21 Unique Elephant Gifts That They’ll Never Forget!

Elephants never forget – and unique elephant gifts are never forgotten!

Here’s a big list of great elephant gift ideas for your favorite pachyderm lovers – from cool elephant sculptures to funny elephant-themed kitchen items, and from cute personalized elephant gifts for a newborn baby to charming elephant presents for mom or grandma.

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1) Loving Elephants Sculpture with Heart

Elephant Gift Ideas for Her - Loving Elephants Sculpture with Heart
Do you love someone who also loves elephants?  This two-piece elephant sculpture would make a great birthday, Valentine’s Day, or anniversary gift for her (or him).  The two elephants are cute statues even individually… but when put together, they form a beautifully elegant heart with their trunks!

2) Whistling Elephant Kettle

Elephant Gift Ideas - Elephant Tea Kettle
This elephant doesn’t trumpet loudly in the forest – it simply whistles when the water is boiled!  A fun and whimsical elephant kettle that makes a great addition to any elephant lover’s kitchen!

3) Baby Elephant Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Elephant Gifts - Baby Elephant Salt n Pepper Shaker

Everybody loves cute baby elephants!  This adorable little elephant doesn’t just play around all day – he’ll help out by carrying the included salt and pepper shakers for your favorite elephant lover!

4) Mother Elephant Sculpture with Baby Inside

Elephant Gifts - Mother Elephant Sculpture with Baby Inside
Looking for a unique birthday or mother’s day gift for a mom who collects elephant sculptures?  This intricately carved soapstone mama elephant (hand-carved by artisans in India) carries a baby elephant inside her – making it an especially wonderful gift for mothers!

5) Elephant Earrings

Elephant Gifts - Multicolor Elephant Earrings

Who said all elephants are a boring grey?  These two charming elephants are full of vibrant color!

6) Elephant Charm Bracelet

Elephant Gifts - Elephant Charm Bracelet

A bracelet full of elephant charms – fortunately, these elephants are light enough to dangle gently from the wrist of any woman or girl!

7) “Elephant and Her Little Peanuts” Necklace

Elephant mothers share a very special bond with their little baby elephants – so this necklace would make a very special gift for an elephant-loving mother on her birthday or Mother’s Day.  She gently carries little bronze peanuts in her trunk – one for each of the “little peanuts” she brought into this world!  (Choose 1-3 peanuts.)

A perfect gift to symbolize and pay tribute to the special bond that both human and elephant mothers share with her children!

8) Laughing Elephant Bookends

Elephants are sturdy and strong – perfect for propping up the books on your favorite elephant lover’s bookshelf!

These cute bookends feature two big laughing elephants – who are powerful enough to hold up plenty of weighty tomes.  A great gift for anyone who loves both elephants and books!

9) Hear-No-Evil, See-No-Evil, Speak-No-Evil Elephants

Elephant Gifts - Hear-No-Evil, See-No-Evil, Speak-No-Evil Elephants
Why buy her just a single elephant statue… when you can get her three wise elephants who hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil?  (And their trunks are raised – considered a symbol of good luck!)

10) Elephant Wine Bottle Holder

Elephant Gifts - Elephant Wine Bottle Holder
Elephants are known as gentle giants – they’re so gentle, in fact, that you can gift someone this wine bottle holder and be sure that the elephant will hold their glass wine bottles delicately and securely!

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11) “Anjan the Elephant” Jali Sculpture

Elephant Gifts - Anjan the Elephant Jali Sculpture
Jali is a classical Indian style of carving decoration – and this majestic elephant sculpture features some beautiful jali art designs.  A lovely and exotic present for anyone who collects elephant statues!

12) Elephant Coloring Book For Adults

Gifts for Elephant Lovers - Elephant Coloring Book for Adults
Who said all elephants are a boring grey?  This elephant-themed coloring book contains a wide variety of elephant-related imagery for any adult who might enjoy coloring as a form of relaxation and stress relief – making it a cheap and unique Christmas stocking stuffer for elephant lovers.

Purple and green elephants?  Sure, why not!?

13) Meditating Elephant Garden Sculpture

Elephant Gifts - Meditating Elephant Garden Sculpture

This stone elephant garden sculpture, in a meditative pose, will bring peace, balance, and Zen energy to your favorite elephant lover’s garden!

 14) Elephant End Table

Elephant Gifts - Elephant End Table
Elephants are symbols of strength and stability – what better animal to support a sturdy table?  This hand-cast and hand-painted elephant end table is certainly not a cheap gift – but it would make an absolutely splendid addition to the home of the special elephant lover in your life!

15) “Three Elephants of Timbe” End Table

Elephant Gifts - Three Elephants of Timbe End Table
Another sturdy end table – this one supported by the powerful trunks of three elephants – that would look marvelous in the home of anyone who loves elephants.

Crafted with rustic foundry-cast iron and aged wood, and then hand-finished, it’s a unique table that would be perfect for displaying their favorite elephant sculptures!

16) Elephant Watering Can

A very cheap – yet very cute – gift idea for any elephant lover who enjoys tending houseplants or gardens.  Instead of trampling their garden, this little elephant will gently water their plants with his trunk!

17) Roaming Elephants Sculpture

It seems like everyone buys your favorite elephant lover an elephant for her birthday… so how can you top them?  By buying her a whole big beautiful family of elephants!  (And all with their trunks raised for good luck!)

18) Sterling Silver Elephant Family Necklace

A cute and very affordable silver necklace featuring a mother and baby elephant – a great little gift for an elephant-loving daughter or granddaughter!

19) Sterling Silver Elephant Family Migration Ring

One more piece of affordable elephant-themed silver jewelry – a cute ring that will wrap an entire elephant family around your favorite elephant lover’s finger!

20) Elephant Teapot

Elephant Gifts - Elephant Teapot
This elephant doesn’t spray water with his trunk – instead, he gently pours tea!

An elephant teapot makes a great gift for an elephant-loving tea drinker – and could also be a cute “white elephant” gift if you want to take things a bit too literally!

21) African Elephant Garden Statue with Lantern

This adorable little elephant will light up any porch or yard with the lantern that he joyously holds in his trunk – a very cute gift that any elephant lover would be glad to display near the entrance to her home!

We hope you’ve found the perfect elephant gift on this list – and be sure to check out all our other lists of gifts for animal lovers!