21 Cute and Unique Hedgehog Gifts!

Searching for adorable hedgehog gifts for the hedgie lover in your life?

Check out this list of 21 cute and unique hedgehog gift ideas!

1) Hedgehog Slippers

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Slippers

What could possibly be better than slipping one’s feet into a pair of fuzzy hedgehogs?  These cute hedgehog slippers will keep her cozy and warm!

2) Hedgehog Coaster Caddy

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Coaster Caddy

A prickly pal they’ll be proud to perch on their coffee table, this wooden hedgehog is a whimsical sculpture… whose spikes also serve as convenient drink coasters!

3) Hedgehog Pendant Charm

Hedgehog Gifts - Sterling Silver Hedgehog Charm

Are hedgehogs close to her heart?  Then she’ll love this sterling silver hedgehog charm pendant – it’s perfect for necklaces and bracelets!

4) Hedgehog Sponge Holder

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Sponge Holder

Washing dishes is boring – your favorite hedgehog lover will definitely enjoy having this hand-sculpted stoneware hedgehog sponge holder to keep him or her company!

5) Hedgehog Coin Purse

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Coin Purse

Chala’s unique hedgehog coin purse doubles as a key fob – and makes a cute accessory for any hedgehog lover.

And for an even better gift, pair it with their matching women’s hedgehog wallet!

6) Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Cheese Grater

Hedgehog quills are highly practical – did you know they can even grate cheese?  This adorable hedgehog cheese grater is a must-have kitchen item for hedgehog fans!

7) Hedgehog Mittens

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Mittens

The best way for a hedgehog lover to keep warm this winter?  A pair of cozy hedgehogs to wear on her hands!  These hedgehog mittens are not only soft and warm – they’ll also add a fun touch to her winter wardrobe!

8) Ceramic Hedgehog Plate and Cup Set

Hedgehog Gifts - Ceramic Hedgehog Plate and Cup Set

This plate and cup set features a cute hedgehog family – another fun kitchen gift for a hedgehog lover!

9) Hedgehog Onesie

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Onesie

For that special person who has always wanted to be a hedgehog, with that pointy little snout, those beady little eyes, and of course those fuzzy quills – a hedgehog onesie makes a perfect present!

10) “Anatomy of a Hedgehog” Mug

Hedgehog Gifts - “Anatomy of a Hedgehog” Mug

This cool mug celebrates the unique hedgehog anatomy that makes them such special pets!  A great gift for hedgehog owners – or anyone else who loves these cute critters!

11) Hedgehog Needle-Felting Kit

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Needle-Felting Kit

Two hedgehog gift ideas in one!

This hedgehog needle-felting kit would make a great gift for crafty hedgehog lovers, who will enjoy creating some charming little woolen hedgehogs of their own.

Or, for a hedgehog lover who would enjoy receiving a DIY gift from you, simply buy the beginner-level kit and follow the simple directions to felt them a couple of adorable hedgies yourself!

12) Hedgehog Tea Infuser

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Tea Infuser

Pet hedgehogs provide hours and hours of fun, but one thing they can’t do is brew tea.  The solution?  This handy hedgehog tea infuser!

13) Hedgehogs Journal

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehogs Journal

This journal notebook featuring a hedgehog-themed design is perfect for personal reflections, sketching, or notes – about hedgehogs or anything else!

14) Hug-a-Hedgehog Kit

Hedgehog Gifts - Hug-a-Hedgehog Kit

The “Hug-a-Hedgehog Kit” contains a soft plush hedgehog together with a little How to Hug a Hedgehog guide book – including fun hedgehog facts, an adoption certificate, and more!

15) Hedgehog Stud Earrings

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Stud Earrings

These handmade hedgehog stud earrings make a great Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s Day gift for a hedgie-loving woman – she’ll look as sharp as a hedgehog’s quills!

16) Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

With room to hold a dozen toothpicks, this hedgehog toothpick holder is a wonderful conversation piece to gift anyone who loves both hedgehogs and entertaining – it’s definitely the spikiest hedgehog around!

17) Hedgehog Socks

Hedgehog Gifts - Women's Hedgehogs Socks

This pair of sharp-looking hedgehog socks is sure to bring a smile to her face – after all, that’s what hedgehogs do best!

18) Hedgehog Coloring Book

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Coloring Book For Adults

Blue and purple hedgehogs?  Orange and green hedgehogs?  Sure, why not!  A hedgehog coloring book makes a cheap and fun gift for any hedgehog lover who enjoys coloring!

19) Hedgehog Toothbrush Holder

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehog Toothbrush Holder

A fun little Christmas stocking stuffer, this hedgehog toothbrush holder will add a hedgie touch to their bathroom routine!

20) Hedgehogs Calendar

Hedgehog Gifts - Hedgehogs Calendar

What’s better than a hedgehog?  An entire year full of hedgehogs – this hedgehog calendar features pictures of these delightful critters in all sorts of amusing situations!

21) Spunky the Hedgehog

Hedgehog Gifts - Spunky the Hedgehog

The next best thing to a real pet hedgehog, Spunky is the softest, cuddliest plush hedgehog you’ll find anywhere!

We hope you’ve found the perfect hedgehog gifts for your favorite hedgie lovers – be sure to check out all our other lists to find great gift ideas for everyone else in your life!