21 Great Gifts for Nurses and Nursing Students!

If you’re searching for the best gifts for nurses or nursing students, we’re here to take care of all your needs!

We’ve prepared a list of twenty-one great nurse gifts for different occasions – whether you’re looking for nurses week gifts to show a special nurse how much she’s appreciated, nursing school graduation gifts for new nurses just starting their careers, small thank you gifts for nurses who took care of you when you needed them, or truly special birthday/Christmas gift ideas for a significant other or family member who works tirelessly as an RN or LPN!

We’ve included a super-diverse mix of fun little gifts that’ll bring a smile to any nurse’s face, unique nursing gifts that they’ll be proud to show off, inexpensive novelty gifts that’ll elicit a good laugh, and highly practical gifts that they’ll put to use every single day on the job.

(And remember, you definitely don’t have to get her or him a nursing-related gift – no matter your favorite nurse’s interests or hobbies, be sure to check out the menu above for plenty of other great lists with ideas for gifts they’ll appreciate!)

OK, this won’t hurt a bit – time to find a great gift for your favorite nurse!

1) Sterling Silver Heartbeat Ring

Gifts for Nurses - Heartbeat Ring
Scroll down just a bit if you’re looking for gifts for male nurses or small thank you gifts – because we’re going to start this list with some unique and beautiful jewelry for nurses.

This cute sterling silver ring features an EKG heartbeat pattern motif, making it a great birthday or Christmas gift for the nurse in your life. It’s also a perfect way to tell a special nurse that your heart beats for her!

2) Anatomically Correct Heart Pendant

Nurse Gifts - Sterling Silver Anatomically Correct Heart Pendant

Are you looking for a truly special Christmas or Valentine’s Day gift to show that special nurse that she has your heart? Why give her jewelry in that conventional “heart” shape – which really looks nothing like an actual heart? Instead, gift her this sterling silver pendant necklace – featuring an anatomically accurate heart-shaped design!

For a truly special gift, a rose gold anatomical heart pendant is available too!

3) Heartbeat Stethoscope Necklace for Nurses

Christmas Gifts for Nurses - Sterling Silver Heartbeat Necklace
A unique handmade sterling silver necklace designed specifically for nurses – it manages to incorporate three different special symbols – a heart symbol, an EKG heartbeat pattern, and a stethoscope!

4) Heartbeat Heart Stud Earrings

These cute heart-shaped earrings feature an EKG rhythm pattern – perfect for a nurse who helps keep so many patients’ hearts beating!

5) Personalized 3-D Nursing Watch

Personalized Gifts for Nurses - Personalized 3-D Nursing Watch

If you’re looking for personalized nurse gifts – this customized watch is another unique accessory that was designed just for nurses. It features a classic nurse’s cap, a stethoscope, an EKG display – and the name and title of your nurse gift recipient!

6) ScrubCheats

Moving on to some practical gifts for nurses – especially for graduating nurses just beginning their careers. ScrubCheats is a handy set of 50 laminated reference cards that fit neatly into scrub pockets – and contain all the essential clinical information that a nurse needs to do her job!

If you’re searching for small graduation gifts for nursing students that you can be sure will be useful to them on a daily basis, then you can’t go wrong with ScrubCheats!

7) Top-of-the-Line Stethoscope

Gifts for Nursing Students and Graduating Nurses - 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope
Speaking of useful nursing graduation gifts – they don’t get much more useful than a good stethoscope!

Now, most nursing students will already have their first stethoscope while they’re in school – but any nurse will appreciate the difference between a cheap stethoscope and a top-of-the-line model the first time they use the Littman Cardiology IV.

The “Cadillac” of stethoscopes is not cheap – but it would represent an extremely practical and special gift for any nurse who could use a stethoscope upgrade! (And if you don’t believe us, just read the glowing reviews from the nurses themselves!)

For a high-quality (and great-looking!) stethoscope in a lower price range, the MDF MD One would also make a wonderful gift for a new nurse!

