21 Funny Gag Gifts for People with a Sense of Humor!

Looking for funny gag gifts for a person who can take a joke?

Whether you’re going for silly, naughty, or just plain potty humor – we’ve put together a list of 21 hilarious novelty gag gift ideas for guaranteed Christmas and birthday fun.

Hilarity will ensue – any of these great gag gifts will have them (and you!) rolling on the floor!

1) Yodeling Pickle

Gag Gifts - Yodeling Pickle

Most pickles, unfortunately, don’t yodel – but this one does!

A yodeling pickle is the perfect gag gift for that special person who has everything except a yodeling pickle!

2) Mushions

Funny Gag Gifts - Mushions

“Mushions” are squishy cushions with their face (or yours!) “mushed” onto them.

Just send Firebox a good quality photo of the special person, and they’ll print and send you a weird face pillow that’s sure to freak anyone out!

3) Potty Piano

Gag Gift Ideas - Potty Piano

The best gag gifts are the ones that are useful too!  The Potty Piano will solve their toilet-time boredom problem, while also developing their musical skills – really, what gift could be more practical than that?!

4) Funny Sexy Kitchen Aprons

Gag Gifts - Sexy Apron

Help them turn up the heat in their kitchen – with these sexy man and sexy woman kitchen aprons!

(Or help them turn the heat waaaaay down – unsexy man and unsexy woman kitchen aprons are available too!)

5) Human Organ Transplant Lunch Bag

Gag Gift Ideas - Human Organ Transplant Lunch Bag

Lunch time will never be the same – when they carry it in a bag designed like a human organ storage case!

6) Toilet Mug

Funny Gag Gifts - Toilet Mug

We sure hope that the brown stuff in this toilet mug is coffee!

7) Naughty Pigs Salt & Pepper Shaker Set

Funny Gag Gifts - Naughty Pigs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Alright, you can ham it up – the two pigs in this salt and pepper shaker set are really porking!  It’s the perfect gag gift for the naughty pig in your own life!

8) “Sir Perky” Novelty Corkscrew

Funny Gag Gifts - Sir Perky Novelty Corkscrew

Need a great gag gift for someone who gets really excited about a good bottle of wine?

“Sir Perky” apparently gets just as excited as they do – and he’s certainly not shy about showing it!

9) Gnome on a Throne

Gag Gifts - Gnome on a Throne

Hey, even garden gnomes have to take a dump sometimes!  This gnome sits on his resin throne – passing the time with a good book as he takes care of his business!

10) Atomic Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

Gag Gifts - Atomic Nose & Ear Hair Trimmer

What better way for them to start their days than by sticking an atomic ray gun in their nostrils and ears – and pulling the trigger to trim those pesky little hairs!

11) 50 Ways to Eat Cock Cookbook

Gag Gift Ideas - "50 Ways to Eat Cock" Cookbook

50 Ways to Eat Cock is the best book ever written about eating cock, with 50 delicious (actual) recipes – we bet your gift recipient had no idea there were so many different ways to eat cock!

12) Wine Condoms

Gag Gifts - Wine Condoms

A bottle of wine will go bad if it’s left open, so it needs protection – which is why you should gift your favorite wine lover some wine condoms!

Whenever they uncork a bottle and don’t finish it, they’ll just have to remove a wine condom from its packaging and gently slide it over the shaft of the bottle.  It’ll keep the wine fresh for days, just like a wine stopper – and unlike real condoms, these wine prophylactics are actually reusable!

13) World’s Largest Underpants

Gag Gifts - World's Largest Underpants

The world’s largest underpants – finally, a pair that fits!

14) Gigantic Crying Baby Mask

Gag Gifts - Gigantic Crying Baby Mask

You know what makes a gigantic crying baby mask so awesome?  It’s a gigantic crying baby mask!

The perfect gag gift for the big baby among your family or friends!

15) Funny Money Toilet Paper

Gag Gifts - Funny Money Toilet Paper

Haven’t they always wanted to know what it’s like to be rich – and to wipe their ass with $100 bills?  Well, now they can – if you gift them this novelty money toilet paper!

16) Mistletoe Selfie Stick

Christmas Gag Gifts - Mistletoe Selfie Stick

Well, with all the sexual harassment stories in the news these days, maybe don’t bring this mistletoe selfie stick to the office dirty Santa gift exchange… but it’s still a fun gag gift for a loved one!

17) Muffin Tops Baking Cups

Gag Gift Ideas - Muffin Tops

Not everyone is a fan of those “muffin tops” that spill out of the waist of some people’s jeans – but when it comes to these jeans-styled muffin top baking cups, we’re sure your gift recipient will be happy to see that little bulge taking shape over the waistline in the oven!

18) Set of Ten Finger Hands

Gag Gifts - Set of Ten Finger Hands

Lend someone a hand – or ten!  These ten finger puppets, in the shape of little hands, have so many practical uses – really, they’re quite handy!

19) Fanny Bank

Gag Gifts - Farting Fanny Bank

Know someone who has trouble saving money?  The “Fanny Bank” will make hilarious farting sounds with every coin they plop into its slot – what better incentive could there be to start putting some money aside?

20) Butt Putt

Gag Gift Ideas - Butt Putt

Does his golf game stink?  Then he needs some practice with the “Butt Putt” – which will make funny farting noises with every putt he gets in the hole!

21) Poop Emoji Mug

Gag Gifts - Poop Emoji Mug

You know why we’ve only listed the poop emoji mug as the very last item on our list of gag gifts?

Because it looks like crap!

Okay, we hope you’ve found the perfect gag gifts for your friends and loved ones – and be sure to check out all of our other lists for tons of great gift ideas for everyone on your list!