About Us

21 Gift Ideas is a brand new site, launched in 2017, with the goal of helping you make sure that you can always find awesome and unique gift ideas for everyone on your list!

We’re going to be putting lots of great gift ideas and advice at your fingertips, adding great new lists constantly – to help make sure you always find the perfect gift, no matter the recipient’s interests, hobbies, profession, etc.

So whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, be sure to check right here whenever you’re looking for unique gift ideas and advice for your friends and loved ones!

By the way, some of our links are affiliate links (please click here for our full affiliate disclosure statement), so if you like our unique gift ideas and purchase these items as gifts, then we may earn a small commission – in other words, if we don’t help you find the perfect gift, then we won’t earn a cent!  This ensures that we stay motivated to always provide you the best possible gift advice (no matter the recipient) – and that we keep scouring the web to find more and more great gifts for everyone!

Why exactly 21 Gift Ideas?

Well, as anyone who read The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy knows, the “answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything” is 42.  And we figured: if you find the perfect gift, then you’re halfway there!


No – we just made that up!  Actually, we figured that 21 gift ideas are enough to find the perfect gift for most people – yet not so much that you’ll get overwhelmed by the possibilities.  (But trust us: if we’ve got 51 or 101 great gift ideas for you, then we won’t hold them back!)

Why should we trust your gift recommendation(s)?

Don’t trust us to tell you “the perfect gift”!  And don’t trust anyone who tells you they know the single best gift for everyone on your list!  Only you know your gift recipient – so we’ll give you a wide variety of great gift ideas for each and every interest, hobby, and profession, enabling you to find the perfect present for him or her.

Our goal is simply to give you sound advice, to provide you with suggestions for gift items that you may not have discovered otherwise – and to save you the hours of time that you would have spent scouring the internet to find so many great and unique gift ideas for every single person on your list!

Good luck, and happy gift shopping!