike chains! Each coaster (in the set of four) features a different bicycle – mountain bike, ten-speed, cruiser, and tandem – along with the slogan “enjoy the ride”. And after enjoying a nice long ride, these coasters are perfect for enjoying that post-ride beer or lemonade!

4) Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Besides for a cold beverage, there’s nothing better after along ride than a delicious pizza… and with this bike-shaped pizza cutter, the cycling action can continue in the kitchen! The “Tour de Pizza” is a fun little gift for cycling enthusiasts – great as a novelty gift, but also quite a practical Christmas stocking stuffer for cyclists who love pizza (and who doesn’t?!)

5) 8-in-1 Bike Repair Tool

Gift Ideas for Cyclists - 8-in-1 Bike Repair Multi-toolAs mentioned above, we’ve largely focused on unique bicycle-themed gifts for this list, since it’s so hard to know exactly what gear or accessories your favorite cycling enthusiast needs at any given moment – but for another inexpensive and highly practical stocking stuffer, we can’t neglect to mention this awesome 8-in-1 bike repair multi-tool.

An extremely compact (0.3 inches thick) and lightweight (less than 3.5 ounces) device that any cyclist would love to have in their saddle bag – that is, if they don’t have one of these tools already!

6) Bike Balls

cycling gifts - bike balls

Visibility is very important to a cyclist – so help keep your favorite cyclist safe with a glowing red scrotum that attaches to their bike!

Heck, with the way some cars drive these days, some would say you need balls to cycle on the roads!

A fun little novelty gift for a cyclist with a sense of humor!

7) Cycling Sunglasses

Gift Ideas for Cyclists - Oakley Sunglasses
A pair of high-quality cycling sunglasses is another very practical gift for a cyclist. There are a wide range of great options on the market that are worth checking out in the event that you’re looking for gift ideas for a cyclist who could use a new pair.  The Oakley brand is virtually synonymous with cycling sunglasses – this, for example, is one of their highly popular models.

8) Bicycle Cufflinks

Gifts for Cyclists - Silver Bicycle Cufflinks
In the category of “cycling gifts for him”: any man who loves cycling would be proud to wear these bicycle cufflinks on their wrists!

9) Bicycle Pendant Necklace

Gifts for Cyclists - Bicycle Pendant NecklaceIf you’re searching for cycling gifts for her, then you can’t go wrong with a sterling silver bicycle pendant necklace!

10) Bicycle Earrings

Gifts for Cyclists - Bicycle Earrings
Or is one bicycle simply not enough for her? Then get her this cute pair of vintage-style bicycle earrings!

11) Bicycle Wine Carrier

Gifts for Cyclists - Bicycle Wine Carrier

This leather wine holder attaches easily to most bike frames, and is perfect for taking a bottle of wine on the go!

A unique gift idea for the “casual” cycling fanatics who don’t necessarily want to break speed records – but who simply go everywhere by bike and might like to bring along a bottle of wine to enjoy in the park!

12) Park Tool Bottle Opener

Gifts for Cyclists - Park Tool Bottle Opener
Did you see the picture above and think we were suggesting you buy a water bottle holder for your favorite cyclist? Nope – think again! What you see is actually a beer-bottle opener – disguised as a bicycle water-bottle cage!

Another cycling novelty gift that works great as a Christmas stocking stuffer, this piece mounts easily on any wall – perfect for cracking open those post-ride beers!

13) Bike Chain Picture Frame

Gifts for Cyclists - Bike Chain Picture Frame

Another unique item made from real recycled bicycle chains, this picture frame would be perfect for displaying a photo from a particularly memorable bike ride!

14) Vertical Bike Rack

Cycling Gifts - Vertical Bike Rack

This compact wall-mounted bike rack, from Racor, is a convenient solution to the problem of bicycle storage – holding a bicycle vertically against a wall and preserving precious floor space. Perfect for the cyclist with a small living space who always struggles to find room for his or her bike – or for the cyclist in your own home whose cycles are slowly starting to take over the house!

15) Set of Bicycle Tumbler Glasses

gifts for cyclists - set of bicycle tumbler glasses

A set of sturdy bicycle glasses – the perfect addition to the kitchen of any cycling fanatic!

16) Personalized Couple (or Family) Tandem Bike Art

cycling gifts - Personalized Couple Tandem Bike Art

A great personalized gift idea for couples who love cycling (especially tandem)!

Every single one of the essential details of this art piece can be specially customized for the cycling couple in your life (or for yourself and your significant other) – including names, clothing, hair colors, skin tones, and even pets! (And larger family versions of the poster are available too!)

17) Cyclist Evolution Coffee Mug

bicycle themed gifts - cyclist evolution coffee mug

This mug is a fun gift idea for those cycling fanatics who truly believe that cyclists are the most evolved form of life on earth!

18) Bike Chain Bowl

Gifts for Cyclists - Bike Chain Bowl

Like the coasters and picture frame mentioned above, this bowl is another unique item made from old bike chains that have been “upcycled” into a useful household object – and the result makes a stylish and distinctive addition to the home of any cycling enthusiast!

19) Bike Chain Bottle Opener

Gifts for Cyclists - Bike Chain Bottle Opener

The final “upcycled” bike chain item we’ll mention on this list, this bike-chain bottle opener would make a unique, inexpensive, and quite useful small gift for the cyclist in your life!

20) Handlebar “Pub Nub”

Gifts for Cyclists - Pub Nub

The bike chain bottle opener above is great for the kitchen – but what about those cyclists who want to be able to crack open a cold one wherever their bike may take them? The “Pub Nub” bottle opener, from NubNub, will attach right onto their handlebars!

21) “Evolution of Bicycles” Pop Chart

unique gifts for cyclists - evolution of bicycles pop chart

For cycling fanatics, this fascinating chart tracks the evolution of the bicycle through its diverse and storied history – any bike lover would be thrilled to display it in their home!

We hope you’ve found the perfect gifts for the cyclists in your life – and be sure to check out all our other lists of great gift ideas for everyone else on your list!