21 Great Baseball Gifts for Fans and Players of All Ages!

Looking for great gift ideas for the baseball fan or player in your life?  Any of the baseball gifts from this list are sure to be a home run!

So whether you need a special present for a long-time fan of our national pastime, fun baseball-themed gifts for a young boy or girl just getting into the sport, or even a small gift for a baseball coach – hit it out of the park with one of these great gifts!

1) Tickets to a Baseball Game

Okay, so you know that the best birthday gifts for baseball fans are tickets to a game, right?

Unfortunately, though, there’s no baseball in December – so if it’s Christmas gifts you’re looking for, then read on!

2) Team/Player Apparel

Another obviously great gift for a baseball fan is his favorite player’s jersey.  For a great selection of baseball team apparel, check out fanatics.com.

(Special team memorabilia items make awesome gifts too – and we’ve included a few below!)

3) Baseball Glove Chair with Baseball Ottoman

Baseball Gifts - Baseball Glove Chair with Baseball Ottoman

This unique chair in the shape of a baseball glove even comes with a footrest that looks like a baseball!  From Crown Mark, it’s a very cool piece of baseball-themed décor for a kid’s room – and is even big enough to comfortably seat adults!

(For the youngest kids, there’s also a smaller baseball glove chair that’s perfect for toddlers!)

4) The BaseballOpener

Baseball Gifts - The "BaseballOpener" Bottle Opener

A bottle opener – made from a real baseball!

It features a magnet that allows it to stick to the fridge – and also catch bottlecaps.  And it’s available either plain (as pictured above) – or customized with the colors and city of his favorite team!

5) Game-Used Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

Baseball Gifts for Boyfriend - Game-Used Baseball Bat Bottle Opener

The baseball bottle opener mentioned above is a fun little novelty gift for baseball lovers – but what if you need something truly special for a passionate fan?  How about a bottle opener made from a bat swung by a player from his favorite team in an actual Major League Baseball game?!

Yes, these items are handmade from authentic game-day bats – each of which was actually used by an MLB player in a game!  Just choose his favorite team – and the item will be delivered in a gift box containing a story card indicating the MLB game in which the bat was used.  He’ll be able to feel the stadium crowd roar with every bottle he opens!

6) Customized Baseball Pillow

Gifts for Baseball Players - Customized Baseball Pillow

A fun little personalized gift for a baseball player (or fan!) of any age, this pillow is shaped and designed like a baseball – and comes personalized with the special player’s name, team, and uniform number!

7) Personalized Baseball Name Art Print

Baseball-Themed Gifts - Personalized Baseball Name Art Print

This personalized art print is another unique personalized baseball gift – and would look great on the wall of any fan.

Just provide Personal Prints with the name of the special person – and they’ll spell it out artistically using iconic baseball imagery!

8) New York Times Custom Baseball Book

Gifts for Baseball Fans - New York Times Custom Baseball Book

A unique gift for long-time fans, this book will trace their favorite team’s history through coverage from the New York Times’ archives – choose from 32 current and former MLB teams.  Not only does the book’s color match the team’s, but it also comes custom embossed with the special fan’s name for a personal touch!

9) The Mug with a Glove

Baseball Gifts for Boy - The Mug with a Glove

“The Mug with a Glove” is – what else? – a big ol’ baseball-shaped mug/bowl with its very own baseball glove!  Perfect for playing with one’s food!

(This creative item was designed by Max, a young boy who created his first sports-themed mug when he was just 8 years old – and 5% of profits go to charities related to dyslexia and other learning disabilities.)

10) Home Plate Doormat

Baseball-Themed Gifts - Home Plate Doormat

With this unique doormat, shaped like home plate, your favorite baseball fan will always be safe at home!

11) Baseball Player Wine Bottle Holder

Baseball Gifts - Baseball Player Wine Bottle Holder

This wine bottle holder shaped like a baseball player makes a fun gift for any wine-loving baseball fan.  We’re not sure which player it’s modeled after – we’re just glad that he always keeps his “bat” right there on his shoulder!  (Ball four!)

12) Baseball Lamp

Baseball Gifts for Boy - Baseball Lamp

Another unique piece of baseball-themed décor… that fans young and old would be glad to receive as a gift!  This lamp features four stacked baseballs – and even the lampshade has decorative baseball-style stitching!

13) Baseball Bat Wall Hooks

Baseball Gifts for Boy - Baseball Bat Wall Hooks

Three ceramic baseball-shaped hooks hang from a genuine wood bat that would look great on any kid’s wall – the perfect place for hanging caps and jerseys!

14) 3D Illusion Baseball & Baseball Glove Nightlights

This set of nightlights that give off 3D illusions of a baseball and a baseball mitt are another cool gift for a young baseball-loving boy or girl – they’re sure to inspire nightly dreams of game-winning home runs in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 7 of the World Series!

15) Baseball Cufflinks for Him

Baseball Gifts for Him - Baseball Cufflinks

Unfortunately, wearing a baseball uniform is frowned upon at formal occasions such as weddings and business events – but with these elegant baseball cufflinks, your boyfriend, husband, son, or dad will still be able to show off his passion for his favorite sport!

16) Baseball Jewelry for Her

Baseball Gifts - Baseball Glove Pendant Necklace

Cool baseball-themed jewelry is not only for men – this cute necklace would make a fun gift for girls and women who love our national pastime!  It features a tiny gold-tone baseball charm in an adorable little silver-tone baseball glove pendant – and is versatile enough to match with anything from Little League uniforms to fancy dress!

(And these baseball-shaped earrings are another cool baseball-themed gift idea for her!)

17) Bakeball Bat

Baseball Gifts - Bakeball Bat

Did you know that, in the early 1900s, there was a Hall of Fame baseball player nicknamed “Home Run Baker”?  Now your baseball gift recipient can be a “home run baker” too – with the Bakeball Bat, a novelty rolling pin designed to look like a baseball bat!

18) Rawlings Official Major League Baseball

Baseball Gifts - Rawlings Official Major League Baseball

Yes, this is the official baseball used in real major league games – perfect for getting signatures from their favorite players!

19) Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns Special Boxed Set

Baseball Gifts - Baseball: A Film by Ken Burns - Special Boxed Set

The definitive film about baseball, Ken Burns’ epic nine-part documentary series belongs in the home of every serious baseball fan.  And this special boxed set is updated with the new “Tenth Inning” that brings the classic series up to date!

20) Baseball Bat Rocking Chair

Baseball Gifts - Baseball Bat Rocking Chair

These unique rocking chairs are handmade using real reclaimed baseball bats – a great place for a fan to sit back and watch the game!

21) Game-Used Base Barstool

Gifts for Baseball Fans - Game-Used Base Barstool

So, you want to buy your favorite baseball fan a truly special piece of authentic baseball memorabilia – but you also want to get him a practical gift that he can use every day?

If you’ve got the budget for it, then this item would make an extraordinary gift for any fan – a barstool made from an actual base used on the baseball field by their favorite MLB team in a game!  Straight from the stadium to the craftsman to your gift recipient’s home – and each one comes with a special authentication hologram with information about the specific game in which it was used!

Okay, we hope you’ve found the perfect gifts for the baseball fans and players in your life – be sure to check out all our other lists to find great gift ideas for everyone else on your list!