21 Great Gifts for Yoga Lovers!

If you’re looking for great gifts for yoga lovers, there’s no need to twist yourself into a knot!

Just take a deep breath – you’re in the right place. Because we’ve brought together 21 of the best gifts for yogis of all levels, from yoga teachers to absolute beginners – so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift ideas right here!

Gifts for Yoga Lovers – General Tips and Advice

Two quick tips:

1) When buying gifts for yoga lovers, keep in mind the fact that every practitioner of yoga is different!  Some are more connected to the spiritual aspects of yoga practice, for example – while others are mainly focused on yoga’s physical side.  The items on this list have been carefully selected by a yoga instructor who is truly passionate not only about physically doing yoga poses, but also about spiritually living a true yoga lifestyle – and most of these items are oriented towards people who strive for the same!

2) Also, remember that there are many different styles of yoga – so some yoga “equipment” that is useful to practitioners of one type of yoga may be completely useless to practitioners of another.  The yoga gifts we’ve included on this list, however, would be appreciated by any yoga lover – regardless of what style of yoga they prefer!

Now: breathe in, breathe out, say “ommmmm” – and check out these cool and unique gifts for yoga lovers!

1) Aromatherapy Humidifier / Essential Oil Diffuser

Gifts for Yoga Lovers - Aromatherapy Humidifier / Essential Oil Diffuser
A pleasant aroma greatly facilitates the mindful practice of yoga and meditation – so aroma diffusers make great birthday or Christmas gifts for any yoga lover who still doesn’t own one!

Like many aromatic oil diffusers, this bestselling model also functions as a humidifier for those who live in dry climates. But this one is especially popular for a few reasons, including the fact that its stylish wood-grain-coated design simply looks beautiful in the home!

2) Essential Oil Gift Set Sampler

Gifts for Yoga Lovers - Essential Oil Gift Set Sampler
This essential oil gift box features six different oils, with wonderful scents including lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and more – perfect for setting the mood for a peaceful session of yoga!

(A smaller, cheaper version of this gift set is available too – perfect to accompany the gift of an essential oil diffuser like the one above!)

3) Yoga Joes

Gifts for Yoga Lovers - Yoga Joes
Many of the items on this list will help your favorite yogi in his or her practice of yoga, but sometimes you just need a unique gift idea that will get a laugh and look great on a yoga lover’s shelf – and for those occasions, there’s Yoga Joes!

Designed to look like classic “little green army men” or G.I. Joe figures, these soldiers have traded their battlefield skirmishes for peaceful yoga poses! The full set contains nine classic yoga positions – headstand, meditation pose, cobra pose, child’s pose, tree pose, crow pose, downward-facing dog, and two different variations of the warrior pose – all packaged in a “mini yoga studio” box with a bamboo floor! Ready to be deployed as a gift for your favorite yoga lover!

4) Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mats

Unique Yoga Gifts - Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mats
Is the yoga lover in your life still practicing on a plain old yoga mat? Gift them one of these beautifully designed reversible yoga mats!

More than 15 different models are available – including designs featuring a lotus (pictured above), “om” symbol, elephant, and many more. And these unique yoga mats are not just beautiful to look at – they’re practical too: lightweight and durable, with a non-slip surface.

5) Satya Incense Gift Set

This incense gift set contains 12 different boxes of pleasant-smelling incense sticks in a wide range of scents – ranging from sandalwood to vanilla, jasmine to patchouli, and many more.

Satya incenses are hand-rolled in India, with the brand being especially famous worldwide for its “Nag Champa” blend – which is one of the 12 varieties included in this gift set, of course.  Perfect for setting the mood for a session of yoga!

6) Incense Burner

An incense burner naturally makes a great gift for a yoga lover – and we especially love this Tibetan-style model. It includes holes for five incense sticks at once – and even when it’s not being used to burn incense, it simply looks beautiful in any home with its intricately detailed decorations!

The unique lotus-shaped incense burner below would also make a great gift!

7) Sterling Silver Calligraphy-Style Om Ring

“OM” is the most famous mantra associated with yoga, typically chanted at both the beginning and end of a yoga session. The famous “om” symbol has special meaning to yogis – and items featuring this symbol usually make great gifts for anyone in touch with the spiritual side of yoga practice!

The sterling silver ring above features a unique stylized version of the symbol, and comes in a black velvet pouch for easy gifting!

8) Indian Mandala Beach Throw / Wall Tapestry

The great thing about these mandala-themed pieces is that they have so many possible uses – as a beach throw, wall tapestry, tablecloth, sofa cover, curtain, and more!

Just choose the color and design that best suits your gift recipient’s tastes. These items are perfect as presents – because your favorite yoga lover is sure to find a way to put theirs to good use!