8) Nurse Wine Bottle Holder

A very unique yet inexpensive gift idea for a nurse, this decorative nurse-themed wine bottle holder would look great in any nurse’s dining room!

(For a nurse – or anyone else – who loves wine, check out our list of 61 gifts for wine lovers!)

9) “Cute Enough to Stop Your Heart, Skilled Enough to Restart It” T-Shirt

Nurse Gifts - Cute Enough to Stop Your Heart, Skilled Enough to Restart It T-Shirt

A silly little gift for that special nurse in your life who is both “cute enough to stop your heart” and “skilled enough to restart it”!

A coffee mug with the same slogan is another gift idea for a particularly pretty nurse!

10) The Joy of Nursing

Nurse Gifts - The Joy of Nursing
Juliana Adams’ poignant memoirs or 50 years working in the nursing profession, The Joy of Nursing is another great gift for new nurses to help them prepare for what they have to look forward to in their careers – or a thoughtful gift for experienced nurses who could use some new inspiration!

11) Nurse Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Gifts for Nurses - Nurse Life A Snarky Adult Coloring Book
As any nurse knows, the profession can often be quite a stressful one. So this highly popular adult coloring book for nurses is a great way to bring a bit of stress relief to the nurse in your life!

Perfect as an inexpensive little Christmas stocking stuffer for a nurse, or to accompany any other gift on this list!

12) First Aid Sticky Notes Booklet

Gifts for Nurses - First Aid Sticky Notes Booklet

A pack of sticky notes in the shape of ointment and assorted bandages – everything a nurse needs to get herself organized!

13) Marino’s The Little ICU Book

Nursing Graduation Gifts - Marino's The Little ICU Book
Dr. Marino’s The ICU Book is the standard reference work for intensive care professionals. This “little” version still contains almost 1000 pages of the most essential information needed to care for ICU patients – yet it comes in a more compact size than the original tome, for handy reference. Especially great for graduating nurses, it’s a highly pragmatic nursing gift that’s sure to be an indispensable resource for any new critical care nurse!

14) Personalized Nurse Coffee Mug

Nurses Week Gifts - Personalized Stethoscope Coffee Mug
A cute coffee mug featuring that most famous of nursing equipment, the stethoscope – and personalized with the name of your special nurse!

A great gift for any nurse who relies on a strong dose of java to get her through those long shifts!

(For nurses who love coffee, be sure to check out our list of gifts for coffee lovers too!)

15) EKG Print Socks

The EKG pattern on these cute socks won’t actually change to match the wearer’s heartbeat – but we still think they make a fun and cheap little Christmas stocking stuffer gift for a nurse!

16) Singing Nurse Teddy Bear

Nurse Gifts - Singing Nurse Teddy Bear
This adorable teddy bear comes dressed in a full nurse’s scrubs uniform – and sways her body while singing “I’ll Be There” when you press her paw! A wonderfully huggable gift for a nurse!

17) “Nurses Need Shots Too” Shot Glasses

A funny little novelty gift for nurses – really, after giving shots to all those patients during a tiring shift, what nurse couldn’t use a few shots of healing spirits herself?!

18) Human Organ Transplant Lunch Bag

Funny Gag Gifts for Nurses - Human Organ Transplant Lunch Bag
Another funny gag gift idea for a nurse with a sense of humor – an insulated lunch bag that’s designed to look like a human organ transplant cooler!

19) Nurse Flip-Flops

Funny Nurse Gifts - Nurse Flip-Flips

This unique pair of stethoscope-themed flip-flops is another humorous little gift that will bring a smile to your favorite nurse’s face!

20) EKG Rhythm Strip Toilet Paper

A truly silly gag gift for a nurse who enjoys a good laugh – an EKG “printout” toilet paper roll! (Really, it’s best if you know a nurse well before buying her or him this item!)

This roll is especially practical for nursing students – after all, it’s useful both for bathroom hygiene and as a study tool!

21) “Liquid Therapy” Wine Glass

Finally, we’ll end the list with this unique etched wine glass – after spending all day (or night) caring for others, let your favorite nurse care for herself with some red or white “liquid therapy” in this glass!

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