21 *Hot* Bacon Gifts for Bacon Lovers!

Looking for cool bacon gifts for the bacon lovers in your life?  Or rather… sizzling hot bacon gifts?  Check out this bacon-tastic list of 21 awesome bacon gift ideas, fresh out of the frying pan!

We’ve included both unique bacon-themed gift items and fun bacon-themed gift packs.  And each bacon gift basket contains a whole bunch of individual bacon items that would be cool as small gifts on their own – so you’ll have a ton of great gift ideas by the time you get through this list!

If you’re friend or family member truly loves bacon with a sizzling hot passion, then here are 21 bacon gifts for him or her – now it’s up to you to bring home the bacon (gifts)!

1) Bacon Candy Sampler Gift Pack

Bacon Gifts - Deluxe Bacon Candy Sampler Gift Pack

Oh, sweet, sweet bacon!  This Bacon Candy Sampler Gift Pack contains:

  • bacon-flavored jelly beans,
  • bacon-flavored cotton candy,
  • bacon-flavored gumballs,
  • bacon mints,
  • maple bacon saltwater taffy, and
  • Sizzling Bacon Pop Rocks candies!

2) Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure Board Game

Bacon-Themed Gifts - Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure Board Game

First slice of bacon to the frying pan wins!  The most deliciously mouthwatering board game ever created, Mr. Bacon’s Big Adventure is sure to provide hours of bacon fun for any bacon lover (and their whole family!)

3) Bacon Dental/Oral Care Kit

Gifts for Bacon Lovers - Bacon Dental/Oral Care Kit (bacon toothpaste, etc.)

What better than bacon to care for one’s teeth?  This Bacon Dental/Oral Care Kit features:

  • bacon-flavored toothpaste
  • bacon-flavored dental floss
  • bacon-flavored toothpicks, and
  • bacon mints!

4) Bacon Press

Bacon Gifts - Bacon Press

Bacon-themed gifts are great – but how about a gift that will actually help him enjoy his bacon even more?!  This “bacon press” flattens bacon, so that it doesn’t curl or shrink.  The result is bacon that is more evenly cooked – with more crispy surfaces and no messy spatter!

5) Emergency Bacon Kit

Gifts for Bacon Lovers - Emergency Bacon Kit

If he has bacon fever, then gift him the cure – this Emergency Bacon Kit from The Bacon Jams company!  It includes the following bacon-flavored jams and seasonings:

  • black pepper bacon spread
  • red chili garlic bacon spread
  • bacon salt, and
  • maple bacon sugar rub,

… all in a fun little first-aid-style case!

6) Bacon Nation

Bacon Gifts for Him - Bacon Nation

Bacon Nation is the ultimate bacon cookbook – with 125 irresistible bacon recipes!  Everything tastes better with bacon – and this book brings the proof right into a bacon lover’s kitchen!

7) Deluxe Bacon Chocolate Gift Pack

Bacon Gifts - Deluxe Bacon Chocolate Gift Pack

If you didn’t think chocolate could get any better… then you obviously haven’t tried bacon-flavored chocolate!  This Deluxe Bacon Chocolate Gift Pack features:

  • Mo’s Milk Chocolate Bacon Bar
  • Mo’s Dark Chocolate Bacon Bar
  • Chuao BaconLuxious Maple Bacon Milk Chocolate Bar, and
  • Sir Francis Bacon Dark Chocolate Toffee

8) Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Bacon Gifts - Chocolate-Covered Bacon

The only thing that could top bacon-flavored chocolate?  Chocolate-covered bacon!

Genesee Candy Land has a delicious set of 8 crispy slices of Applewood-smoked bacon dipped in their homemade chocolate and then drizzled with white chocolate!

And another special chocolate-covered bacon gift box is available from Marini’s Candies!

9) Bacon Condiment Gift Pack

Bacon Gifts - Bacon Condiment Sampler Gift Pack

Any food can be improved just by adding bacon!  This Bacon Condiment Gift Pack includes:

  • Baconnaise (bacon-flavored mayonnaise)
  • bacon BBQ sauce
  • bacon hot sauce
  • bacon salt, and
  • bacon mustard!

