21 Highly Intelligent Dolphin Gifts!

Looking for unique dolphin gifts for a dolphin lover?

An intelligent choice – so here’s a list of 21 great dolphin gift ideas!

1) Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder

Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin Wine Bottle Holder

Dolphins are famously intelligent creatures – but what happens when they get tipsy?

Your dolphin gift recipient will find out… if you gift him or her this unique piece of dolphin décor: a dolphin-shaped wine bottle holder!

2) Dolphin Earrings

Dolphin Gifts - Lavender Jade and Sterling Silver Dolphin Earrings

A pair of handmade sterling silver dolphin earrings – each leaping from the sea to play with a ball of jade!

(Or for a less expensive set of cute dolphin earrings that make a great gift for dolphin-loving girls of any age, check out these!)

3) Wood Art Dolphin Trinket/Jewelry Box

Dolphin Gift Ideas - Wood Art Dolphin Jewelry Box

Looking for unique dolphin presents that she’ll cherish forever?  These wood art dolphin trinket/jewelry boxes are handmade in the USA – and no two are exactly the same!

4) Snuggie Tails Kids’ Dolphin Blanket

Dolphin Gifts - Snuggie Tails Kids' Dolphin Blanket

When it comes to dolphin stuff for kids, it doesn’t get much better than this – a dolphin tail blanket!

5) Dolphin End Table

Unique Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin End Table

This beautiful dolphin end table reminds us of the sea – with playful dolphins swimming just below the “surface”!

6) Dolphin Wind Chime

Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin Wind Chime

Is there anything more graceful than a dolphin soaring through the air?  This lovely wind chime features a whole family of them!

7) Dolphin Table Lamp

Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin Table Lamp

Bring the sea right into a dolphin-loving kid’s bedroom – with this dolphin table lamp!

8) Dolphin Pendant Necklace

Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin Pendant Necklace

This colorful dolphin pendant necklace is a fun accessory for flipper fans of any age!

9) Dolphin Tail Pendant Necklace

Dolphin Gifts - Sterling Silver Dolphin Tail Pendant Necklace

Are dolphins close to her heart?  Then she needs this dolphin tail pendant made of sterling silver and blue opal!

10) Dolphin Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Wow, dolphins can be trained to do anything – this friendly marine mammal breaks the surface holding salt and pepper shakers for your favorite dolphin lover!

11) Giant Lifelike Stuffed Dolphin

Dolphin Gifts - Giant Lifelike Stuffed Dolphin

At almost four feet long (!), this giant stuffed dolphin is the next best thing to bringing a real live dolphin to your kids’ or grandkids’ room!

12) Porcelain Dolphin Teacup Set

Dolphin Gifts - Porcelain Dolphin Teacup Set

A teacup set with dolphins galore! They’re everywhere – on the teacup handle, the saucer, and even the spoon!

13) Dolphin Tea Infuser

Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin Tea Infuser

Ocean dolphins, river dolphins, and… tea dolphins?  Yes, this dolphin tea infuser will be right at home resting its flippers on the edge of a dolphin lover’s cup of tea!

14) Dolphin Bracelet

Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin Bracelet

This bracelet features a whole pod of beautiful dolphins… who can’t wait to frolic around your gift recipient’s wrist!

15) Dolphin Cufflinks

Dolphin Gifts - Dolphin Cufflinks

Yes, there’s stylish dolphin jewelry for him too: Let him wear his love of dolphins on his sleeve – with this stylish pair of dolphin cufflinks!

16) Collapsible Bamboo Dolphin-Themed Fruit Basket

Two dolphins jump high above this collapsible bamboo basket – we don’t speak dolphin, but we’re sure they’re communicating with each other about something!

17) Kids’ Dolphin Bathroom Accessories Set

A real dolphin is too big to fit in their bathtub – but we think most dolphin-loving kids would be thrilled to receive this four-piece dolphin bathroom accessories set as a gift instead!

18) Dolphin Night Light

A beautiful dolphin nightlight, cast in bonded marble and hand-painted – who better to keep the children company at night than these two adorable dolphins?

19) 3D Illusion Dolphin Light

Another unique dolphin nightlight for kids – this one giving off the 3D illusion of a dolphin swimming through their bedroom!

20) Dolphin Fleece Throw Blanket

A warm, soft dolphin blanket – for anyone who would love to curl up with these stunning animals!

21) 10k Two-Tone Gold Dolphin Ring

We’ve saved the best for last – a truly special item of dolphin jewelry.  This lovely two-tone ring is made of both white and yellow gold – with diamond accents that look like gleaming droplets of water on the dolphin’s body!

Or, for an equally beautiful diamond-studded dolphin ring in all yellow gold, check out this one!

Okay, we hope you’ve found great dolphin gifts for the dolphin lover in your life – be sure to check out all our other lists to find unique gift ideas for everyone else on your list!