Gifts for Animal Lovers

Each animal lover has his or her own favorites – be they dogs, cats, pandas, or unicorns!  So we’ve brought together a whole bunch of great lists of gifts for animal lovers – regardless of which animals they love the most!

21 Gift Ideas is still a brand new site, and we’re going to be adding literally dozens of new lists of gift ideas for animal lovers over the coming months.  For now, we hope the following lists help you find some great gifts!

And the next time you’re looking for presents for the animal lover in your life – whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion – be sure to check back here to see if we’ve posted a list of gifts featuring their favorites!

Cat Gifts

Need a purr-fect gift for your favorite friend of these frisky and furry felines?  Then you need our fun list of unique cat gifts!

Gifts for Animal Lovers - Cat Gifts

Dog Gifts

Looking for pawsitively pawesome gift ideas for a dog lover?  Check out these fun dog gifts!

Gifts for Animal Lovers - Dog Gifts

Elephant Gifts

Elephants never forget – so check out our list of elephant gifts to find a present they’ll always remember!

Gifts for Animal Lovers - Elephant Gifts

Fox Gifts

Trying to find a foxy gift for the fox lover in your life?  It’s here on our list of 21 fun fox gifts!

Gifts for Animal Lovers - Fox Gifts

Owl Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts for owl lovers, what’s the wise thing to do?  Get them one of these cute owl gifts!

Gifts for Animal Lovers - Owl Gifts

Panda Gifts

Pandas are showing us the way to world harmony – they’re black, they’re white, they’re Asian, and everybody loves them!  Do your part… by buying cute panda gifts for your loved ones!

Gifts for Animal Lovers - Panda Gifts

Unicorn Gifts

Ah, we remember our days growing up on a unicorn farm, caring for these majestic creatures… so check out our list of unicorn gifts to find magical gift ideas for your friends and family!

Gifts for Animal Lovers - Unicorn Gifts