21 Christmas Gifts for Her – Great Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Life!

Looking for great Christmas gifts for women?

Whether for your wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter, mother, or any other special woman in your life, you’ll find 21 of the best Christmas gift ideas for her right here!

Christmas Gifts for Women – General Tips and Advice

You don’t need us to tell you that jewelry, accessories, clothes, tech gadgets, etc., make great Christmas gifts for women!

We’ve listed some great gift ideas in these categories, of course – but remember that the best Christmas gifts for her usually are the ones that are related to her own unique likes and interests.

So, while each of the items in the list below certainly makes a great gift for the right woman, we’ve also got plenty of other lists of gift ideas geared towards specific interests! Whether she loves unicorns or cats, yoga or running, wine or coffee – be sure to check out our main menu to find lists of 21 gift ideas geared towards each of her likes and hobbies!

The list below includes gift ideas that are likely to appeal to a broad range of women (including many affordable options) – and we hope it helps you find the perfect gift for her!

1) Cashmere Scarf, Hat, and Gloves Gift Set

Christmas Gifts for Women - Fishers Finery Cashmere Scarf, Hat, and Gloves Gift Set

Every woman needs some luxuriously soft cashmere in her wardrobe,  And the only gift better than a wonderfully delicate 100% cashmere accessory is a special gift box containing three – this set from Fishers Finery, available in a variety of colors, would make a great Christmas gift for any woman!

2) Anuschka Purse

Christmas Gifts for Women - Anuschka Purse

Many women struggle to find the perfect handbag – a purse that is both beautiful and practical.  Why do the nicest purses never seem have enough compartments to organize everything?!

The answer?  These purses from Anuschka!  With enough eye-catching designs that you’re sure to find one that matches her style – and enough pockets that she’ll thank you each and every time she has to grab her phone or keys!

3) Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

Christmas Gifts for Women - Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

So she’d love to own a smartwatch – but doesn’t want to wear a big ugly computer on her wrist?

Get her a hybrid smartwatch from Fossil – a traditionally elegant watch, but with useful high-tech smartwatch functionality!

4) Unique soaps

Christmas Gifts for Women - Unique Soaps - Chocolate Soap

Some men who can’t think of anything better decide to gift their wife or girlfriend fancy soaps on Christmas – but even a gift of soap can be creative and unique!

Among our favorite luxurious gift ideas are the all-natural, handmade chocolate soaps pictured above – decadently infused with real cocoa powder!

Or check out these wine soaps, featuring the subtle fragrances of her favorite wines!

5) Rose Gold Anatomical Heart Pendant Necklace

Christmas Gifts for Women - Rose Gold Anatomical Heart Pendant Necklace

Looking for a unique piece of jewelry to gift the woman you love this Christmas?  There’s no better way to give her your heart than with an anatomically correct heart-shaped pendant necklace!

In addition to the rose gold model pictured above, a less expensive sterling silver anatomical heart necklace is available too.

6) Smartphone Charging Wristlet

Xmas Gifts for Women - Smartphone Charging Wristlet

Not sure whether to gift her a stylish accessory or a tech gadget this Christmas?

Gift her both – this elegant women’s wristlet wallet features a slim battery for discreet smartphone charging anytime, anywhere!

7) Pedestal Jewelry Holder

Christmas Gifts for Women - Pedestal Jewelry Holder

No, it’s not a pedestal to put her on – it’s a ceramic pedestal to hold her jewelry!

A beautiful way for her to display her cherished pieces – and a practical way for her to organize them for easy access!

8) Wonder Woman Watch

Christmas Gifts for Women - Wonder Woman Watch

A cute watch featuring Wonder Woman’s classic symbol – a great gift for a geeky girlfriend, or a fun way to tell any woman that you think she’s absolutely wonder-ful!

