21 Christmas Gifts for Him – Great Gift Ideas for the Men in Your Life!

Looking for great Christmas gifts for the men in your life?

Whether for your boyfriend, husband, brother, son, father, or any other special guy, you’ll find 21 of the best gift ideas for him right here!

Christmas Gifts for Men – General Tips and Advice

Now, before we get to the list, we have to point out that the best Christmas gifts for the special men in your life are the ones related to their interests!

While the gift items on this page are certainly great gifts for men, 21GiftIdeas.com also features dozens of lists of gift ideas geared towards specific interests.  So whether he loves beer or bacon, Star Wars or baseball, cycling or playing guitar – be sure to check out our main menu to find lists of 21 gift ideas geared towards each and every one of his likes and hobbies!

As for the gifts on the list below – we’ve made sure to include a wide variety of gifts that would appeal to broad range of men, and we hope you find the perfect gift for him right here!

1) For men who are both modern and stylish: Michael Kors Hybrid Smartwatch

Christmas Gifts for Men - Michael Kors Access Hybrid Smartwatch

So he’d love to own a smartwatch – but would never want to wear a bulky computer on his wrist?

The answer: this “hybrid smartwatch” from Michael Kors.  Behind its classic analog watch styling are plenty of handy smartwatch functions.  He can track his fitness, control his music, get news notifications, take photos, and much more – all on a classy, elegant watch piece.  Finally, fashion meets function!

2) For hard-working men: The Hard Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

Christmas Gifts for Men - Hard Working Man's Hygiene Kit

Hygiene kits are a popular Christmas gift idea for men, but many of them are quite boring… and unmanly.  This one, though, is an exception!

The Hard Working Man’s Hygiene Kit was actually designed by a mechanic – whose own dirty hands inspired him to design products especially for the needs of hard-working guys like him.

Is your gift recipient is too manly to ever buy the stuff that would help him take care of his sore feet, dry skin, and cracked lips himself?  Then this kit is a perfect gift for him!

3) For men who love craft beer: Custom-Etched Stoneware Growler

Christmas Gifts for Men - Custom-Etched Growler

Does your craft-beer-loving boyfriend or husband still store his favorite brew in a cheap glass growler?  No more!

Stoneware is a better insulator than glass – which means that this stoneware growler will keep his beer colder for longer.

It’s also ergonomically designed for easy carrying, and comes custom engraved with his name – to make sure that everyone knows that its his beer inside!

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4) For men who can fix anything: Leatherman Wave 17-in-1 Multi-tool

Christmas Gifts for Men - Leatherman Wave 17-in-1 Multitool

Leatherman is renowned for their top-quality multi-tools – and the Wave is their most popular model.

With 17 different handy tools in one compact, lightweight design, they’ll always be prepared for anything – inside or outside the house!

5) For men who enjoy grilling: BBQ Toolbox

Xmas Gifts for Men - BBQ Toolbox

It may look like a sleek toolbox on the outside – but it’s actually a portable grill that he can fire up wherever he goes!

In the park, on the beach, anywhere – the BBQ Toolbox is a fun gift that any grill-loving guy will enjoy!

6) For bearded men: Mountaineer Beard Care Gift Set

Christmas Gifts for Men - Mountaineer Beard Care Kit

Beards may be masculine – but they still need to be taken care of properly.

Mountaineer’s beard care kit includes beard oil, beard balm, beard wash, and a beard brush – everything they’ll need to maintain their rugged beard like a man.  You won’t find better beard care products anywhere – and certainly not at this price!

7) For coffee-addicted men: Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System

Christmas Gifts for Men - Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System

If he loves drinking coffee, then there’s no excuse for him owning a subpar coffeemaker – he simply must have the best coffee-making equipment at home.

A Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer System will enable him to make java even better than the brew from his favorite coffeehouse – and right in the comfort of his own kitchen!

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8) For geeky, superhero-loving men: Superman-Symbol Watch

Christmas Gifts for Men - Superman Symbol Steel Alloy Men's Watch

Show him that he’s your superhero – this steel alloy Superman-symbol watch is the perfect Christmas gift for the geeky “Man of Steel” in your own life!

(Check out our lists of 21 gifts for Superman fans, Batman fans, Justice League fans, and Spider-Man fans for more great gift ideas!)

9) For men who could use a new pair of shades: Maui Jim Makaha Polarized Sunglasses

Christmas Gifts for Men - Maui Jim Makaha Polarized Sunglasses

Is he still using a boring old pair of sunglasses?

If so, give him the gift of cool… with a new pair of stylish Maui Jim Makaha polarized sunglasses – perfect for anything from intense sports activity to just lying on the beach!

10) For audiophile men: Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth 360 Speaker

Christmas Gifts for Men - Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth 360 Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Revolve portable Bluetooth 360 speaker has just about anything he could ask for in a speaker – including Bluetooth connectivity, durable design, and (most importantly) the deep, powerful sound that made Bose famous among audiophiles.

