21 Cute and Funny Giraffe Gifts!

Looking for cute or funny giraffe gifts for your favorite giraffe lovers?

It’s a tall order – but check out these 21 great giraffe gift ideas!  Whether you’re seeking unique giraffe gifts for her or for him, fun giraffe stuff for babies or kids, or some practical giraffe things for the home, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect presents right here!

1) Giraffe Earrings

Giraffe Gifts for Her - Giraffe Earrings

This cute pair of sterling silver giraffe stud earrings makes a great gift for a giraffe-loving girl or woman on any occasion – because the only thing better than getting a giraffe as a gift… is getting two!

2) Giraffe Family Bookends

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Family Bookends

The silhouette of a mother giraffe reaches out to nuzzle her baby in this unique set of bookends.

And the giraffe mama’s neck will only grow longer with each extra book that gets added in between!

3) Giraffe Slippers

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Slippers

What would it be like to ride a giraffe across the savannah?

We’ll probably never know – but with these comfy giraffe slippers, your favorite giraffe lover can be carried around her home by giraffes each day!

4) Sophie the Giraffe Teether & Book Gift Set

Giraffe Gifts - Sophie the Giraffe Teether & Book Gift Set

Made in France since 1961, Sophie the Giraffe is simply an iconic item in the world of baby toys.

Millions of these eco-friendly teethers have been sold over the decades – and in this special ribbon-bound gift set, the toy is paired with a fun numbers book for baby to learn to count together with Sophie!

5) Giraffe Wine Bottle Holder

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Wine Bottle Holder

Thanks to their long necks, giraffes can reach lots of delicious foliage that other animals simply can’t – but this decorative giraffe wine bottle holder would rather lay back and sip a delicious Cabernet or Merlot!

6) Giraffe Mug with Spoon

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Mug with Spoon

This well-made stoneware pottery giraffe-themed mug (with accompanying giraffe-pattern spoon) makes a great birthday or Christmas gift for any giraffe-loving tea or coffee drinker!

7) Recycled Glass Giraffes Nightlight

Giraffe Gifts - Recycled Glass Giraffes Nightlight

A beautiful nightlight made from recycled glass by skilled artisans – featuring a sweet scene of a mama and baby giraffe!

8) Giraffe Couple Sculpture with Heart

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Couple Sculpture with Heart

In this unique sculpture, a cute giraffe couple forms a heart with their long necks!

(Or check out this lovely wooden sculpture, in which two romantic giraffes tenderly intertwine their necks and kiss!)

9) Giraffe Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

What has this friendly giraffe found high up in the trees?  A set of salt and pepper shakers to bring to your favorite giraffe lover’s table!

10) Giraffe Paper Towel Holder

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Paper Towel Holder

Fresh from the savannah, this decorative rustic giraffe can be used in the kitchen as a paper towel holder or in the bathroom as a toilet paper holder – he may be quite tall, but there’s definitely room for him in any home!

11) Giraffe Wine Bottle Stopper

Giraffe Gift Ideas - Giraffe Wine Bottle Stopper

This elegant giraffe wine bottle stopper is the perfect gift for a giraffe-loving wine enthusiast… or a wine-loving giraffe enthusiast!

12) Giraffe Pendant Necklace

Giraffe Gifts for Her - Giraffe Pendant Necklace

If giraffes are close to her heart… then she’ll love receiving a giraffe pendant necklace as a gift!

13) Giant Plush Giraffe

Giraffe Gifts - Giant Stuffed Giraffe

A stuffed giraffe buddy obviously makes a great gift for giraffe lovers of any age – and remember: the taller, the better!

This lifelike plush giraffe rom Melissa & Doug is more than four feet tall – and will tower over all of their other stuffed animals, as a giraffe always should!

14) Giraffe Ring Holder

Giraffe Gifts for Her - Giraffe Ring Holder

Giraffes’ long necks are useful for reaching food that other animals cannot, keeping a watchful eye out for predators… and holding your favorite giraffe-loving woman’s rings!

15) Giraffe Beanie Hat

Giraffe Gift Ideas - Giraffe Beanie

So while giraffes are out roaming the African savannah, your favorite teen or adult giraffe lover is stuck in colder climes?  Then this adorable plush giraffe beanie hat would make a practical little gift!

16) Stacking Giraffe Measuring Cup Set

Cooking can be a looooong process if one doesn’t have the right equipment.  You know what else is very long?  The neck of the giraffe featured on this measuring cup set!

17) Craft-tastic Yarn Giraffes Kit

Giraffe Gifts - Craft-tastic Yarn Giraffes Kit

Craft-tastic’s Yarn Giraffes Kit makes a fun gift for crafty giraffe-loving kids (8 years old and up) – with everything they need to make two adorable, colorful giraffes!

18) I Am Not a Chair!

Giraffe Gifts - I Am Not a Chair!

From Ross Burach, author of the popular children’s book There’s a Giraffe in My Soup, comes a new picture book about a giraffe who keeps getting mistaken for a chair!

I Am Not a Chair! is a fun tale about finding one’s courage and standing up for oneself – and makes a great gift for the youngest giraffe lovers!

19) Giraffe Onesie

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Onesie

Has your favorite giraffe lover always dreamed of snacking on the highest leaves in the trees?

Well, this giraffe onesie (with both kids’ and adults’ sizes available) will help them become a real giraffe!

20) Giraffe Print Leggings

Giraffe Gifts - Giraffe Print Leggings

Ah, those long, slender legs…

We’re talking about a giraffe’s legs, of course – but if your girlfriend or wife is envious of these graceful animals, then make sure to buy her a pair of giraffe print leggings!

21) Giraffe Water Bottle

Giraffe Gift Ideas - Giraffe Water Bottle

Featuring lively full-color giraffe artwork by artist Eli Halpin, this insulated stainless steel water bottle from Studio Oh is both a beautiful and practical gift idea for giraffe lovers!

We hope you’ve found the perfect giraffe gifts for your favorite giraffe fans – be sure to check out all our other lists to find great gift ideas for everyone else in your life!