21 Fox Gifts for Foxy People!

Looking for fox-themed gifts for an especially fox-y person? This sly list will help you find some of most clever fox gifts around – whether they’re for a friend, girlfriend, wife, mother, or even a baby!

We’ll start off the list with some special fox gifts for her – and you’ll find plenty of fun fox presents for toddlers and kids below as well.

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1) Fox Purse

Fox Gifts - Fox Messenger Bag
This fashionable yet durable messenger bag / purse would make a wonderful gift for any woman who loves foxes. It’s not only a very cute gift – it’s a highly practical choice too!

2) Red Fox Jewelry Box

Fox Gifts - Red Fox Jewelry Box
Another fox gift that is both stylish and useful, this red fox jewelry box is a perfect Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day gift for a fox-loving woman. It’s made of solid hardwood with a velvet-lined interior and a glossy lacquer finish, topped with a ceramic tile that features an adorable red fox!

And for an even better gift idea, why not include some nice fox jewelry inside the lovely box?! For example:

3) Fox Bracelet

Wouldn’t she love to carry a cute little fox on her arm wherever she goes? Well, this is the cutest fox bracelet we’ve ever seen!

4) Fox Pendant Necklace

Fox Gifts - Fox Necklace
Are foxes close to her heart? Then she’ll love this fox pendant necklace!

5) Silver Fox Stud Earrings

The last piece of fox-themed jewelry that we’ll mention, these adorable sterling silver fox earrings make a cute gift for fox lovers of any age!

6) Fox Neck Warming Pillow

Fox Gifts - Fox Neck Warming Pillow

What could be more soothing to your favorite fox lover better than a warm cuddly fox curled up on their shoulders?! This soft fox pillow can be heated in a microwave or oven – and will then rest snugly against their neck to help them relax!

7) Fox Wine Bottle Holder

Fox Gifts - Fox Wine Bottle Holder
For a fox-loving wine drinker, this sly little fox wine bottle holder makes a perfect gift – even if the sly critter may try to sneak a few sips of their favorite wine!

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8) Onesie Fox Pajamas

Some people are so foxy that simply receiving gifts with foxes on them is not enough – so with a gift of these fox pajamas, you can help them actually become the fox that they truly are!

9) Ceramic Fox Bowl with Matching Salt and Pepper Shakers

Why gift them just one fox… when you can gift them three cute little foxes?! This adorable ceramic fox bowl with matching salt and pepper shakers would make a great addition to any fox lover’s kitchen!

10) “Oh! For Fox Sake” Coffee Mug

Fox Gifts - "Oh, For Fox Sake" Coffee Mug

For silly and humorous fox gifts, there are tons of coffee mugs and other fox-themed merchandise with lines like “Oh, for *fox* sake” or “Zero *fox* given”. You can find hundreds of options on Zazzle – the mug pictured above is just one example!

11) Roxy the Cuddly Plush Fox

Fox Gifts - Roxy the Cuddly Plush Red FoxRoxy the red fox is a cuddly stuffed animal that makes a perfect gift for any kid or adult who would simply love their own fox pet – and fortunately, Roxy is just a bit more low maintenance than a real fox!

You can be sure that your favorite fox lover will never get enough of snuggling against Roxy’s soft fur!

12) Frankie the Fox

Fox Gifts - Frankie the Singing Fox
A perfect fox gift for a baby, Frankie the Fox is not just a regular plush toy – he actually plays 8 soothing sound options that help put a little one to sleep!

Frankie features two sleep-timer options, as well as a Velcro strap to attach him to a crib. He is sure to comfort any baby – with both his soothing sounds and his soft, cuddly fur!

13) Fox Huggybuddy Baby Blanket

A cute combination of baby blanket and soft plushie, the fox “Huggybuddy” from Gund is another great fox gift for a baby or toddler!

14) Plush Children’s Fox Chair

Fox Gifts - Plush Children's Fox Chair
If you were thinking of buying a fox plushie for a toddler girl or boy, but also wanted to gift something that will be particularly useful, then this plush fox chair is the perfect gift idea! It’s cuddly and soft just like any stuffed animal – while also providing the child with a comfy place to sit for reading and relaxing!

15) Personalized Fox Clock

Fox Gifts - Personalized Fox Clock

Looking for a unique personalized fox gift for a kid or adult? This clock features a cute red fox, and can be personalized with your gift recipient’s name – or any other special message!

16) Fox Coasters Gift Set

These absorbent stone drink coasters feature a beautiful decorative fox-themed print and come in a wooden display holder.  A great gift set that’s both attractive and practical!

17) Cozyphones Children’s Fox Headphones

Fox Gifts - Cozyphones Children's Fox Headphones
Any kid who likes foxes will adore these super-comfortable headphones – a very practical fox-themed gift for a child! No more will they have to struggle with big, bulky headphones or uncomfortable earbuds!

(For any fox lovers who do prefer earbuds, these cute fox earbuds are available too!)
Fox Gifts - Fox Earbuds

18) Smiling Fox Figurine

This charming little guy makes an especially delightful gift for anyone who has chosen to decorate their home with a woodland theme.  A smiling fox statue that will bring a decorative touch of pure foxy joy into the home of your favorite fox lover!

19) Fox Coloring Book

Fox Gifts - Fox Coloring Book
Everyone knows about the red fox and the grey fox – but who said there can’t be purple and green foxes too? This fox-centric adult coloring book contains 40 pages of fox-y designs that will ensure hours of coloring pleasure and relaxation for your favorite fox lover!

20) Fox Coffee Mug

Fox Gifts - Fox Coffee Mug
Our favorite of the many fox-themed coffee mugs out there – a great inexpensive gift idea for a fox lover!

21) Orange Fox Cushion Cover

We’ll wrap up the list with another cute yet inexpensive gift idea – this adorable fox cushion cover!

We hope you’ve found the perfect fox gifts for your favorite fox lover! And, once again – if you enjoyed our list of gifts for fox lovers, be sure to check out all of our other lists of gifts for animal lovers!