What makes this speaker stand out, though, is that it projects that immersive sound in every direction – and this 360-degree performance makes it perfect for anything from casual listening to outdoor parties!

11) For men who appreciate a good wine: Winemaking Starter Kit

Christmas Gifts for Men - Winemaking Starter Kit

So he enjoys great wines from all around the world?  Then he’ll love tasting a wine made right in his own basement!

A starter winemaking kit – such as this one from Master Vintner – makes a great Christmas gift for any man who considers himself a true wine enthusiast!

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12) For military men: Military Blanket Toiletry Bag

Xmas Gifts for Men - Military Blanket Toiletry Bag

Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marine – once they’ve served in the military, it will always be a part of them.  And a gift that celebrates that is always a great choice on Christmas.

This toiletry bag is actually handmade (in the USA) from genuine, authentic unissued military blankets – a stylish, practical, and unique gift for the military man in your life!

13) For men who love football: “Art of the Game” Tie

Christmas Gifts for Men - “Art of the Game” Tie

Unfortunately for us fans, our days at the office don’t include much football.  That’s where this unique 100% silk necktie comes in – featuring classic football chalkboard drawings.

With this tie in his playbook, the man in your life will be able to kick off his next meeting in style.  It’s a great way to show him that he’s your MVP!

14) For men with tattered old billfolds: Unique Wallets

Christmas Gifts for Men - Recycled Bike Tube Wallet

The man in your life may be happy with a classic black leather wallet – and a new one would certainly make a great gift.  But there are also a ton of cool wallets out there with unique personalities of their own – here are just a few of our favorites:

— for cyclists, a wallet made from an “upcycled” bike tube (pictured above),

— for firefighters, a wallet made from actual fire turnout gear, and

— for baseball fans, a wallet featuring a piece of a real Major League Baseball uniform worn by a player from his favorite team in an actual MLB game!

15) For men who work on cars: Foldable Z Creeper

Christmas Gifts for Men - Foldable Z Creeper

Transforming in seconds between a seat and a creeper, providing extra comfort with its thick padding, supporting up to 450 pounds with its heavy-duty frame – this versatile Foldable Z Creeper from Omega is just what every mechanic – professional or amateur – needs for Christmas this year!

16) For men who worship hot sauce: Make-Your-Own-Hot-Sauce Kit

Christmas Gifts for Men - Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

They may think they’ve tried every hot sauce out there, but there’s still one they haven’t tried yet – their own!

Hot sauce adds fiery flavor to any dish – and using a sauce that they crafted themselves with this Make-Your-Own-Hot-Sauce Kit will definitely give it some extra kick!

17) For men who carry their camera wherever they go: ONA Camera Messenger Bag

Christmas Gifts for Men - ONA Camera Messenger Bag

If he’s got a good camera, he’s probably already got a bag to carry it in – but it’s probably not as stylish as the bags from ONA.

ONA’s camera messenger bag pictured above is just one example, but their whole range of bags are both functional and attractive – and make great Christmas gifts for any man who loves taking photos!

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18) For men who love Star Wars: Starfighter Quadcopter Drones

Christmas Gifts for Men - Star Wars Quadcopter Drones

Men have very diverse interests – seriously, we’re not all just interested in football and cars.  And ever since Princess Leia donned that famous gold bikini, millions of men have been fans of the epic Star Wars film series.

Fortunately, there’s a ton of awesome stuff for men who love this legendary space adventure.  So what’s on your Star-Wars-loving man’s Christmas wish list this year?  Probably one of these cool quadcopter drones – in the form of an X-Wing Starfighter, a TIE fighter, of a speeder bike from the films!

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19) For handsome men: The Handsome Man Grooming Can

Christmas Gifts for Men - Handsome Man Grooming Can

They call it “the most masculine grooming set ever devised” – need we say more?

If he’s a handsome man, then the Handsome Man Grooming Can will help make sure he stays that way!

20) For whiskey-drinking men: “On the Rocks” Set

Christmas Gifts for Men - “On the Rocks” Set

With this set of granite drink chillers, he’ll be able to literally have his whiskey “on the rocks”!

Handcrafted from stones collected from New England beaches, these rocks are simply a better way to chill drinks.  He’ll pop them in his glass straight from the freezer, and – unlike melting ice cubes – they’ll chill his drink without diluting its complex flavors!

21) For smart men with smart homes: Echo Show

The Echo Show is everything he already loves about Amazon’s Alexa – now with a screen too!

Perfect for watching video, seeing song lyrics, monitoring security cameras, viewing photos, managing to-do lists, and so much more!

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You’ll find tons of different lists of 21 gift ideas for a wide range of men’s likes, hobbies, and interests.  Just keep browsing based on what he enjoys most – and we’re sure you’ll find the perfect gifts for him!