9) SCOTTeVEST Travel Hoodie

Christmas Gifts for Women - SCOTTeVEST Travel Hoodie

The SCOTTeVEST Travel Hoodie is the ultimate in women’s travel clothing:

  • lightweight and durable
  • functional (with 14 pockets for all her essentials!)
  • and the best part – it’s stylish and flattering too!

10) Lay-N-Go Women’s Cosmetic Bag

Christmas Gifts for Women - Lay-N-Go Women's Cosmetic Bag

The Lay-N-Go cosmetic bag is a cheap yet very practical gift for the woman who’s always on the go.  It lays out all her cosmetics at once (no more digging around in traditional make-up bags) – yet cinches closed in seconds to be conveniently carried anywhere!

11) JAVA Coffee-Infused Skincare Body Collection

Christmas Gifts for Women - JAVA Coffee-Infused Skincare Body Collection

Did you know that coffee is an antioxidant that can nourish, repair, and protect her skin?

This coffee-infused skincare set from Java is a unique gift for any java-addicted woman!

12) HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

Christmas Gifts for Women - HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer

This Bluetooth-enabled portable photo printer from HP is about the size of a smartphone – and will make it possible for her to print out fun snapshots directly from her phone, wherever she goes!

13) Aromatherapy Humidifier / Essential Oil Diffuser

Christmas Gifts for Women - Aromatherapy Humidifier + Essential Oil Diffuser

Every woman loves a nice-smelling home, making an essential oil diffuser like this one a great Christmas gift for her – just make sure to give it together with a special gift set of pure aromatic essential oils, of course!

14) Solar System Bath Bombs Set

Xmas Gifts for Women - Solar System Bath Bombs Set

Bath bombs are popular Christmas gifts for women – and this unique set features a creative twist that simply out of this world, with each bath bomb representing a different planet from the solar system (plus the sun)!

15) BB-8 Handbag

Christmas Gifts for Women - BB-8 Handbag Purse

For women who love Star Wars, any purse from Loungefly’s line of Star-Wars-themed handbags would make a special gift – such as this adorable BB-8-themed bag!

16) English Laundry Signature 3-Piece Gift Set for Her

Christmas Gifts for Women - English Laundry Signature 3-Piece Gift Set for Her

So you don’t want to get too creative – you just want nice perfume gift set that’s good value for the money?  Any woman is sure to love English Laundry’s Signature 3-Piece Gift Set for Her – it’s way better than actual laundry!

17) Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe

Christmas Gifts for Women - Upcycled Cotton Sari Robe

This unique kimono-style robe is handmade from strips of recycled saris by a cooperative of artisans in a village in India.  An original and exotic addition to her wardrobe!

18) Aervana Luxury Wine Aerator

Christmas Gifts for Women - Aervana Luxury Wine Aerator

For women who love wine, the best gifts are those that will enhance her enjoyment of her favorite vintage – and the Aervana luxury wine aerator will deliver perfectly aerated wine straight to her glass, at the push of a button!

19) Light-Up Unicorn Slippers

Christmas Gifts for Women - Light-up Unicorn Slippers

What better gift for her could there possibly be for a whimsical woman than these two fluffy plush unicorns to transport her wherever she goes?!

20) Boum Miaow Ladies’ Cat Face Watch

Christmas Gifts for Women - Boum Miaow Ladies Cat Face Watch

This delightful watch, featuring a smiling cat face, is the perfect gift for any cat-loving woman.  With various different colors available, as well as several different styles of wristband, you can choose the one that best matches her – or her cat!

21) Echo Show

The Echo Show is everything she already loves about Amazon’s Alexa – now with a screen too!

Perfect for watching video, seeing song lyrics, monitoring security cameras, viewing photos, managing to-do lists, and so much more!

Remember, we’ve got tons more lists of 21 gift ideas geared towards different interests and hobbies that are popular with women – so if you haven’t found the perfect Christmas gifts for her yet, then be sure to browse the rest of the 21GiftIdeas.com site!