21 Great Gifts for Coffee Lovers – Unique Coffee Gifts and More!

It’s easy to find gifts for coffee lovers – there’s no shortage of wacky novelty coffee mugs and t-shirts with “cute” quotes about how they simply must have their morning espresso!  But that doesn’t mean all of these are actually good gifts for coffee lovers – trust us, most coffee drinkers don’t need yet another mug with a silly slogan!  So, we’ve brewed up a special blend of great coffee gift ideas – the kind of presents that will definitely give them a buzz!

We’ve made sure to include a variety of coffee lover gifts in different price ranges, so we hope you find the a gift that’ll really perk up the birthday or Christmas of your favorite coffee lover!

1) Angels’ Cup Coffee Gift Subscriptions

coffee gifts - angels cup

Give the coffee gift that literally keeps on giving – a gift subscription from Angel’s Cup!  This company will send your gift recipient a selection of 4 excellent third-wave coffees, each and every month – 3, 6, and 12 month gift subscriptions are available, starting as low as $9.99 per month.

These gift subscriptions make a perfect present for serious coffee drinkers – those real coffee geeks who are always on the lookout for great new coffees.  Angel’s Cup works with roasters around the world, and a number on each bag will allow your favorite coffee lover to identify each coffee sampler before trying it – or afterwards, if they want to take advantage of a unique opportunity to develop their coffee palate through blind taste tests!

2) Mr. Coffee Smartphone-Controlled Coffeemaker

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Mr. Coffee Smartphone-Controlled Coffeemaker
It’s 2017, and smart technology is making our lives easier in the kitchen – so this wifi-enabled, smartphone-controlled coffeemaker makes a very practical gift for the busy coffee lover!  They’ll be able to brew their coffee from anywhere – isn’t technology amazing?

They can connect on the drive home from work – and have a freshly brewed cup waiting for them when they walk in the door.  Or they can brew a pot from their phone as soon as they wake up, without even going to the kitchen – and their morning fix of joe will be ready and waiting whenever they finally roll out of bed!

3) Vintage-Style Manual Coffee Grinder

This attractive vintage-style manual coffee grinder makes a great gift for anyone who grinds their own coffee beans – or who might want to start doing so!

Besides being a coffee grinder, it’s also a beautiful decorative piece with a classic old-fashioned look.  They’ll not only be glad to use it to grind their coffee beans – but also to display it in their kitchen!

4) HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker
Another very practical gift – this one for iced coffee drinkers.  The simple yet amazing HyperChiller iced coffee maker can chill a hot coffee by as much as 130 degrees in just one minute!

Give your favorite iced coffee fan the gift of quick, convenient iced coffee – whenever they want.  (And it can even be used to chill wines and make iced teas too!)

5) Dipped Coffee Bean Necklace

coffee gifts for her - Dipped Coffee Bean Necklace

So you were planning to buy her some jewelry for Valentine’s Day, but you know she’d rather get coffee?  Why not both?!  This necklace contains a real coffee bean – dipped in 24k gold!

If coffee is truly close to her heart, then this gift will let her show it!

6) The World Atlas of Coffee

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - The World Atlas of Coffee
A great gift for any coffee fanatic who might be interested in learning more about their favorite beans.  The World Atlas of Coffee provides such a fascinating and detailed look at the world of coffee that even professional baristas will enjoy it – and gain new knowledge!

7) Whiskey & Rum Barrel Aged Coffee Beans Gourmet Coffee Gift Set

Coffee Gifts - Whiskey- & Rum-Barrel-Aged Coffee Beans Gourmet Coffee Gift Set
For the coffee drinker who also enjoys harder drinks, there’s this gift set of coffee beans aged in whiskey and rum barrels!

It may sound like a gimmick, but it’s not – these beans are produced by artisan roasters and have gotten rave reviews from both coffee lovers and whiskey lovers!

8) Kitchen Supreme French Press

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Kitchen Supreme French Press
Of course, it’s not only the beans that matter – the coffee-making process is important to its taste, and a French press is an essential tool in the kitchen of any coffee aficionado.  This model from Kitchen Supreme is one of the most popular French presses out there, so if you know a coffee lover who still doesn’t have one… it would definitely make a great gift!