9) Hand-Carved “Om” Wooden Storage Box

Another unique “om”-themed gift, this item features the special mantra’s symbol hand-carved onto a wooden storage box. Perfect for storing their “om”-themed jewelry – or any other small items they have!

10) Bronze Shiva Statue

The Hindu god Shiva is considered the lord of yoga, and himself is considered the greatest of yogis – and so he has always had special importance to practitioners of yoga, both in India and around the world.

Nowadays, many people simply enjoy yoga for fitness-related reasons – but for those who are deeply in touch with yoga’s spiritual roots, a statue of Shiva would make a great addition to their home.

11) Tree of Life Chakra Pendant Necklace

Gifts for Yoga Lovers - Tree of Life Pendant Necklace
The many branches and roots of the “tree of life” represent the notion that all life on earth is interconnected – and the various colored stones in this beautiful pendant necklace each bear a relationship to one of the human body’s seven “chakras” (energy centers).

A great gift for anyone who believes in the health and healing power of the flow of energy through the chakras!

12) Chakra Bracelet

Gifts for Yoga Lovers - Chakra Healing Bracelet
Like the pendant mentioned above, this bracelet features stones in seven different colors, each corresponding to one of the body’s seven energy centers. It also contains lava beads, and was specially designed with an adjustable woven thread cord to allow for soaking the beads in aromatic essential oils – so that the wearer can carry lovely scents with them all day!

13) Yoga Fan

Unique Yoga Gifts - Yoga Fan
The “Yoga Fan” is a great gift for yoga fans! What is it? A compact ring-bound practice guide to more than 50 yoga poses, with complete step-by-step illustrated instructions!

As a detailed guide to so many positions (both basic and advanced), the Yoga Fan is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to expand their yoga practice beyond the classroom… and who could use a convenient reference guide!

14) Yoga Spinner Game

Yoga Gifts - Yoga Spinner Game
Looking for a gift for a yoga-loving mom? (Or even a yoga teacher who works with children?)

The Yoga Spinner Game is a fun way to get young ones more interested in yoga – promoting flexibility, balance, teamwork, and healthy physical activity in kids ages 5 and up!

15) Oversize Scarf / Meditation Shawl

Yoga Gifts - Oversize Scarf Meditation Shawl
What makes this shawl a great gift for yoga lovers is the fact that they can find so many different uses for it!

It’s perfect to utilize as a “yoga blanket” for keeping warm during shavasana (the corpse pose). It’s also the ideal size for use as a prayer shawl, or for cloaking the body when meditating. And when not engaged in spiritual pursuits, they can also use it as a scarf, wrap, throw blanket, table cover, and more!

16) Handmade Tibetan Bell Chimes Cymbal Set with Wooden Prayer Beads Mala

Gifts for Yoga Lovers - Handmade Tibetan Bell Chimes Cymbal Set with Wooden Prayer Beads Mala
For those yoga lovers who meditate, these bell-chime cymbals – handmade in the Himalaya by Tibetan artisans – make a unique gift idea. Their soothing sound is perfect for setting the tone and clearing the mind for a tranquil meditation session. And they also come with a wooden prayer beads mala, which includes a lovely mandala charm.

17) The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

Yoga Gifts - The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is regarded as one of the fundamental scriptures of classical yoga, and is widely considered the first formal compilation of yoga philosophy and practice. It is an essential item on the bookshelf of anyone interested in the philosophical roots and classical practice of yoga.

This popular edition was translated from the original Sanskrit by Sri Swami Satchidananda – known as one of the first Indian gurus to bring the traditions of yoga to the West.

18) Yoga Anatomy

Yoga Gifts - Yoga Anatomy
Another popular reference text on yoga, Yoga Anatomy would make a highly useful gift for anyone who might want to gain a deeper understanding of the structures and principles underlying each yoga movement – and of yoga itself.

19) Lotus Flower Necklace with Om Symbol

Gifts for Yoga Lovers - Lotus Flower Necklace with Om Symbol
This beautiful necklace brings together two of the essential symbols from the ancient Hindu traditions – with a stylized “om” symbol enclosed in a lotus flower! And for easy gifting, it comes with a gift card featuring an inspirational quote that yoga lovers are sure to appreciate.

20) Om Scarf Wrap

These scarves featuring the “om” symbol are extremely popular among yoga lovers – and make a versatile yoga-chic gift for any yogi!

21) Miniature Yoga Bunny

What yoga lover could resist seeing this cute little hand-painted bunny greeting him or her with a “Namaste” every day?!

We hope you’ve found the perfect gifts for the yoga lovers in your life – and be sure to check out all our other lists of gift ideas for the rest of your friends and loved ones!