21 Cool Gifts for Fans of the Flash!

Searching for the perfect gifts for the special Flash fans in your life?  Check out this quick list of 21 awesome Flash gifts!

1) The Flash Hoodie

Flash Gifts - Flash Hoodie

This comfy Flash hoodie won’t give your favorite Flash fan access to the Speed Force, but it will keep them nice and warm – after all, even if they don’t have to fight Captain Cold, they’ll still need to fight the cold weather this winter!

2) Flash Apron

Flash Gifts - Flash Apron

No matter whether they’re a superhero in the kitchen or not – this Flash apron will make a funny gift for any fan!

3) Flash Symbol Watch

The Flash Gifts - The Flash Merchandise - Flash Symbol Watch

Since the Flash has superhuman speed, he never has to worry about being late for anything – but if your gift recipient doesn’t have such superpowers, then he’ll be glad to have this cool Flash symbol watch on his wrist each day!

4) Flash Backpack

The Flash Gifts - Flash Backpack

This awesome Flash backpack is modeled after the aesthetic of the costume worn by Barry Allen in the Flash television series – and is durable enough to carry anywhere in the Multiverse!

5) Flash Men’s Boxer Briefs

Flash Gifts - Flash Men’s Boxer Briefs

Sometimes a man needs to hide his superhero identity – he can keep it under wraps with these boxer briefs featuring the Flash symbol!

6) Kids’ Flash Towel Poncho

Flash Gifts - Kids’ Flash Towel Poncho

The perfect practical Flash gift for kids – it’s a bath towel, a poncho, and a Flash costume all in one!

7) Flash Pendant Necklace

Flash Gifts - Flash Pendant Necklace

If the Flash is close to their heart, then they’ll love this inexpensive Flash symbol pendant necklace!

8) Flash Cap

Flash Gifts - Flash Cap

All parts of a superhero’s costume need to be high-quality, durable, and flexible – like this baseball cap featuring the Flash’s classic logo!

9) Flash Sandals

Flash Gifts - Flash Sandals

Sometimes even Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, and Wally West need to take a break from fighting the Rogues, and lounge around a bit at home or on the beach.  And when it’s time for your favorite superhero to relax a bit, these Flash sandals are the perfect footwear!

10) Flash Wallet

Flash Gifts for Men - Flash Merchandise - Flash Wallet

We’re pretty sure that our favorite speedster doesn’t carry a wallet in that aerodynamic costume of his – but this Flash wallet would certainly fit his style!

11) Flash Unisex Pajama Pants

Flash Gifts - Flash Pajama Pants

A great Flash gift for men or women, these Flash pajama pants are sure to make them sleep faster!

12) Kids’ Flash Pajamas

Flash Gifts for Kids - Flash Pajamas

Parents, you can comfortably buy this Flash pajama set for your kids.  Rest assured that it won’t give them super speed – so they still won’t be able to outrun you when it’s time to put them to bed!

13) Flash Mug

The Flash Gifts - The Flash Merchandise - Flash Mug

Some people need a fix of coffee or tea before their super speed kicks in each morning – and this Flash mug makes a perfect gift for them!

14) S.T.A.R. Labs Watch

Flash Gifts - S.T.A.R. Labs Logo Watch

It’s important to keep track of time when working in the field of scientific research – so this stylish watch featuring the S.T.A.R. Labs logo makes the perfect accessory!

15) Flash & Reverse-Flash Socks

Flash Gifts - Flash & Reverse-Flash Socks

Sometimes we celebrate the heroes – and sometimes we celebrate the villains.  Your favorite Flash fan will have his bases covered with this set, which features one pair of Flash socks and one pair of Reverse-Flash socks!

16) Flash Beanie

Flash Gifts - Flash Beanie

With his ability to move at light speed, the Flash probably doesn’t get cold too often – your gift recipient, though, will be glad to have this warm Flash beanie all winter long!

17) Flash Logo Men’s Necktie

Flash Gifts for Him - Flash Logo Men’s Necktie

A necktie featuring the famous Flash symbol – finally, a fashionable tie for those Central City business meetings!

18) Flash Bowl with Lid

Flash Gifts - Flash Storage Bowl with Lid

Can you imagine how much the Flash needs to eat in order to get the energy to run so fast and so far?  For the Flash fan in your family, though, this 16oz Flash symbol bowl should be big enough!

19) Flash Symbol Stud Earrings

Flash Gifts for Her - Flash Symbol Stud Earrings

Looking for cool Flash gifts for her?  These Flash symbol stud earrings are the perfect accessory for any girl or woman who wants to embrace her inner speedster!

20) Flash Belt

Flash Gifts - Flash Belt

This Flash belt hasn’t been tested at superhuman speeds – but it’ll certainly keep their pants up during normal everyday activities!

21) Flash Cookie Jar

Flash Gifts - Flash Cookie Jar

A cookie jar featuring the Flash – because who better to protect their cookies than the fastest man alive?

We hope you’ve found the perfect Flash gifts for the fans in your life – and for fans of other DC Comics superheroes, be sure to check out our lists of Superman gifts, Batman gifts, Wonder Woman gifts, and Justice League gifts!