9) Brew N’ Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Brew N' Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug
A surprisingly inexpensive gift for the coffee drinker who’s always on the go, the compact and easy-to-use Brew N’ Go coffeemaker brews a single serving of coffee directly into the included travel mug in minutes.  They can be out the door with their java as soon as it’s ready!

10) Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System
If the best gift for a coffee lover is great coffee, the next best gift is a machine that will make them even better coffee!

So it’s no surprise that we’ve included a few excellent coffeemakers on this list.  And Ninja Coffee Bar systems, from their single-serve system on up, are some of the best coffeemakers you can gift someone – they’ll thank you with every sip they take!

11) Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker
If a single-serve coffee maker won’t be enough in their household… then this best-selling 14-cup model would certainly make a great gift for them!

12) Technivorm Moccamaster 59163 KBG Coffeemaker

Gifts for Coffee Lovers - Technivorm Mochamaster KB741 Coffeemaker
The last coffeemaker we’ll mention, this model – handmade in the Netherlands – is a step up from the others we’ve mentioned so far in both price and quality… and is extremely popular among true coffee connoisseurs.  Read the reviews – and you’ll understand why!

A truly special gift for a special coffee lover on a special occasion…

13) “World Coffee Tour” Gourmet Sampler

Coffee Gift Boxes - World Coffee Tour Gift Sampler
Probably the best coffee sampler gift you’ll ever find!  Sixteen gourmet coffee roasts from sixteen different regions around the globe – so they can travel through the world’s coffee-growing regions from the comfort of their own home!

14) Banned Coffee

Coffee Gifts - Banned Coffee
Does she like her coffee like she likes her men – strong?

Many coffee snobs prefer very strong coffee – and there are a few different companies who each claim to have the strongest coffee beans in the world.  Gift your favorite coffee snob one of them – or gift them each of the next few coffees on this list so that they can discover for themselves which one is actually the strongest!

Great coffee gifts for all those men and women who like their coffee insanely strong!

(PS: Banned Coffee is not actually banned – it’s perfectly legal for you to buy for your favorite coffee lover!)

15) Death Wish Coffee

Coffee Gifts - Death Wish Coffee
Death Wish Coffee… at least twice the caffeine of the average coffee – the name says it all!

16) Military Grade Coffee

Unique Coffee Gifts - Military Grade Coffee
Military Grade Coffee… another coffee that claims to be among the world’s strongest.  What makes this one stand out is that a portion of the proceeds of every bag sold go to help military veterans and their families!

17) F*cking Strong Coffee

Unique Coffee Gifts - Fucking Strong Coffee

F*cking Strong Coffee!  Once again… the name says it all!

18) JAVA Coffee-Infused Skincare Body Collection

Coffee Gifts for Her - JAVA Coffee-Infused Skincare Body Collection

In the category of “coffee gifts for her”, we’ve got this luscious coffee-infused skincare gift set from Java.

The set contains a body wash, body scrub, body bar, and body serum – infused with organic, fair-trade green coffee extract.  Green coffee extract is actually a powerful antioxidant – who knew?

She already knows that coffee perks up her mind – now let her see what it can do for her body!

19) Merlot- and Bourbon-Infused Coffees

coffee gifts - merlot-infused coffee

So, you liked the idea of those coffees aged in whiskey and rum barrels, but your gift recipient actually prefers wine?  No problem – merlot-infused coffee is available too, aged in oak wine barrels!

And yes, for your coffee-loving friends who prefer bourbon, there’s bourbon-infused coffee as well!

Coffee Gifts -Bourbon-Infused Coffee

20) Coffee Soap

gifts for coffee lovers - coffee soap

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking – a bar of soap containing roasted coffee beans!  Let your favorite coffee lover gently exfoliate her skin… with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee!

21) Grow-Your-Own-Aromatic-Arabica-Coffee-Plant Kit

gifts for coffee lovers - Grow Your Own Aromatic Arabica Coffee Plant Kit

Do you know someone who spends so much money on coffee that they should probably just start growing their own coffee beans?  Well, after you gift them this kit… they can!

Also a great gift for a coffee lover with a green thumb, this kit contains coffee plant seeds along with everything else that they’ll need to grow their own coffee plant!

We hope you’ve found the perfect gift for your favorite coffee lover on this list – be sure to check out our lists of gifts for beer lovers and wine lovers too!