21 Great Gifts for Guitar Players!

Looking for great gifts for guitar players?

Here’s a list of 21 gift ideas that’ll really strike a chord!  (Get it?)

Gifts for Guitar Players – General Tips and Advice

Before we get to our list of gifts for guitarists, just a couple of quick notes:

The best gifts for guitar players, of course, are guitars and guitar gear!  But it can be hard to get these sorts of guitar gifts right.  Amps, tuners, pedals, and strings, for example, are great presents (along with anything else that will help them make music)… but, in addition to the gear that they already own, most guitar players already have their eye on certain specific items.  So the perfect birthday or Christmas gifts for the guitar player in your life are items from his or her personal wish-list – and every musician is unique, so it’s always best to try to find out precisely what equipment they currently want (or need!)

We’ve included two types of gifts for guitar lovers in this list:

  • #1-9: Practical guitarist gifts that they’ll definitely put to use… and that they probably don’t have yet!
  • #10-21: Some cool guitar-themed gift ideas that make for fun small gifts – or great Christmas stocking stuffers.

Okay – on to the gifts!

1) Voyage-Air Travel Guitar

Guitar Gifts - Voyage-Air Travel Guitar

Voyage-Air guitars are unique guitars that actually fold up for easy travel!

It’s not just a gimmick though – this is actually a surprisingly great-sounding and reasonably affordable instrument that they’ll definitely enjoy playing… wherever they go!

Perfect for guitar-playing travelers and campers – and it even comes with a special backpack that fits in airplane overhead bins.  If you’ve got room in your gift budget for a guitar, but don’t know which one to choose… why not gift them a guitar like no other they’ll ever own?!

2) Unique Guitar Picks

Gifts for Guitar Players - Ridged Glass Guitar Picks

If there’s an inexpensive item that guitarists always need, this is it.  Here are just a few of our favorite unique guitar picks that make great gifts for guitar players:

3) Pick Punch

Gifts for Guitarists - Pick-A-Palooza Pick Punch

Or, instead of gifting them just a few picks, you can give them the gift of unlimited picks for the rest of their life… with the unique Pick-a-Palooza pick punch.  This useful little device can make a custom guitar pick out of old credit cards, ID cards, drivers licenses, and more – any thin piece of plastic they may have lying around at home!  They’ll never be stuck without a guitar pick again!

4) Marshall Mini-Amp

Gift Ideas for Guitar Players - Marshall Mini-Amp

Sure, they already have an amp… but can they carry it in the palm of their hand?  Can they clip it onto their belt to comfortably take it anywhere?

The Marshall “micro amp” is just 5.5” tall and weighs well under a pound (and yes, it actually includes a belt clip!)  The perfect gift for any rock star who needs to practice on the go!

5) Smartphone Capo

Gifts for Guitar Players - Smartphone Capo

A capo is a device that guitar players place across their strings to raise the instrument’s pitch – your guitarist gift recipient probably owns at least one already.  But this capo is unique – it’s patented design actually allows it to conveniently hold a smartphone!

6) Xvive Wireless Guitar System

Best Gifts for Guitar Players - Xvive Wireless Guitar System

Are they still plugging in with cables?  No more!  With the Xvive Wireless Guitar System, they’ll be able to freely and comfortably walk around their house, practice area, or stage… without having to worry about tripping over those annoying cables!

7) GuitarGrip Wall-Mounted Guitar Holder

Guitar Gifts - GuitarGrip Wall-Mounted Guitar Holder

GuitarGrip’s wall-mounted guitar holders are simply the coolest around.  The regular hand-shaped holder pictured above is available in both right-handed and left-handed versions (and in a variety of different colors) – but their range includes wicked skeleton hand and zombie hand guitar holders too!

8) Automatic Guitar Tuner

Gifts for Guitar Players - Automatic Guitar Tuner

Do they seem to spend hours and hours tuning their guitar by hand?

Let this automatic guitar tuner – the Roadie Tuner – do the work for them!

9) StagePlayer Guitar Stand and Stool

Guitar Gifts - StagePlayer Guitar Stand and Stool

The StagePlayer is both a stool to sit on when they’re playing and a stand for resting their guitar when they’re not – we’re pretty sure that counts as two gifts in one!

10) Fender Stratocaster Cutting Board

Gifts for Guitar Lovers - Fender Stratocaster Cutting Board

Yes, this kitchen cutting board is actually sold by the famous guitar-maker Fender (no joke), inspired by their legendary Stratocaster guitar.

Perfect for Fender fans, this item is a unique way to gift your guitarist family member or friend a(nother) Strat… just in case a real one is beyond your gift budget!

11) Personalized Amp Doormat

Gifts for Guitar Players - Personalized Amp Doormat

Looking for personalized gifts for a guitar player?  This doormat looks like an amp and comes personalized with the special guitarist’s name – the perfect personal touch for their practice room or recording studio!

12) Guitar Glasses

Guitar Gift Ideas - Guitar Glasses

A set of four pint glasses – each featuring a different iconic guitar design!

13) Guitar Kitchen Utensil Set

Gifts for Guitar Lovers - Guitar Kitchen Utensil Set

So they always seem to need a guitar in their hand… but what about while cooking or serving salad?  When it’s time to rock out in the kitchen, they’ll be glad to have this guitar-themed kitchen utensil set!

14) Guitar Bottle Opener

Gifts for Guitar Players - Guitar-Shaped Bottle Opener

Their actual guitars would definitely get damaged if used to crack open beers… so they need this cast-iron guitar-shaped bottle opener!

15) Guitar Amp Key Holder

Gifts for Guitarists - Guitar Amp Key Holder

Do they sometimes forget their keys?  Well, they never forget to plug into their amplifier!  So the solution is obvious – this key holder that’s designed to look like a guitar amp!

16) Guitar Cufflinks

Gifts for Guitar Players - Guitar Cufflinks

The Fender Stratocaster is a truly elegant instrument – which makes Strat-shaped cufflinks an elegant accessory to gift any man who plays guitar!

17 & 18) Guitar Earrings and Pendant Necklace

There’s cool guitar-themed jewelry for her too – like these guitar-shaped dangle earrings

Gifts for Guitar Players - Guitar Earrings

… or this guitar pendant necklace!

Gifts for Guitar Players - Guitar Pendant Necklace

19) Guitar-Shaped Cheese Board

Gifts for Guitar Lovers - Guitar Cheese Board

The Stratocaster cutting board we mentioned above is cool because it comes from Fender, but this cheese board has it beat in functionality – with a corkscrew and two cheese knives hidden in the guitar “body”!

20) Guitar Case Lunch Box

Gifts for Guitar Lovers - Guitar Case Lunch Box

If there’s no room for a sandwich and snacks in their actual guitar case, then they’ll need this little guitar-case-shaped lunch box!  (Great for storing accessories too!)

21) Guitar Pop Chart

Guitar Gifts - Guitar Pop Chart

A unique gift for true guitar lovers who don’t just play this great musical instrument… but rather venerate and worship it.  This chart will have them rocking out to 75 years of guitar history and legend, with illustrations of 64 guitars – each labeled with its make, model, and player.  A unique and creative gift that would look great on any guitarist’s wall!

Okay, we hope you’ve found the perfect gifts for the guitar players in your life – be sure to check out all our other lists to find great gift ideas for everyone else on your list!