10) Bacon Pool Float

Bacon Gifts - Bacon Pool Float

When summer comes around, it’s time for pool parties… and when the sun really sizzles, they’ll be glad to have this slice of bacon handy!  Bacon as a pool float – wow, is there anything bacon can’t do?!

11) TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam Variety Pack

Bacon Gifts - TBJ Gourmet Bacon Jam Variety Pack

A special variety pack featuring three delectable bacon-flavored jams from TBJ Gourmet.  The set includes their Classic, Sweet Chili, and Black Peppercorn Bacon Jams – perfect for spreading on sandwiches, burgers, or anything else!

12) Bacon-Opoly

Bacon-Themed Gifts - Bacon-Opoly

Bacon-Opoly is just like Monopoly – but with bacon!  (We knew the original game was lacking something!)  Buy bacon delicacies and build smokehouses – just be careful not to get burnt!

13) Taste of Bacon Gift Pack

Bacon Gifts - Taste of Bacon Sampler Gift Pack

Bacon is truly the most versatile food!  This Taste of Bacon Gift Pack contains:

  • bacon sunflower seeds
  • bacon popcorn
  • bacon salt, and
  • cheesy bacon dip mix!

14) Bacon Soap

Gifts for Bacon Lovers - Bacon Soap

If your favorite bacon lover’s kitchen is already full of bacon, then it’s time to bring the delicious aroma of bacon to their bathroom too – with a gift of bacon soap!  It may taste like soap… but it looks and smells like gloriously wonderful bacon!

15) Bacon Bath & Grooming Gift Pack

Gifts for Bacon Lovers - Bacon Bath & Grooming Gift Pack

All bacon lovers know that bacon is essential to proper health and hygiene!  This Bacon Bath & Grooming Gift Pack features:

  • bacon lip balm
  • bacon bandages
  • bacon soap
  • bacon toothpicks
  • bacon floss, and
  • bacon mints!

16) Bacon Spoon Rest

Bacon-Themed Gifts - Bacon Spoon Rest

This ceramic bacon spoon rest can help keep a kitchen counter nice and clean.  It allows bacon lovers to rest their utensils on bacon… while cooking their bacon!  (Or anything else!)

17) Bacon Wallet

Bacon Gifts for Him - Bacon Wallet

Everything is better when wrapped in bacon – including money, credit cards, and pictures of loved ones!  If he truly brings home the “bacon”, then a bacon wallet is the perfect novelty bacon gift for him!

18) Gourmet Bacon Candy Sampler Gift Pack

Bacon Gifts - Gourmet Bacon Candy Sampler Gift Pack

Is there anything more gourmet than bacon?  This Gourmet Bacon Candy Sampler Gift Pack contains:

  • bacon caramels
  • dark-chocolate-covered bacon bites
  • maple bacon lollipops, and
  • a maple bacon milk chocolate bar!

19) Bacon Scarf

Bacon-Themed Gifts - Bacon Scarf

When the weather gets cold, what could be better than wrapping oneself in a warm slice of delicious bacon?  No matter how low the temperatures go, this bacon scarf will keep him or her sizzling!

20) Bacon Christmas Gift Pack

Gifts for Bacon Lovers - Bacon Christmas Holiday Sampler Gift Pack

Ah, those great Christmas memories of leaving milk and bacon for Santa, then waking up to a stocking full of bacon gifts!  This Bacon Christmas Gift Pack includes:

  • bacon stockings
  • bacon candy canes
  • bacon gift tags, and
  • a bacon Christmas tree ornament!

21) Pig of the Month Gourmet Bacon Lover’s Feast Gift Basket

Bacon Gifts - Pig of the Month Gourmet Bacon Lover's Feast Gift Basket

Novelty bacon gifts are great fun – but they’re best when accompanied by a whole bunch of delectable bacon!  This gourmet “Bacon Lover’s Feast” gift basket, from Pig of the Month BBQ, features a pound of cracked pepper and garlic bacon, a pound of chipotle bacon, and a pound of Applewood-smoked maple sugar bacon.

Could there be any better gift for a bacon lover than three pounds of mouthwatering bacon?!  (Maybe… six pounds of mouthwatering bacon!)

Bonus Bacon Gift Ideas

We hope you’ve found the perfect bacon gifts for the bacon lovers in your life – and be sure to check out all our other lists for 21 gift ideas for everyone else on your list!