21 Amazing Spider-Man Gifts for Adults and Kids!

Whether you’re searching for Spider-Man gifts for a 4 year old or a 40 year old – we’ve spun together a list of 21 of the best Spidey gift ideas on the (Spider)web. With a mix of cool gifts for both adults and kids, we’re sure you’ll find some awesome and unique stuff to gift your favorite superhero of any age!

Remember, as Uncle Ben told Peter Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility” – and you have both the power and the responsibility to get one of these amazing Spider-Man gifts for the fan in your life!

(Get it? Amazing Spider-Man gifts? Or should we we say that these gifts are Marvel-ous? Okay, enough bad Spider-Man puns – just scroll down already and check out the gifts!)

1) Sphero Interactive App-Enabled Spider-Man

Spiderman Gifts - Sphero Interactive App-Enabled Spider-Man

How would your gift recipient like to fight villains together with their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?  With the interactive Spider-Man robot from Sphero, it’s now possible for them to hang out with a real superhero!

Powered by advanced technology and a smartphone app, this robot will take fans of any age on plenty of exciting adventures as they talk and play with the Marvel legend himself.  (And when you gift him or her the latest in Spidey tech, you can bet they’ll be calling you a hero too!)

2) Spider-Man Unisex Stainless Steel Ring

A great Spider-Man gift for him or for her, this stylish steel Spider-Man ring won’t give your gift recipient any superpowers (they’ll have to get bitten by a radioactive spider for that) – but might get them plenty of compliments!

3) Spider-Man Logo Clock

Spider-Man Gifts - Spider-Man Spider Logo Clock

It’s always time for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man to fight crime! This clock with Spider-Man’s special symbol is another item that would add a great touch to any kid’s room… though we also know a few adults who wouldn’t mind seeing this spider on their wall!

4) Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle LEGO Set

Spiderman Gifts - Spider-Man Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge LEGO Set
Far more than a simple LEGO set, this huge 1092-piece collection has so many features and accessories that we’re not even going to try to summarize them here. Just check it out, and read the absolutely amazing reviews (seriously, it seems like half of the reviewers specifically use the word “amazing” – see, we’re not the only ones who used that pun!)

5) Spider-Man: Homecoming Official Logo T-Shirt

Many big Spider-Man fans already have a few t-shirts with their favorite superhero’s logo. But with the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie released in 2017, the Marvel legend now has a brand-new stylized logo – so this officially licensed t-shirt would make a great gift for anyone who loved the film!

6) Spider-Man Q-Fig Action Figure

Spiderman Gifts - Spider-Man Q-Fig Figure
You don’t need us to tell you that Spider-Man action figures make great gifts for Spider-Man fans. But we’re going to highlight just this one particularly unique figure – in which Spider-Man literally swings into action!

7) Spider-Man Children’s Desk Chair

Spiderman Gifts for Kids - Spider-Man Children's Desk Chair
For a little 3- or 4-year-old kid who’s a big Spider-Man fan, this Spider-Man desk chair is an absolute must-gift. Perfect for snack time, TV time, coloring time – or anytime a boy or girl could use the company of their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man!

8) Amazing Spider-Man Ceramic Cookie Jar

Spiderman Gifts - Amazing Spider-Man Cookie Jar
This hand-painted ceramic cookie jar features the iconic red-and-black Spider-Man design – after all, who could protect a fan’s cookies from would-be thieves better than the web-slinging superhero himself?

9) Spider-Woman Ring

As all fans know, there’s an alternate Marvel universe where – instead of Peter Parker – it was Gwen Stacy who was bitten by the radioactive spider. This cool ring features Spider-Gwen’s eyes – and makes a great little gift for the Spider-Woman in your life!

10) Miles Morales Unisex Knit Sweater

In another alternative Marvel reality, a boy named Miles Morales took over from Peter Parker as Spider-Man – and wore a unique black-and-red costume, which this officially licensed sweater replicates! Fortunately, though, your gift recipient will find this pullover much more comfortable than Miles’ tight spandex Spidey-suit!

11) Spider-Man Table Lamp

More cool Spider-Man décor for any kid’s room! There are plenty of Spider-Man table lamps out there – but what we love most about this one is the cute little on/off pull chain in the shape of Spidey’s head!

12) Spider-Man Apron

Everyone wants to be a superhero in the kitchen – and with this cool apron, your favorite fan will turn into Spider-Man every time he or she gets behind the stove! (Spiders and kitchen usually don’t go together – but this item is just too funny to pass up!)

13) Spider-Man Snuggie

Spiderman Gifts - Spider-Man Snuggie
What could an adult Spider-Man fan enjoy even more than being a superhero in the kitchen? Being a superhero all around the house – in this comfy fleece Spider-Man snuggie throw!

14) Spider-Man Men’s Watch

Spider-Man always knows when he’s needed – his spidey-sense allows him to detect danger and swing into action. But unless your husband, boyfriend, or dad got bitten by a radioactive spider too, he probably still relies on a watch to make sure he gets to where he’s needed on time. In that case, best make it this awesome stainless steel Spider-Man watch!

15) Spider-Man Kids’ Watch

There are tons of Spider-Man watches out there for kids – so what makes this one special? The cool action sound effects and lights!

(And if your kid stretches his imagination just enough, this watch may even let him shoot spiderwebs out from his wrist – just like the real Spider-Man!)

16) Spider-Man Purse

Spiderman Gifts - Spider-Man Dome Purse

Why should the men and boys get all the cool Spider-Man accessories? If you’re looking for great Spider-Man gifts for her, this officially licensed Spider-Man purse is an accessory that will help her swing around the city in style!

17) Spider-Man Sling Backpack

Spider-Man slings spiderwebs – but your favorite Spider-Man fan can sling this cool backpack onto his back instead!

18) Spider-Man Kids’ Slippers

How does Spider-Man scale buildings? His feet have the ability to cling to any surface. We’ve seen more than a few toddlers and young children with sticky feet too – and if that’s your kid, he’ll need these soft Spider-Man slippers to wear around the house!

19) Spider-Man Lunch Box

Spiderman Gifts - Spider-Man Lunchbox

This classic-style Spider-Man lunch box is not just for kids – it’s an awesome retro collectible item that makes a cool (and useful) gift for fans of any age!

20) Spider-Man Cufflinks

No, these cufflinks do not include web-shooters – only Spider-Man can shoot webs from his wrists! So what superpower do these Spider-Man cufflinks have? The power to make any man look classy while showing off his fandom for Marvel’s greatest superhero!

21) Engraved Polished Tungsten Spider-Man Ring

A truly elegant Spider-Man gift – for men or for women. A tungsten carbide ring that comes laser-engraved with the Spider-Man logo – and optionally engraved with any line from Spider-Man too! (Again, we’d go with Uncle Ben’s: “With great power comes great responsiblity.”)

With free lifetime sizing exchanges and a lifetime warranty, it’s the perfect way to tell any Spider-Man fan that they’ll always be your superhero!

Alright – time to swing into action and buy those amazing Spider-Man gifts for your favorite fan!

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