21 Unique Mermaid Gifts for Adults and Kids!

Looking for unique mermaid gifts for mermaid lovers of any age?

Check out these 21 fun mermaid gift ideas for both adults and kids!

1) Mermaid Tail

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Tail

There’s nothing that a mermaid lover would love more than to be a mermaid!

From Sun Tail Mermaid, these sparkly mermaid tails feature a specially engineered monofin that will allow your favorite mermaid lover to swim and propel herself through the water like an actual mermaid!

With kids’, teens’, and adults’ sizes available in a range of enchanted colors, she’s sure to have tons of fun splashing about like Ariel!

2) Mermaid Tail Blanket

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Tail Blanket

Unfortunately, she can’t spend all her time in the water – so gift her a cozy mermaid tail blanket to keep her warm on land!

From BlankieTails, various colors are available for both adults and kids – making it a perfect gift for a big or little mermaid!

3) Mermaid Ring

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Ring

This mythical sea nymph will elegantly wrap herself around your favorite mermaid lover’s finger – a sterling silver mermaid ring that she’ll be glad to wear every day!

4) Mermaid Lawn Sculpture

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Lawn Sculpture

Handcrafted from steel by artist Chris Crooks, this alluring life-sized mermaid will make a splash in any garden!  It’s not cheap – but what could possibly be more priceless than the illusion of a mermaid swimming across her lawn each day?!

5) Mermaid Shell Jewelry Box

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Shell Jewelry Box

Looking for mermaid things to buy for that girl or woman who already has tons of mermaid stuff?

Gift her a cute mermaid jewelry box for storing some of her mermaid-themed jewelry – the cover of this hand-painted, shell-shaped box features a lovely siren who will keep all the treasures inside safe and secure!

6) Mermaid Tea

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Tea

Mermaid Tea” is a mythical blend of butterfly blue pea flowers and lemongrass – a magical color-changing beverage that is sure to delight any tea drinker.

The tea leaves turn the water a soothing ocean blue – and then adding a squeeze of lemon juice amazingly transforms it into a vibrant pink brew!  (And yes, it tastes just as good as it looks!)

7) Mermaid Pop-Up Kids’ Umbrella

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Pop-Up Kids' Umbrella

So your little girl’s not an actual mermaid – and she doesn’t want to get all wet on a rainy day?  This adorable mermaid pop-up umbrella will protect her from the water!

8) Mermaid Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set

Little girls can be anything they want in their dreams – even a mermaid!  And this mermaid-themed kids’ bedding set is just what she needs to help her take a magical journey to that mythical underwater world!

9) Mermaid Salt & Pepper Set

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Salt & Pepper Set

A salt & pepper set in the shape of a mermaid – a legendary addition to the dining room table of any mermaid fan!

10) Mermaid Socks

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Socks

Sure, she’d love to see a mermaid tail every time she looks down – but that would make it quite tricky to walk around!

The solution?  These mermaid-print women’s socks!

11) Handmade Leather Mermaid Journal

This handmade leather journal features a mermaid embossed on the front cover – perfect for your favorite mermaid lover to write down all her enchanted thoughts!

12) Mermaid Pendant Necklace

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Pendant Necklace

There are plenty of cool mermaid pendant necklaces out there that make excellent presents – we love this one as a beautiful yet inexpensive item that would make a great gift for mermaid fans young and old alike!

13) Mermaid Mug

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Mug

This hand-sculpted mug features a mermaid whose graceful tail flits upward as a handle.  A great addition to the kitchen of a mermaid-loving coffee or tea drinker – or anyone else who enjoys nautical-themed kitchen items!

14) Kids’ Mermaid Rain Poncho

Mermaid Gifts - Kids' Mermaid Rain Poncho

Mermaids are at home in the water – they sure don’t mind getting wet!  Your little girl will stay nice and dry inside this mermaid-themed poncho, as the rain splashes off the cute mermaid design on the outside!

15) Mermaid Coin Purse

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Coin Purse

This mermaid coin purse / key fob from Chala is an adorable accessory for any mermaid-loving woman.

For a truly special gift, pair it with their matching mermaid-themed women’s wallet or mini crossbody purse!

16) Mermaid Lunch Bag

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Lunch Bag

This insulated neoprene lunch tote features a unique mermaid-themed design by German artist Monika Strigel.  Eco-friendly, stain resistant, machine washable – and a portion of the proceeds of every sale are donated to the Pacific Whale Foundation to help other beloved creatures of the sea!

17) Mermaid Bottle Opener

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Bottle Opener

A mermaid bottle opener that is both decorative and functional – another great addition to any nautical-themed kitchen!

18) Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float

Mermaid Gifts - Giant Mermaid Tail Pool Float

No mermaid lover should ever have to use a boring pool float… when she can use a giant mermaid tail to float through the water!

At more than six feet long, this huge mermaid tail pool float is an essential accessory for an enchanted summer!

19) Kids’ Mermaid Swim Goggles

Mermaid Gifts - Kids' Mermaid Swim Goggles

These mermaid-themed goggles are a perfect introductory pair for the youngest swimmers – to help them join all the other sea nymphs underwater!

20) Mermaid Charm Bangle Bracelet

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Charm Bangle Bracelet

Mermaids have their own unique mysterious aura and charm – and this pretty mermaid charm bangle bracelet from Alex and Ani makes a great gift for anyone who loves them!

21) Mermaid Tears Vodka

Mermaid Gifts - Mermaid Tears Vodka

Firebox’s Mermaid Tears Vodka is made from real mermaid tears!  A mesmerizing ocean-blue beverage filled with the glittering, sparkly tears of actual mermaids, this splendid spirit makes a unique gift for an adult mermaid lover!

Bonus Mermaid Gift Ideas!

Oh, there’s so much cool mermaid stuff out there!  Here are just a few more fun mermaid gift ideas:

We hope you’ve found the perfect mermaid gifts for your favorite mermaid lovers – be sure to check out all our other lists to find unique gifts for everyone else in your life!